A Note From The Founder

Back in 2013, I left my job to become a freelance writer. There was only one minor problem: I had no clients. In search of my first few gigs, I did what almost all freelance writers do: sent countless resumes, applied on job boards and took a stab at the content mills. How do you think that worked out?

You guessed it. Despite an impressive resume, I struggled to stand out in a very crowded field. Then it hit me! If brands are now publishers, why isn’t anyone pitching them content ideas? What if I pitched individual brands the way freelance journalists pitch The New York Times, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Wired and others? So that’s what I did…and it worked.

It worked so well, in fact, that I had to start hiring other writers to keep up with demand. In a matter of months, I had built a successful content marketing agency. We grew in numbers, won awards and wrote thousands of blogs, white papers and other pieces of content for brands all over the world.

Then I thought: “If this worked so well for me, couldn’t it also work for other freelance writers? And couldn’t it greatly benefit brands by giving them a fresh perspective on what they could be publishing?”

The answer was yes. So we went about building a platform that not only facilitated this interaction, but also handled things like writer recruitment, on-boarding, edits, approvals and payments. But right from the start, we went to great lengths to ensure that this wouldn’t become “just another content mill.” We did this by:

  • Making the platform fully transparent: Writers and brands should know one another (by name) and develop real relationships.
  • Letting writers set their own rates: To attract top talent (which is what our clients are looking for) we had to let writers set the terms.
  • Rewarding talent and creativity: Work had to be awarded based on the quality of a writer’s experience and ideas, not based on the lowest bid.

Today, nDash has not only attracted thousands of the world’s top writers, but also thousands of elite brands. Our platform has become a place where companies of all sizes build and manage modern writing teams comprised of in-house talent, freelancers, and thought leaders.

I hope you can be a part of it.

Michael Brown
Founder and CEO  

Michael Brown nDash Founder