Bingeworthy Podcasts for Freelancers

Bingeworthy Podcasts For Freelancers

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As freelancers, it’s common to be familiar with juggling tasks, corresponding with clients, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. One important activity that you should always make time for is learning.

Learning comes in many forms. That could look like taking a course, watching videos, field experience, and even listening to podcasts—yep, podcasts!

In this post, you’ll discover podcasts to help you develop as a freelancer. Whether you’re trying to scale your business, develop as a full-blown entrepreneur, or just want some informative listening.

Here Are 6 Podcasts For Freelancers

Being Boss for Freelancers

First up, we’ve got the Being Boss podcast by Emily Thompson. This podcast explores exactly what it takes to start and run a successful freelance business. It does so with interviews and a few solo episodes.

In this podcast, Emily discusses the dynamics of creating a profile freelance business. You also learn how to build a business model around work you truly believe in.

The Tim Ferriss Show for Freelancers

For entrepreneurs and self-development enthusiasts, Tim Ferriss is a household name. And that’s what makes this podcast a key ingredient to success for any freelancer. On the show, Tim hosts a variety of guests from multiple industries and arenas. And one of those guests included American author and entrepreneur Seth Godin.

Are you looking for ways to improve your productivity or to “work smarter and not harder?” The Tim Ferriss Show is a great addition to your freelance resources.

Freelance Feels

Freelancing can be a tough job. You can work unusual hours, and essentially you’re a one-man army by taking on multiple tasks by yourself. Whether your tasks involve marketing, creating content, or negotiating with freelance clients, it can put a strain on your mental well-being.

For a relaxed and relatable podcast, check out Freelance Feels by Jenny Stallard. This podcast hosts a variety of successful guests, like authors and copywriters. The podcast delves deep into working for yourself and how you can improve your mental health when managing and scaling a freelance business.

Freelance to Founder

The Freelance to Founder podcast will help to shape you into a confident, outspoken, and strategic freelancer. On this podcast, Preston and Clay host different coaching calls with freelancers that are ready to take the next step and scale their freelance business into something bigger.

In the Freelance to Founder podcast, you get real actionable advice from experts. It’s completely free to get on-air coaching and appear in an episode of the show.


Digital entrepreneur Brian Clark hosts the podcast Unemployable, and it contains valuable lessons and strategies on how to transform your solopreneur business into a seven-figure money-making machine.

Brian’s show contains conversations and insights from professionals, marketing titans, and successful business leaders. This podcast is an essential listen for freelancers, as the guests have often shifted away from the rat race to create businesses outside of the conventional work model.

We recommend listening to the episode with Austin Kleon, as it discusses taking ideas from one field and importing them into your own, alongside the benefits of always being curious.

Clients From Hell

As much as we love for freelancers to grow their skills and business, it’s important to recognize the challenges that working as a freelancer presents us with.

The Clients From Hell podcast started as a Tumblr blog. It contains stories that poke fun at businesses and clients. Doing so helps to alleviate the stress of being a freelancer. The popular blog transformed into a podcast that Kyle Carpenter now hosts and invites freelancers as guests to discuss the future of freelancing and self-employment.

Some of the challenges discussed in episodes are maintaining creativity as a freelancer during the pandemic and incorporating healthy habits into workflows.

Feel free to check out some of the posts from the Clients From Hell Blog. Some of them are quite funny!

Final Thoughts on Podcasts for Freelancers

Podcasts are a great way to absorb information in the background while you’re working or completing mundane jobs. As a freelancer, it’s vital to absorb every bit of information that aids your growth. And podcasts are an easy way to do that.