Writer Spotlight: New Members Of Our Freelance Writer Pool

May 23, 2024

nDash is home to thousands of subject matter experts, and our number grows every day. In today’s roundup, you’ll meet four new professional members of our freelance writer pool. Dave Gerhart: Creative Professional Dave is a meticulous and highly organized professional with a vast array of skills. Those skills include music composition, production, creative direction, […]

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Meghan Crook Brisson Takes Us Inside the Mind of a Marketer

May 9, 2024

We’re back with another marketer interview as part of our “Inside the Mind of a Marketer” series. This time, we’re talking to Meghan Crook Brisson, Intentsify’s content marketing manager, about all things content marketing. Meghan is a seasoned content marketing leader with over ten years of experience in both B2B and non-profit marketing. Currently, she […]

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From Bottleneck to Benchmark: How Analytix Solutions Optimized Content Creation with nDash

April 25, 2024

Analytix Solutions, a leading provider of outsourced services in the IT, accounting, and healthcare sectors, sought to elevate its content creation strategy to effectively engage its diverse audience and support its rapid expansion. This case study explores the partnership between Kristen Crovo, a Strategic Marketing Consultant at Analytix, and nDash. It explores their journey, the […]

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David Reske: Inside the Mind of a Marketer

April 4, 2024

We’re back with another marketer interview as part of our “Inside the Mind of a Marketer” series. This time, we’re talking to David, Nowspeed‘s Founder and President (and one of nDash’s earliest customers), about AI and content marketing. nDash: My first question is about AI. As a marketer, how is AI impacting operations, for better […]

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How the AspenTech Marcom Team Enhances Content Creation with nDash

March 28, 2024

AspenTech’s Marketing Communications team is a high volume group, writing and creating brand-aligned content for targeted marketing campaigns throughout the year. After two writers left the company, the content creation team had one full-time writer, Principal Marketing Writer Daniel Kelly. The team was able to leverage freelance writing resources as needed. They had high expectations […]

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Hiring Freelance Real Estate Writers: 5 Things to Consider

January 1, 2024

Quality real estate content ranks your site better on search engines, translating to more visibility. If your posts entice readers, they will spend more time on your pages and likely become promising leads. Hiring freelance real estate writers allows you to generate great content and enjoy a quicker turnaround. Here’s what to consider when choosing […]

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ETQ Scales Content Creation with the nDash Platform

August 15, 2022

How does a lean marketing team scale to consistently deliver high-quality content? Quality management software company ETQ recently worked with nDash to overcome this content creation challenge. Few Content Resources to Fuel Demand Gen Like many organizations, ETQ’s marketing team was asked to do a lot with a little. “We’re a lean marketing team with […]

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