Inside the Storyteller's Toolbox Steve Hendershot Shares His nDash Experience and Strategies for Success

Inside the Storyteller’s Toolbox: Steve Hendershot Shares His nDash Experience and Strategies for Success

Discover the multifaceted world of Steve Hendershot, an acclaimed journalist and content marketer. He masterfully bridges storytelling across industries and shares his insights on efficiency, collaboration, and finding the perfect blend of technology and personal touch on nDash.

Steve Hendershot: The Multifaceted Storyteller Bridging Journalism and Content Marketing

Steve Hendershot is a versatile and accomplished multimedia journalist and content marketer. He’s known for his ability to tell quirky, complex, and important stories. As the founder of Cedar Cathedral Narrative Studio, Steve has made a name for himself by reporting on subjects ranging from homelessness and education policy to craft brewers and tech startups. He’s currently in the midst of a months-long series on Chicago’s City Council.

In addition to his journalism career, Steve is a bestselling author. His book about the Street Fighter video game series earned recognition as one of the top gaming books of all time. His work has received national acclaim, and in 2021 alone, he contributed to projects that won multiple Content Marketing Awards and a Peter J. Lisagor Award for excellence in Chicago journalism. As a content marketer, Steve has worked with renowned brands like Adobe, Qualtrics, Staples, and Epsilon.

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Steve explains his journey into content marketing as a natural progression from journalism: “I learned early that there are lots of great outlets for journalistic storytelling, including on behalf of brands.” Over the years, he has developed relationships with clients through agencies and direct work while continuing his journalistic endeavors.

Steve’s multimedia background began in college, where he studied broadcast journalism before transitioning to magazines and print. However, with the launch of his agency and the rise of podcasting, he has delved back into multimedia.

His expertise in multimedia is further showcased as the host of the Project Management Institute’s Projectified podcast. This podcast ranks among the leading careers podcasts in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Exploring the Benefits of nDash: Steve Hendershot’s Perspective on Efficiency, Communication, and Collaboration

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According to Steve, he found nDash through a client using the platform to hire freelancers. He initially used another platform but found that he preferred nDash. He said, “And at first, I was like, ‘Oh no, not another platform to manage.’ Then, it turns out I really liked how everything was set up and ran.”

Steve likes the combination of technology and personal dynamics. He appreciates the platform’s low friction, high-efficiency aspect, which facilitates easy communication and fast payment. He explains, “The personal dynamics are great. I like that the assignments are thought through well enough to be deliverable without much back and forth. Plus, when working with brands, you actually develop a personal partnership.”

Steve currently has two regular clients through nDash. However, he’s interested in exploring more opportunities and expanding his client base. In the future, he plans to use the platform to find writers for his own clients who need ongoing content plans and blog posts. He said, “I’m interested in doing more exploring. But thus far, it’s been two regulars…so I really might join the other side of the marketplace soon.”

Steve Hendershot’s Three-Pronged Approach to Evaluating Freelance Assignments on nDash: Fulfillment, Positioning, and Efficiency

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Steve uses three main metrics to determine whether he’d like to take an assignment or pass on it:

  • Fulfillment: Steve looks for assignments that are fun in terms of subject matter, working with people he likes, or projects that he feels are important. He says, “Nobody becomes a writer because it’s lucrative or practical. Then you get into it, and of course, your business has to be profitable enough to pay the bills. But I don’t want to lose sight of the things that made me want to do this in the first place.”
  • Positioning: He looks for assignments that help him build up his reputation in the sector or allow him to try new formats, like podcasting or video. He mentions, “I like trying new things, so I value opportunities that allow me to try different media or learn about a new topic.”
  • Efficiency and financial business sense: Steve considers whether the assignment will be efficient regarding time and effort and if it makes financial sense for him. He also considers how likely the project will face delays or payment issues. He states, “Is this going to be efficient? Is it likely to blow up in terms of the schedule or amount of time it takes, or will the payment take an inordinate amount of time? Will I have to spend an entire second project emailing them over and over again regarding those things?”

He explains, “As I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve come to realize that if a project primarily falls into the financial category, it must excel in that regard. Working with nDash has been a great example of this, as their assignments consistently make sense, run smoothly, and fulfill my financial expectations. It helps keep everything in balance.”

nDash: The Perfect Blend of Tech and Personal Touch for Freelance Success

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Steve Hendershot appreciates the fusion of technology and personal connections the most on nDash. He appreciates the platform’s low friction, high efficiency, ease of communication, and fast payments. He emphasizes one point, however. That the personal partnership developed with clients on nDash is an unexpected and highly valued aspect of the platform. Steve explains, “The tech is great, but I feel like there are real people behind it, and they’re good people.”

The standout solutions provided by nDash include its ease of communication, fast payments, well-thought-out assignments, and fostering personal partnerships between users. These features have helped Steve address challenges and pain points commonly associated with freelance work.

The Art of Storytelling: Steve Hendershot’s Winning Formula on nDash

Steve Hendershot’s journey through journalism and content marketing showcases the power of adaptability and a keen understanding of navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. His success on nDash is a testament to his ability to blend technology and personal connections, strategically evaluating freelance assignments for maximum impact.

As a multifaceted storyteller, Steve continues to inspire and educate others in the industry. He illustrates the value of staying curious, embracing new opportunities, and building meaningful partnerships.