Driving Technical Precision How Cimatron Leveraged nDash for Superior Content

Driving Technical Precision: How Cimatron Leveraged nDash for Superior Content

Cimatroncimatron-die-04 is a prominent player in the software industry for mold, tool, and die design and manufacturing. Cimatron is part of the larger Sandvik Group, based in Sweden. In 2023, Sandvik had sales of approximately $US 12.1B, serving 170 countries with 41,000 employees. Sandvik’s core capabilities have always been to understand market conditions by working closely with our customers, driving innovation based on customer needs, and having the ability to commercialize or industrialize solutions. Cimatron faces unique challenges in creating content that resonates with a diverse, international audience in the mold, tool, and die sector.

We spoke with Dan Marinac, the Product Strategy and Marketing Manager at Cimatron. He’s a seasoned mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience and leads the content creation efforts for his marketing team. This case study explores how nDash is instrumental in overcoming Cimatron’s challenges. Specifically, it details how nDash helps Cimatron deliver high-quality content for its niche product and audience.

The Challenges: Finding and Scaling with Niche Expertise

Cimatron faces several significant challenges in its content creation process. This is primarily due to the highly technical nature of its industry and unique product offering.

Finding Writers With Niche Expertise

Cimatron’s primary challenge is finding the right expert niche writers to effectively communicate our technical expertise. With a need for specialized content in the mold, tool, and die design and manufacturing industry, finding writers who truly understand these technical domains was a complex task.

“The problem is, when you get down to our business unit level, we need content that reflects our technical depth and communicates effectively to a global audience.”

Scaling Content Production

Another significant challenge is scaling content production to meet the growing demands of Cimatron’s global marketing efforts. The ability to produce a high volume of technical content without compromising quality is essential.

“When I suddenly put 30 stories in front of you, and we’ve got a month, month and a half to turn them around, that’s a challenge for anyone to take. But I have noticed that no matter how demanding my deadlines are, you are able to expand your team to give me back all my data in the timeframe I need.”

Seamless Collaboration

Finally, the ease of working with nDash is a critical factor. Marinac needs a seamless process that includes detailed research, collaborative interviews, and minimal revisions, allowing for quick turnaround times and high-quality content.

“The way we’re working now, and what I’m really pleased about, is that we team up and go into an interview with a game plan. We get excellent written content that captures the message in really deep studies. We’re down to one, two edits per piece now.”

The Solutions: Comprehensive Content Services

To address Cimatron’s complex content needs, nDash provides a robust suite of solutions.

Access to Expert Niche Writers

nDash provided Cimatron with a comprehensive content solution that includes technical writing, customer case studies, and technical data sheets. The ability to produce content with an American tone, which translates better globally, is crucial for Cimatron.

“By using nDash, we get the kind of tone we’re looking for in the global market. The tone and use of the English language that nDash provides translates well globally, whereas British English doesn’t. This was very important to us.”

Flexibility to Scale Content Production

nDash’s unique model flexibility allows Cimatron to adjust content production based on their needs. No matter how much content Marinac needs, nDash provides the necessary resources without compromising quality.

“We can push through a lot faster with nDash, allowing us to meet our content creation goals efficiently. Whether it’s one story a month or scaling up to 30 [articles per month], nDash has the resources we need.”

Comprehensive Services and Solutions

nDash also offers a range of services beyond writing, including graphic services, which help ensure the consistency of the message.

“Beyond that, there’s a host of abilities that we can do with nDash. We can look at it for PR and conference keynote addresses, but we use it primarily for customer articles, customer case stories, and technical data sheets. It’s good to have that all-in-one solution so that the message doesn’t get lost between the interview, writing, and the graphic design.”

Handling a Wide Range of Highly Technical Topics

The nDash team’s flexibility and adaptability allowed them to handle a wide range of technical topics, from advanced physics to specific industry languages in the automotive, aerospace, and medical fields.

“When things get really technical, we can go into complex design tasks, new and emerging manufacturing practices, or advanced physics for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and Computer Aided Engineering Simulation (CAE). We can get onto the shop floor and dig deep with really advanced technical information.”

The Results: Scaling Content Production and Quality

The engagement between Cimatron and nDash yielded significant results, enabling Cimatron to scale its content production efficiently.

Producing More Case Studies and Technical Documentation

The collaboration with nDash allowed Cimatron to scale its content production significantly, producing more case studies and technical documents than ever before. This increased output enhanced Cimatron’s marketing efforts and allowed them to maintain a steady flow of high-quality content.

“We typically get a good working copy within two weeks. The iterations usually take a day or two at best. We can push through a lot faster with nDash, allowing us to meet our content goals efficiently.”

Improving Content Quality and Turnaround Times

The primary benefits of working with nDash included improved content quality, faster turnaround times, and the ability to scale content production to meet growing demands. This partnership made Cimatron’s small marketing team appear much larger and more capable.

“Working with nDash, we’re able to meet the challenge of 8-10-12 case studies we require each year. This makes our extremely small marketing group look very large when we can produce content at that level. Without nDash, we’d struggle to do even two a year independently.”

Marinac finds a sense of peace and security in the consistency and reliability of nDash’s services. This allows him to focus on other critical aspects of his role, knowing that the content quality is in safe hands.

“I’m a mechanical engineer with 40 years of experience, so I can interview and talk to our customers at their level and range. Although I do not have an English or Communications degree, I rely on nDash to correct our content on the back end with proper English and correct grammar, and all that comes through perfectly.

The Building of a Strong Working Relationship

nDash built a strong working relationship with Cimatron over time, making it easier to understand and meet their evolving content needs. The ability to bring in additional resources like designers and strategists as needed ensures that Cimatron always has access to a comprehensive content solution.

“We’ve worked with nDash for several years now, and they have consistently delivered high-quality content. The relationship we’ve built means they understand our needs and can pull in the right resources when we need them, without any hassle.”

Sustaining Industry Leadership with nDash’s Support

By leveraging nDash’s comprehensive content services, Cimatron has successfully overcome challenges related to niche expertise, content scaling, and seamless collaboration. This collaboration meets and exceeds Cimatron’s content needs. It allows Cimatron to maintain its position as a leader in the mold, tool, and die industry.

With nDash’s support, Cimatron continues to deliver impactful content that resonates with its international audience, enhancing its marketing efforts and reinforcing its industry leadership.

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