How Navi Leveraged nDash for Superior Content

How Navi Leveraged nDash for Superior Content

Adeeva Fritz, Senior Director of Consumer Growth at Navi, plays a crucial role in developing the company’s content and marketing strategies. Navi, a new entrant in the wireless market, seeks to disrupt the traditional phone and plan purchasing experience. Recognizing the complexities consumers face when navigating a multitude of carrier options and phone features, Navi aims to simplify the decision-making process.

Facing challenges in content creation and management, Navi turned to nDash for a comprehensive and flexible solution to meet their fluctuating content needs. Fritz shared, “A former colleague recommended nDash, and after exploring their platform, I was impressed with the range of specialized writers available.”

The Challenges: Finding and Scaling with Niche Expertise

Navi faces significant challenges in content creation due to its increasing needs and the specific need for SEO-optimized content that doesn’t sound keyword-stuffed or like AI wrote it. The goal is to have helpful, clarifying content written by humans for humans.

Finding Writers With Niche Expertise

Navi requires writers with deep knowledge of SEO and an understanding of telecom. While freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork offered a vast talent pool, they proved too general for Navi’s needs. These platforms lacked the ability to filter for specialized writers and often didn’t provide the content-specific tools necessary for efficient project management.

“Going through a generic staffing solution like Fiverr or Upwork was a bit of a slog,” Fritz stated,  “and having that really focused expertise, being just really content on nDash was a big time saver.”

Navi’s needs include a variety of long-form blog posts, which were project-based and time-consuming. Fritz added, “We weren’t sure if our needs were going to be sustained over time. We had a bump in content needs, and while we determined whether our content strategy would justify adding an internal team member, it made sense to use an external resource.

Scaling Content Production

Navi needed to quickly scale content production without compromising quality. Their ongoing demand for long-form blog posts required a flexible solution that could efficiently handle surges in needs.

“We started small with four long-form articles a month,” Fritz explained, “and as we were really happy with the results, we doubled the output the following month and then doubled it again.”

Efficient Management

Managing the content creation process, including selecting writers and briefing them, was a time-consuming task that Navi needed to streamline.

Fritz noted, “The managed solution from nDash included an editor who assisted in selecting writers and managing the briefing process, which made the whole process streamlined and much easier.”

Fritz further elaborated, “Before nDash, coordinating between different writers and ensuring they understood our content requirements was a cumbersome task. The editor from nDash acted as a central point of contact, effectively communicating our needs and feedback to the writers, which saved us a considerable amount of time and effort.”

The comprehensive support from nDash also allowed Navi to maintain consistency in their content. Fritz added, “Having an editor who understood our brand voice and goals ensured that all content produced was aligned with our standards, which was previously a challenge when managing multiple freelancers independently.”

The Solutions: Comprehensive Content Services

nDash provided Navi with a comprehensive content solution, addressing their challenges with expert niche writers, flexibility in scaling content production, and efficient management.

Access to Expert Niche Writers

nDash’s platform allowed Navi to find specialized writers quickly and easily. Fritz highlighted the importance of having access to writers who understood telecom and SEO, which was a significant time-saver.

She emphasized, “We found a writer on nDash who was fast, reasonably priced, and very responsive. This level of expertise was critical for our telecom content needs.”

Fritz’s experience with other platforms like Fiverr and Upwork highlighted the advantage of nDash’s focus on content writers. Fritz added, “We looked at Fiverr and Upwork as resources, but they were very general, and it was super helpful to have nDash that was really just focused on content writers.”

Flexibility to Scale Content Production

nDash’s model provided Navi with the flexibility needed to adjust content production based on their needs. Whether they required a few articles or needed to scale up to a large volume, nDash provided the necessary resources without compromising quality.

“nDash’s flexibility allowed us to scale our content production seamlessly,” Fritz noted. “We could easily adjust our output based on our current needs without worrying about the quality.”

A Managed Solution for Streamlined Processes

The managed solution from nDash included an editor who assisted in selecting writers and managing the briefing process. This streamlined the operations and reduced the pressure on Navi’s internal team, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

Fritz mentioned, “The managed solution was incredibly helpful. It just made the whole process streamlined and much easier. It took a lot of pressure off our team.”

Fritz highlighted the managed plan with a managing editor as a significant help in streamlining the process. “It was surprising to me. It was like a nice surprise that nDash had the managed offering…being able to pull in a managing editor was something that I didn’t know was possible, and it was a huge help.”

Seamless Onboarding Experience

Fritz remarked, “It was very fast, and your team was very responsive and flexible, which was really helpful. I felt like if we had needs or feedback, you were really open to working together and pivoting as needed.”

She further elaborated on how the smooth onboarding process allowed Navi to integrate nDash into their workflow without disruption quickly. “We were able to get started right away, and the platform was intuitive and easy to navigate. The support from nDash’s team made it seamless to onboard and align our content objectives.”

The Results: Scaling Content Production and Quality

Above all, the collaboration between Navi and nDash yielded significant results. It enabled Navi to scale its content production efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards.

Increased Content Production

Navi quintupled its content output with nDash, something they wouldn’t have been able to do on their own. A major advantage was the ability to scale content production without delays in ramp-up time.

“With each new request, the ramp-up time didn’t change,” noted Fritz. “Your team rolled with it and were able to adjust accordingly when we had dips.”

Improved Turnaround Times and Flexibility

The content creation cycle, from briefing to final product, was approximately two weeks, with initial drafts often delivered within seven days. Navi appreciated nDash’s flexibility in adjusting content production based on their fluctuating needs.

Fritz added, “We got into a really strong cadence where we would brief, your team would find and brief writers from start to finish. We had the first round of review within seven to 10 days.”

Enhanced Quality and Trust

nDash provided a high level of service with a personal touch, building a trusted partnership with Navi. The ability to choose and save favorite writers and build a reliable team was a unique benefit that differentiated nDash from other platforms.

“It was nice to feel like there was a relationship that we built, not just this platform,” emphasized Fritz. “It took away the anonymity of working with people on a platform.”

Fostering a Successful Partnership

nDash provided Navi with a robust and flexible content creation solution that met their fluctuating needs. The managed solution, combined with the platform’s focus on writers, allowed Navi to scale their content production efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards. The human element and personalized service offered by nDash were significant value-adds, fostering a trusted and effective partnership.

Fritz concluded, “nDash has been an invaluable partner in helping us meet our content goals. Their ability to provide specialized writers and scale our production seamlessly has significantly improved our efficiency and content quality.”