Writer Spotlight: Meet Four New Additions To Our Content Creation Community

July 11, 2024

We’re thrilled to introduce four exceptional writers who have recently joined our content creation community. Each brings unique expertise and a passion for storytelling that will elevate our projects to new heights. Get ready to be inspired by their diverse backgrounds and impressive portfolios. Gemma Solomons: Writer & Content Creation Expert Gemma Solomons is an […]

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LinkedIn vs. nDash for Finding Freelance Copywriters

July 9, 2024

It’s no mystery that businesses are increasingly reliant on high-quality content to engage their audience, drive traffic, and build brand authority. This has led to a rise in demand for skilled freelance copywriters who can deliver compelling content. When it comes to sourcing these professionals, LinkedIn and nDash are two popular platforms that come to […]

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Maddy Osman Takes Us Inside the Mind of a Marketer

July 4, 2024

We’re back with another marketer interview as part of our “Inside the Mind of a Marketer” series. This time, we’re talking to marketer Maddy Osman, SEO and content agency owner of The Blogsmith, about SEO, AI, and more! nDash’s Interview with Maddy Jenn: So, to start with, could you tell me a little bit about […]

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From Ideas to Quality Leads: How to Use the Pyramid of Audience Influence to Create Content That Converts

July 2, 2024

Calling all content marketing managers! Does this issue sound familiar? Do you need help generating content ideas that result in quality leads? You’ve gone through the editorial process, have your blog posts SEO-ready, and published tons of quality content on your website. And while it’s flourishing with views, that website traffic doesn’t translate into demos […]

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How Navi Leveraged nDash for Superior Content

June 28, 2024

Adeeva Fritz, Senior Director of Consumer Growth at Navi, plays a crucial role in developing the company’s content and marketing strategies. Navi, a new entrant in the wireless market, seeks to disrupt the traditional phone and plan purchasing experience. Recognizing the complexities consumers face when navigating a multitude of carrier options and phone features, Navi […]

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AI in Search: Google CEO’s Insights and the Real Impact on Web Traffic

June 25, 2024

Today, we’re discussing AI in search. It’s a hot topic – one that has the attention of many content marketing managers. Google CEO Sundar Pichai addresses AI’s impact on search traffic, claiming it enhances engagement and click-through rates. Background on AI in Search AI has transformed how search engines operate, with Google leading the charge by […]

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Erica Ylimäki Takes Us Inside the Mind of a Marketer

June 20, 2024

We’re back with another interview in our Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers series. This time, nDash’s Managing Editor, Jenn Greenleaf, talks to growth marketer Erica Ylimäki about SEO and more! Background: The Highlights Erica Ylimäki is a Growth Marketer at Trustmary, where she leverages her expertise in SEO strategies to drive organic traffic and enhance business growth. […]

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Can Generative AI Match Human Creativity in Ad Copywriting?

June 18, 2024

Human vs. AI copywriting: which drives higher clicks & conversions? Search Engine Journal’s data reveals the surprising truth. The Click-Through Conundrum: AI vs. Human Copywriting Click-through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) are pivotal metrics in assessing the performance of online advertisements. A high CTR indicates that the ad content resonates well with the […]

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Driving Technical Precision: How Cimatron Leveraged nDash for Superior Content

June 12, 2024

Cimatron is a prominent player in the software industry for mold, tool, and die design and manufacturing. Cimatron is part of the larger Sandvik Group, based in Sweden. In 2023, Sandvik had sales of approximately $US 12.1B, serving 170 countries with 41,000 employees. Sandvik’s core capabilities have always been to understand market conditions by working […]

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Setting Reasonable Edit Deadlines: Best Practices for Content Marketing Managers

June 11, 2024

You’re a content marketing manager juggling multiple projects, and you’ve just received a draft from a freelance writer. The draft is solid but needs a few tweaks. You know the writer is balancing other assignments, too. You hesitate, wondering about edit deadlines, “How long is too long to ask for edits without frustrating the writer?” […]

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