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nDash helps the world’s leading B2B tech brands build and manage elite freelance writing teams.

Our Tech Writers

Generalist writers won’t help. You need writers with deep technical expertise. We’ve built the world’s most exclusive community of freelance tech writers to help you scale (without sacrificing quality). Here’s a quick preview of the talent on nDash:

Why nDash?

Want to make content a competitive advantage? We can help. Since 2014, nDash has been a strategic content partner to some of the world’s leading brands and agencies. Here’s why they turn to us.

On-Demand Pricing

nDash is an on-demand resource that enables you to put your budget towards content (not software or user seats).

  • You Set the Budget: We have writers in a wide range of rates
  • Payment on Completion: Nothing is charged upfront
  • Pre-Fund (Optional): Draw down from an existing balance

Unlike other platforms, we want your budget to go towards great writers — not user seats or gated features.

Easy to Use

nDash isn’t just for finding great freelance writers. Our platform also offers the ability to manage content creation at-scale with:

  • Freelancer Payments: No need for invoices or 1099s
  • Collaboration: Get your entire team involved in content
  • Content Tools: Integrations, calendars, and more

We built our platform specifically to help brands and agencies like yours manage a modern writing team.

Managed Accounts

Looking for a more hands-on engagement? With a managed account, you’ll get an nDash editor to handle all the day-to-day tasks, including:

  • Production: We’ll manage scope, deadlines, edits, and more
  • Planning: Yearly or quarterly editorial calendars
  • Strategy: Styleguides, audits, buyer journeys, personas, etc.

We’ve helped some of the world’s most ambitious marketers scale content creation and save enormous amounts of time. Interested in learning more?

Common Questions

How are the writers vetted?

Unlike other freelance writing platform, nDash is extremely selective in terms of writer quality. Writers are vetted to ensure identity, but more importantly, they are vetted in terms of their expertise. For example, is a technology brand posts a job on nDash, it’ll only be seen by writers we’ve added to our Technology community. This ensures you’re getting writers with demonstrated expertise in a given field.

How much does content cost?

nDash has writers to meet any type of content budget (within reason). Some writers will charge $50 for an 800-word blog post, while others will charge $2,000. You can get a better sense of rates in our Content Creation Pricing Guide.

What's the commitment?

Aside from subscription payments, there are no financial commitments. nDash is an on-demand resource where you only pay for completed content. Your plan can be cancelled at any time.

How do I find the best writers?

You won’t have to. Although we make it easy for brands to search our writer network, we’ll take the lead in finding writers that meet your specific requirements in terms of budget, expertise, bandwidth, or other criteria.

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