Writer Spotlight New Members of Our Freelance Writer Pool

Writer Spotlight: New Members Of Our Freelance Writer Pool

nDash is home to thousands of subject matter experts, and our number grows every day. In today’s roundup, you’ll meet four new professional members of our freelance writer pool.

Dave Gerhart: Creative Professional

Dave Gerhart

Dave is a meticulous and highly organized professional with a vast array of skills. Those skills include music composition, production, creative direction, and audio engineering. He excels in transforming strategic goals into compelling visual and auditory narratives that enhance brand engagement and loyalty. Dave is proficient in all facets of music production, from recording to mastering, consistently delivering top-quality soundtracks and albums.

He is adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring attention to quality and adherence to deadlines. Dave is committed to surpassing client expectations and continuously seeks to refine his skills and knowledge within the dynamic realms of music and creativity.

As an effective communicator and team player, Dave builds strong relationships with clients, stakeholders, and teams, fostering consensus around creative visions and objectives. His current role as Manager at Gerhart Creative, LLC, involves:

  • leading day-to-day operations
  • strategic planning
  • overseeing branding
  • overseeing marketing efforts

He has also served as an online tutor with Varsity Tutors and a Creative Pro at Apple, where he educated customers on optimizing device functionalities and upheld exceptional service standards.

Dave’s positions include Executive Producer at The Online Recording Studio and Podcast Producer for “The Bible For Normal People,” demonstrating his expertise across diverse creative roles.

Check out Dave’s writing profile to learn more about how his background can assist your content writing needs: Dave Gerhart.

Fanny Kuhn: Writer & Growth Marketer

Fanny Kuhn

Fanny, originally from Sweden and now residing in Miami, has carved a niche as a proficient copywriter while advancing her career in growth marketing. She specifically helps startups identify and leverage profitable channels. With a core specialization in the sports and health sectors, Fanny also brings experience in the pet industry and scientific content to her diverse writing portfolio.

A standout achievement in her career includes developing a content marketing library for a sports tech company, significantly enhancing their SEO lead generation, and crafting content for Formula 1.

Her professional journey includes significant roles as a copywriter at Platinium Group from August 2015 to July 2019, where she was responsible for a variety of content forms, including product descriptions, email marketing, ad copy, and press releases. Notably, she also established the company’s Facebook advertising channel from the ground up.

Since August 2019, Fanny has been the Head of Growth at RaceID, where she focuses on optimizing growth channels such as content marketing, SEO, SEM, and social ads. She also manages the company blog, which covers a range of topics related to organizing sports events. Her expertise spans several key areas, including event management software, SaaS, sports tech, nutrition, running, swimming, swimrun, marketing, SEO, and Google ads.

Visit Fanny’s writing profile to see how her expertise can take your content strategy to the next level: Fanny Kuhn.

Devin Larsen: B2B & B2C Conversion Writer for Tech, Higher Ed, and more

Devin Larsen

Devin is a storyteller who skillfully engages customers and achieves tangible results. His unique blend of analytical and artistic talents enables him to create content that combines creative flair with the precision of a researcher, simplifying complex concepts into content that drives conversions.

With a background in science, Devin is adept at translating intricate products and topics for diverse audiences across various sectors, including B2B and B2C SaaS, engineering, technology, and healthcare. He also brings a wealth of experience in non-technical fields such as higher education and specialty retail sectors like exercise, health & beauty, and clothing.

One of Devin’s standout qualities is his ability to deliver high-quality work swiftly. He is a quick and meticulous learner, capable of producing well-informed content even under tight deadlines. His adaptability allows him to work effectively across different teams and adjust strategies as necessary.

Devin’s writing portfolio is extensive, covering web and eCommerce copywriting, SEO content writing, blog posts, and case studies. He also has significant experience in developing writing guidelines for companies, including their brand, tone, and voice, ensuring consistency and clarity in all communications.

See Devin’s writing profile for more information about how his experience can help shape your content calendar: Devin Larsen.

Weston Moore: Multi-disciplined freelance writer with a technical background – Let’s work together!

Weston Moore

Throughout his career, Weston has been deeply involved in the optics industry, which is essential to modern technology through the design and manufacturing of crucial imaging and illumination systems. His professional foundation is in optical engineering, but he has expanded his expertise significantly beyond this role.

Weston’s skill set now includes:

  • engineering and design
  • statistical analysis
  • project management
  • supplier and client relations
  • team leadership
  • business development
  • new product introduction

Now, as he looks towards the next chapter of his career, he’s eager to delve into freelance writing. He recognizes the pivotal role that writing and communication have played in his professional development.

Throughout his roles, he has consistently engaged in direct and significant communication with high-profile clients, underscoring his capability to transfer these skills to new arenas. Weston is enthusiastic about exploring how his extensive background can benefit a broader audience. That could possibly be you as he expands his horizons into the realm of freelance writing.

Head over to Weston’s writing portfolio to see how his expertise can help you: Weston Moore.

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