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Higher rates, legitimate brands, and six-figure earning potential.


Legit Brands

nDash has thousands of brands of all sizes and industries — and they’re all looking for great writers.

Agency Partners

Fast Payments

nDash writers get paid with each completed assignment — no more chasing down clients for payments.

Integration Partners

Full Transparency

nDash puts you in direct communication with the client so you can build real relationships.

Earning Potential

Aside from paid projects, nDash offers a lifetime royalty for all successful company referrals.

Pitch Brands

Pitch Top Brands

nDash clients seek the the most talented, experienced and creative writers — not the cheapest. Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to pitch brands unique ideas for blog posts and articles.

Set Your Rates

Forget about starting off with an arbitrary 1-star rating, earning two cents per word. You’re better than that (we hope). nDash enables you to set your own rates. Only work on the projects that interest you.

Set Rates

Full Transparency

nDash won’t restrict your ability to communicate with clients. If approved, we’ll connect you directly to our customers so that you can deliver better content and build real relationships.

Leverage Your Expertise

Brands on nDash are looking for writers with proven subject matter expertise. Create a writer portfolio to focus on the topics and categories that interest you most and appeal to our customer base.

Writer Expertise

Common Questions

Can anyone join?

Yes and no. While anyone can create a profile, only a small percent of writers will be granted full approval. nDash is reserved for professional freelance writers.

How do writers find work?

By having a strong profile, pitching content ideas, and applying to assignments. On nDash, most projects are sent privately, with open assignments accounting for less than 2% of all payments.

How much can I earn?

If you’re an experienced writer, the sky is the limit. nDash has several writers who earn six-figures a year, with average assignment prices ranging between $150 – $450.

How do writers get paid?

Stripe. Writers will need to have an approved, “non-preview” Stripe account in order to get paid on nDash. To see if it’s available in your country, please click here.

Can I use a pen name?

No. nDash aims to be a transparent platform, where writers and brands both know who they are working with. Attempts to hide behind an alias or fake name won’t get you far here.

What are the clients like?

The vast majority of nDash clients are B2B brands and agencies looking for blog posts, whitepapers, and other long-form pieces from seasoned freelance writers.

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