How to Find Freelance Writers for Your Niche Site

How to Find Freelance Writers for Your Niche Site

A niche website is a resource with a narrow focus; it’s both highly specialized and targeted to a relatively small fraction of readers. These sites are valuable to audiences because they delve into the subject matter, deviating from the endless general sites that offer little more than keywords and unsubstantiated promises. We’ll look at both the importance of these sites, the challenge of finding freelance writers, and the solution if you don’t want to skimp on quality.

The Need for Quality Freelance Writers

By definition, a niche website needs both professional and specialized content for its site. The last thing a master welder wants to see is the definition of hyperbaric or an explanation of the importance of safety goggles. To hold their interest, they want to learn how demand is changing, which technology is showing the most promise, and whether compliance regulations in their area are on the move again.

Niche sites often rely on freelance writers with industry expertise to connect with the reader. These professionals have the hands-on ability or enough ancillary experience to write copy, social media posts, blogs, and blurbs that can hit the highlights and back them up. As you likely already know, though, there’s a very tight overlap of quality writers and SMEs in niche areas.

Understanding Your Content Needs

If you want to set yourself up for success with a niche site, it starts with defining what you need from your content. For instance, you may want your product descriptions to be more detailed so readers understand the differences in your catalog long before they hit the return button. Or you may want to improve the quality of your blog so your site is more likely to rank in searches.

Whether you want in-depth articles with industry experts or social media posts that entertain and inform in equal measure, you need to recognize the level of expertise in your niche. In some cases, you may be able to work with a freelance writer who has done their homework in the industry. In other cases, only a writer with first-hand tales will do.

Strategies to Find Freelance Writers

Below, we share the top strategies for finding niche writers for those just starting.

Utilizing Freelance Platforms

Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and FlexJobs are popular because they offer companies and freelancers a wide range of project-based work. There are countless success stories of profitable connections on both sides of the aisle. Still, the reality is these sites are also saturated by this point — and many of the candidates may be unqualified. The sheer number of applications for a single post would be enough to exhaust anyone.

Leveraging Social Media

While it might take more initial effort, contacting vetted freelance content creators on LinkedIn and Twitter can net excellent returns. If you approach a writer this way, ensure they have the bandwidth to take on new clients and the portfolio to back up their expertise.

Attending Industry Events and Networking

Like social media, specialized conferences and workshops can help you meet freelance writers ready to work. The more industry-specific groups you can join, in-person or virtual, the better the odds of stumbling across the perfect writer.

Using Specialized Platforms like nDash

A specialized platform like nDash finds writers that fit into the tiniest margins of your niche Venn diagram. The entire business model succeeds or fails based on the strength of its connections, and a niche site owner can trust the smarties behind the platform to go the extra mile.

How nDash Stands Out

nDash puts its stock in the vetting process. Every applicant is required to produce samples that showcase their skills. If they don’t meet a brand’s criteria, they won’t appear as candidates for the project. The beauty of nDash is that there are enough writers on the platform to fit a wide range of needs, enough that it’s become a favorite for companies that can’t afford to waste time editing and tweaking endless web pages, articles, and product descriptions.

Direct Communication

nDash’s platform facilitates seamless communication. Project managers and writers can talk it out if there are snags. The writers are known for their punctuality and professionalism, and the seamless platform makes it simple to contact management and writers alike.

Custom Content Requests

Custom content can get pretty deep in the weeds. For site owners who require highly specific content, nDash can boil down the essentials to find writers who can handle it. If your needs fall well outside the established parameters, nDash drastically reduces the odds of a redo on the other side.

Open Assignments

Creating an open assignment on nDash can be done in several ways:

  • Direct: Search through all writers, choose one, and then send the assignment directly to them.
  • In-House: An In-House writer at nDash is slightly more streamlined than a direct assignment to a writer. This small group of veterans get started on your project immediately — there’s no waiting to see if they’re available.
  • Open: An open assignment will display the project to a select group of writers. You can review several applications and qualifications before selecting one that fits your needs.
  • Ideas: nDash lets you purchase direct and industry pitches by selecting the Ideas button on the sidebar.

Pricing and Payment Flexibility

nDash has multiple pricing options:

  • Basic: For $0 per month, those needing occasional content can place an order whenever required.
  • Pro: For $300 monthly, clients with more frequent content requirements receive premium support from the nDash team.
  • Managed: At $2,700 monthly, companies with complex requests can work directly with a project manager (plus billing support and more).

It’s secure and hassle-free to pay on nDash, with companies able to settle their invoices quickly so they can move on.

Tips for Working with Freelance Writers

Working with freelancers starts with setting expectations. Once the writer knows the project guidelines, including scope and deadline, they can start budgeting their time and energy to meet your needs. Giving people enough time to complete the assignment is important, as you are unlikely the freelancer’s sole client.

We recommend consistent communication and constructive feedback, especially if there’s little room for interpretation with your content needs. Even with a niche freelancer, set some boundaries to get the specialized content you need. Finally, prompt review, approval, and payment can help foster the relationship between you and the writer. This strategy can set you up for success if you need their help later.

Sourcing Better Content for Niche Websites

We can’t understate the importance of content for a niche website. If your freelancer can’t speak to the audience, your audience will find another organization that can. At nDash, we help clients find qualified, expert writers, though it’s certainly not the only path available. No matter the platform you choose, selecting people who can meet your needs (without the grief) is important. Contact nDash today to learn how our freelance community can level up your content strategy.

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