How CyberMaxx Leverages nDash for High-Quality Content Creation

How CyberMaxx Leverages nDash for High-Quality Content Creation

CyberMaxx, a leading MDR provider, navigates the fast-paced world of cybersecurity. Staying ahead of trends and maintaining a strong online presence through content creation is crucial for the company’s success.

CyberMaxx cultivates a thoughtful, thought-leading, professorial, and academic brand voice across all its marketing materials to achieve this. This voice is evident in the company’s commitment to creating high-quality, educational, and factual content that establishes CyberMaxx as a trusted authority in the cybersecurity industry.

By consistently delivering valuable content optimized for search engines, CyberMaxx ensures it remains top-of-mind for potential customers searching for MDR solutions.

CyberMaxx case study dataBackground: The Dynamics of CyberMaxx’s Content Marketing Strategy

Jessie Coan, Director of Marketing, recognized the need for a robust content strategy with her extensive experience in content marketing. This strategy was essential to drive organic growth and strengthen the brand’s market position.

Coan states, “In the cybersecurity industry, where things change rapidly, having a dynamic and responsive content strategy isn’t just beneficial. It’s a requirement.”


By partnering with nDash, CyberMaxx streamlined its content creation process and accessed a diverse talent pool. This enabled rapid production and strategic content alignment, giving CyberMaxx a significant edge in today’s competitive market. The collaboration proved to be a double win: it enhanced their SEO and organic traffic, driving increased audience reach. Furthermore, it freed up the marketing team to focus on strategic initiatives, fueling growth and innovation within the competitive cybersecurity industry.

By leveraging nDash, CyberMaxx was able to:

  • Source experts much faster.
  • Decrease content production turnaround times by more than half.
  • Improve SEO results dramatically.

Jessie Coan’s Perspective: Insights on Content Creation in Cybersecurity

“In my career, I’ve learned that creating high-quality, ghostwritten content, particularly in niche industries, hinges on building trust and internal relationships with those you represent. It’s about ensuring that their representation in the market is accurate and favorable,” Coan explains.

She continues, “The work involved in building this trust and proving our capability to enhance their market image is substantial. That’s where a partner like nDash becomes invaluable. Their professionalism and collaborative approach have consistently proven their worth, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed expectations in content representation.”

Jessie Coan CyberMaxx Case Study Quote 1Streamlining CyberMaxx’s Content Strategy and Building a Content Engine

Cybersecurity is fast-paced, so staying ahead means constantly updating content and engaging your audience. CyberMaxx needed to do this while also supporting growth and SEO. By working with nDash, they refined their content creation process and built a content engine to deliver impactful messages and stay competitive.

Challenge: Need for Rapid Content Production

CyberMaxx faced the challenge of producing content at a pace that kept up with the fast-moving cybersecurity industry, which is crucial for leveraging SEO and maintaining relevance.

  • Solution: nDash provided a streamlined content creation process with access to a diverse pool of freelance writers, significantly speeding up production times.
  • Result: Given the long-term nature of SEO and the importance of timely content publication, there was no room for delays. She states, “We needed a solution to keep up with the industry’s pace without compromising the content’s integrity, and that’s what we got.”

Challenge: Building a Content Engine with nDash

CyberMaxx needed to produce content quickly, have specialized expertise, and establish a sustainable, efficient system for continuous content creation and publication. Their goal was to create a content engine that could drive organic growth and SEO success.

On top of that, Coan wanted the ability to be confident internally saying that they CAN produce anything because she has a team available to do so.

  • Solution: Using nDash’s platform, CyberMaxx created a “content engine” that streamlined the entire content creation process, from ideation to publication. This engine leveraged nDash’s diverse pool of writers and AI-driven insights for continuous content flow.
  • Result: Coan described the transformation, “Because we’ve created this content engine with your team, I can set up a monthly content meeting. I can tell my team we can produce whatever you want.” Coan describes CyberMaxx’s content engine as a powerful tool that consistently delivers high-quality content. It fuels their SEO strategy, keeping them competitive in the fast-paced cybersecurity market.

Jessie Coan CyberMaxx Case Study Quote 2Challenge: Finding Writers with the Right Voice

Identifying writers who could embody CyberMaxx’s brand voice was time-consuming and challenging.

  • Solution: nDash’s broad spectrum of content services and diverse pool of writers enabled CyberMaxx to find and collaborate with the right talent efficiently.
  • Result: Coan states, “I don’t have to waste time looking for the right writer with the right voice. Your team does that for me, which makes the entire process so easy,” showcasing how nDash streamlines the process.

Challenge: Sourcing Specialized Content Creation

CyberMaxx needed content that covered both specialized and general topics without the complexity of managing multiple freelancers.

  • Solution: nDash filled this need with its wide range of freelance writers with various expertise, simplifying content management.
  • Result: “The flexibility nDash offers in content strategy is invaluable in staying ahead in a competitive market,” Coan states. She elaborated on their content creation process. While CyberMaxx uses freelancers for highly specialized content, nDash covers most of their needs. She confirms that nDash fulfills 90% of the company’s content requirements.

Challenge: Maximizing Team Productivity

The need to offload content creation to focus on strategic growth and innovation was crucial for CyberMaxx’s marketing team.

  • Solution: Partnering with nDash allowed the internal team to delegate content production, freeing them to concentrate on other areas.
  • Result: “Our team’s productivity has skyrocketed,” Coan observes. “Free from the time-consuming task of content creation, we’re now able to focus on strategic initiatives and other core marketing activities.”

Reinforcing CyberMaxx’s Market Presence Through Strategic Content Creation

Jessie Coan’s decision to use nDash for content creation at CyberMaxx has proven strategic. The platform’s ability to provide quick access to skilled freelancers has been a key factor. Its efficiency and flexibility have significantly contributed to CyberMaxx’s marketing successes. By effectively leveraging nDash, Coan can focus on strategic growth and maintain CyberMaxx’s strong presence in the cybersecurity market.

About CyberMaxx

CyberMaxx, LLC., founded in 2002, is the leading provider of managed detection and response (MDR), headquartered in New York, NY. CyberMaxx’s managed detection and response solution (MaxxMDR) is designed to be scalable for clients of all sizes, providing protection and improving the organization’s security posture, ultimately giving customers peace of mind that their systems and data are secure. CyberMaxx expanded its capabilities through the 2022 acquisition of CipherTechs, an international cybersecurity company providing a complete cybersecurity portfolio across MDR Services, Offensive Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, DFIR, and 3rd party security product sourcing.

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nDash is the world’s first content community platform. Thousands of brands use nDash to build and manage elite writing teams comprised of in-house talent, freelancers, and thought leaders. With a rapidly evolving set of features, nDash helps marketers generate compelling topics, streamline the content creation workflow, and rise above the noise. Based in the greater Boston area, nDash was founded in 2016 by a passionate group of former writers, marketers, and crowdsourcing enthusiasts.