From Bottleneck to Benchmark How Analytix Solutions Optimized Content Creation with nDash

From Bottleneck to Benchmark: How Analytix Solutions Optimized Content Creation with nDash

Analytix Solutions, a leading provider of outsourced services in the IT, accounting, and healthcare sectors, sought to elevate its content creation strategy to effectively engage its diverse audience and support its rapid expansion.

This case study explores the partnership between Kristen Crovo, a Strategic Marketing Consultant at Analytix, and nDash. It explores their journey, the results achieved, and some unforeseen benefits.

The Challenge: Tackling the Content Creation Bottleneck

From its origins as an accounting firm, Analytix Solutions blossomed into a multifaceted service provider. However, this growth introduced a significant challenge: the internal team’s capacity to produce top-of-the-funnel content couldn’t meet demand. Crovo explains, “The need for reliable content far outpaced their ability to produce that in-house.”

The Solution: Crafting the Perfect Content Creation Match

In seeking a partner capable of meeting their growing content needs, Crovo turned to nDash. “We had looked at options such as freelancers and a full-time agency. A colleague recommended nDash, so that’s how I got in touch with the team at nDash,” she recounts.

Key factors in choosing nDash included:

Enhanced Quality and Efficiency

The collaboration introduced a streamlined content creation process, significantly improving output quality and efficiency. “The consistency has been impressive. We’ve been thrilled with nDash – the quality of the writing and the ability to deliver quickly,” Kristen highlighted.

Strategic Process Improvements to Focus on Core Competencies

Analytix adopted some of nDash’s processes internally, which helped streamline the content creation process. Crovo reflects, “The [nDash] brief template has been consistent with multiple writers and multiple divisions. That’s been a great process enhancement.” This alignment streamlined content production, fostering consistency and quality across global teams.

Resource Optimization

The partnership brought significant benefits: it led to notable time savings and reduced the need for extensive internal editing. This resulted in a 50% reduction in content editing and proofreading costs.

Crovo notes, “When we were writing a blog article before, sometimes when articles came back, it might take another hour to edit them. And that piece has gone away completely. So we no longer have to do that. So that’s been a huge time saver.”

Proactive Suggestions

Crovo praised nDash’s commitment to innovation and strategic partnership beyond content production. She highlighted nDash’s collaborative approach, specifically mentioning their work together on exploring new technologies and strategies. For example, nDash definitely helped with operational efficiency. The team also liked that the content creation dashboard was always up to date.

Collaborative Partnership

The partnership’s success rests on mutual respect and collaborative spirit. This spirit of collaboration has defined their interactions and contributed to setting the foundation for future initiatives.

Crovo, emphasizing the strength of the relationship with nDash, described it as going beyond a simple client-vendor dynamic. “I wouldn’t call it a vendor relationship at all,” she said. “It’s more like a collaboration.”

Strategic Insights: An Optimized Content Creation Partnership

The relationship evolved into a collaborative partnership, with nDash providing strategic insights beyond traditional content creation. Crovo appreciated the “outside-the-box thinking” that nDash offered, highlighting the value of their innovative suggestions. The partnership between nDash and Analytix Solutions has set a benchmark for excellence in content strategy and execution.

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