nDash Launches AI Content Ideas (1)

nDash Launches AI Content Ideas

Explore the future of content creation with nDash, where AI content ideas meet human expertise to enhance freelance opportunities.

The Roll Out: AI Content Ideas

It’s been a busy few months quarters here at nDash. 

We’ve used some of the downtime created by the 2023 “content recession” to refocus some time and resources toward building and, after much testing with a handful of clients (thank you!), launching our first AI tool for content production. 

Before you roll your eyes at yet another AI tool announcement, ours is quite different: We’re not building AI content creation tools. We’re building AI tools to create more opportunities for freelance writers.

Put another way: We’ve drawn a line in the sand — AI will be used to create more paid projects for freelancers and streamline the content production process. This will make people more efficient without sacrificing the quality of content, which can only be accomplished with expert copywriters.

Marketers recognize that AI will never replace the capabilities of expert writers to create new content with a unique perspective. 

We want to use AI to create writing opportunities, not usurp them.

Starting today, all users on the nDash Pro tier can use the tool to generate unlimited AI ideas. Easily share these content ideas with your favorite freelance writers on the platform.

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Why We’re Doing This

Over the past few years, we’ve been exploring the capabilities of AI within the context of content marketing. While we’re still cautiously skeptical about its ability to ever create great, unique content, we believe it has the potential to help existing teams. 

On the brand side, there’s potential to make it easier for marketers to improve the quality and pace of their content. Whether that’s simple tasks like topic ideation to more complex like identifying content gaps and ensuring tone of voice consistency. 

On the freelancer side, there’s the opportunity to turn all those content ideas – both for new and remediated content – into more engagement for more writers at higher assignment rates. 

There are some smaller items that we’re still quite excited about. That includes…

Requiring All Brand Users to be nDash Pro Subscribers

Online retailers are experiencing higher fraud in 2023 than ever before, and we’re also experiencing it to some degree. Today, nDash writers might see the occasional invite or open assignment from a “brand” user named Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo that surpasses existing spam checks. We want to decrease the frequency with which that happens. 

To accomplish this, we require brands to sign up for the “Pro” tier to access the nDash tools or community. 

Doing so will not only enable us to better ensure the brands on nDash are legitimate, willing, and able to pay top content prices but also enable us to focus more of our efforts on improving the onboarding process for new companies, getting them set up for success with a hand-picked team of fantastic writers within their required niches. 

Updated Colors, Designs, and Minor UI Improvements

Back in 2016, we picked orange simply based on the search results of the psychology of what the color represents in a B2B setting: enthusiasm & creativity. It didn’t hurt that some of our favorite brands also used orange – HubSpot, Dunkin’, and Moxie. (Spoiler: we’re New Englanders.)

While we still love the mission of enthusiasm and creativity (and those brands), the old site felt stale. We wanted to continue to update the feel of the site and, more importantly, improve the visual accessibility. 

Switching from orange to blue may sound small, but addressing all the changing elements was no easy feat. Ultimately, we think it will be worth it as it continues to help us toward those goals.

Additional Updates & Improvements

  • Improved iconography 
  • Signup flow improvements 
  • Writer profile country flag is now clickable to make updating easier
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from adding WordPress Integration
  • Fixed a bug preventing brands from downloading billing reports in PDF format
  • Fixed a bug preventing writer vanity URLs from displaying correctly
  • Other minor improvements & bug fixes

The end goal will always be to improve the quality of the content delivered to the reader. Search engines will always strive to improve the quality of their results pages. So, brands that want to rank will increasingly need to work harder on delivering quality. The way to do that is with human subject matter experts. nDash is the solution for brands & agencies looking to scale using freelance copywriters. 

With a community of 25,000 vetted, expert freelance copywriters, nDash has become the first content marketing platform to use AI to help brands scale their content production without sacrificing quality. 

Combined with their content production workflows, payment processing, and publishing tools, nDash enables brands of all sizes to deliver better content across the marketing & sales funnel. 

To get started, create an account at nDash Sign-Up.

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