The nDash Content Platform

All the tools you need to scale written content creation.
Writer network, collaboration tools, payments and more
in a platform built specifically for content marketers.

Select Your Team

Writer Network

Browse 15k vetted freelance writers across all industries and topics to find the perfect match.


Workflow Tools

Calendars, Kanban boards, inline text editor, messaging, and other collaboration tools.

Agency Partners

Writer Payments

Pay freelance writers directly through our platform–no need for contracts, invoices, or 1099s.


Content Ideas

Get unique content ideas from our writers or generate topics with our AI tools.

Content Integrations


Connect nDash to HubSpot, WordPress, Google Drive and other applications.

Writer Collaboration

Custom Teams

Manage content with your in-house team or scale with our freelance network.

Find Great Writers

Find Great Writers

The biggest feature of nDash isn’t a feature at all — it’s the people inside. We’ve built a global community of 15k freelance writers to help match you with the ideal fit in terms of expertise, rates and other criteria.

Manage Content At-Scale

Stay on top of your content production efforts with content calendars, Kanban boards, messaging, track changes, CMS integrations and a suite of other tools to help you publish at scale.

manage content
generate content ideas

Generate Content Ideas

Need to populate your editorial calendar? On nDash, select writers can pitch your brand unique ideas for blogs, articles, and whitepapers. You can also generate topics with our AI tools.

Other Popular Features

Built for marketers.


Public & Private Groups

Create custom groups to manage different writing teams. Organize by department, product or client (if you’re an agency).

Content Planning

Content Strategy

Document your organization’s content strategy, messaging, brand guidelines, audience, keywords and objectives.

Add Writer

Add Your Own Writers

Bring your existing freelance writers into nDash for no upcharge. Consolidate management and payment activity into one platform.

Content Formats

Multiple Formats

Get content delivered in HTML, Word, or Google docs. Easily push completed content into your CMS via integration.

Content Sources

Content Sources

Easily track key news trends, sites, and competitor content to find new angles for content topics.

Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Organize and execute a long-term, strategic content plan to hit your goals. Get a full view of what’s in the content pipeline.

Brands Using nDash

Trusted by thousands.

Putnam Investments
Ivy Exec
NB Power
Harper Collins
Ask Media
EA Sports
Ivy Montgomery

I was surprised by how quickly the nDash community understood our area of expertise given its technical requirements. No matter what we throw at our nDash writers, they’re always able to deliver.

Ivy Montgomery,
VP Marketing, Layer

How it Works

nDash has built on-demand writing teams for the world’s
largest brands and agencies. Here’s the basic gist.


Step 1: Account Setup

After creating an account, you’ll fill out a brand profile to give writers a better sense of your content goals, objective, and styles. This will help our team match you to the most relevant writers in our network.

From there, simply upgrade to a Pro or Managed plan (whenever you’re ready) and you’ll be ready to start your first assignment.

Start Assignments

Step 2: Start Assignments

There are several ways to start your first assignment. You can post an open assignment to our community; send one to a specific writer; or accept an idea pitched by one of our writers.

A member of the nDash team will work closely with you to make sure we’re getting the right applicants in terms of quality, budget, and bandwidth.

Select Your Team

Step 3: Select Your Team

After a few writing tests, we’ll help you short-list a team of writers to work with on an on-going basis. This prevents you from constantly having to onboard new writers to your brand.

Note: If you have freelancers you’ve worked with outside of nDash, we’ll help you bring them into the the platform.

Content Support

Step 4: On-Going Support

From here, nDash will be an on-demand resource. Spend as much or as little as you need. Our team will be available if you need help finding new writers, navigating new features, or improving processes.

If you need to scale up (or down) we make it easy to upgrade, pause, or cancel your nDash account at any time.

Common Questions

How much does content cost?

nDash has writers to meet any type of content budget (within reason). Some writers will charge $50 for an 800-word blog post, while others will charge $2,000. You can get a better sense of rates in our Content Creation Pricing Guide.

How do payments work?

Payments on nDash are made by credit/debit card or by pre-funding an account. Brands on custom plans can be billed on a monthly or quarterly basis. You can learn more on our pricing page.

Are the writers vetted?

Yes. nDash only vets and approves a small percent (roughly 1%) of writers each month that meet our standards for quality and transparency.

Are there any long-term commitments?

Aside from subscription payments, nDash is an on-demand resource where you only pay for completed content. Your plan can be cancelled at any time.

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