How the AspenTech Marcom Team Enhances Content Creation with nDash

March 28, 2024

AspenTech’s Marketing Communications team is a high volume group, writing and creating brand-aligned content for targeted marketing campaigns throughout the year. After two writers left the company, the content creation team had one full-time writer, Principal Marketing Writer Daniel Kelly. The team was able to leverage freelance writing resources as needed. They had high expectations […]

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Accelerating Impact: Hexagon’s Journey to Streamlined Content Creation with nDash

February 29, 2024

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, a leader in hardware and software solutions, faced significant challenges in meeting the demands of its diverse and global customer base. Being a global company didn’t mean they wanted to sacrifice agility. The complexity of conveying technical subjects engagingly also posed a challenge. Moreover, there was a need for content creation that […]

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Empowering Freelance Success: Kara Detwiller’s Journey with nDash

August 3, 2023

Discover how nDash transformed Kara Detwiller’s freelance writing career, providing stability, freedom, and the perfect balance of independence and teamwork. From Catch-All Marketer to Freelance Wordsmith: Kara Detwiller’s Creative Journey Kara Detwiller is a freelance writer with a background in advertising, design, and digital marketing. Her prior work experience includes working at a digital marketing […]

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Inside the Storyteller’s Toolbox: Steve Hendershot Shares His nDash Experience and Strategies for Success

July 6, 2023

Discover the multifaceted world of Steve Hendershot, an acclaimed journalist and content marketer. He masterfully bridges storytelling across industries and shares his insights on efficiency, collaboration, and finding the perfect blend of technology and personal touch on nDash. Steve Hendershot: The Multifaceted Storyteller Bridging Journalism and Content Marketing Steve Hendershot is a versatile and accomplished […]

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Amy Hooker-Kidd’s Thriving Freelance Journey with nDash

June 1, 2023

Amy Hooker-Kidd founded Maven Communications in 1999. She began her career providing public relations services for small to medium-sized companies, particularly in the tech space, and eventually expanded into marketing consulting. Over the years, Amy discovered her passion for writing and shifted her focus towards creating content such as press releases, articles, web copy, and blog […]

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nDash Enables Jack Pittas to Expand His Cybersecurity Writing Business

May 4, 2023

From cybersecurity consulting to a successful writing agency – discover how nDash helped Jack Pittas set the foundation for his business and overcome obstacles along the way. How nDash Helped Jack Pittas Expand His Cybersecurity Writing Business Jack Pittas is the President and Co-Founder of Pittas-Korich Cyber Solutions Inc, which offers B2B ghostwriting services to […]

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Ask Media Group Boosts Quality and Productivity With nDash

December 1, 2022

“What led me to explore nDash was the platform’s diverse catalog of writers with whom we could test relationships. We were able to see quite quickly whether or not someone had the chops for what we were looking for, and it was a pretty successful run,” Michael Kaisin-Morin, Senior Managing Editor at Ask Media Group. […]

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nDash Helps Orange Marketing Meet Ever-Changing Client Needs

November 17, 2022

How does an agency consistently and rapidly deliver high-quality content for clients in radically different businesses and industries? Orange Marketing, a HubSpot Diamond Agency Partner,  works with nDash to overcome this challenge.  Changing Needs Make High-Quality Content Production Daunting With a focus on helping B2B SaaS startups and established tech companies with sales and marketing […]

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ETQ Scales Content Creation with the nDash Platform

August 15, 2022

How does a lean marketing team scale to consistently deliver high-quality content? Quality management software company ETQ recently worked with nDash to overcome this content creation challenge. Few Content Resources to Fuel Demand Gen Like many organizations, ETQ’s marketing team was asked to do a lot with a little. “We’re a lean marketing team with […]

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Inriver Scales Content and Saves Time

June 15, 2022

How do you effectively scale to support your organization’s growing content needs without adding management headaches? Product information management (PIM) company inriver recently addressed this issue and scales content and saves time. Struggling for Content Before nDash, inriver’s director of global communications, Erika Goldwater, struggled to deliver quality content regularly. “I augmented my team with interns […]

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