Accelerating Impact Hexagon's Journey to Streamlined Content Creation with nDash

Accelerating Impact: Hexagon’s Journey to Streamlined Content Creation with nDash

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, a leader in hardware and software solutions, faced significant challenges in meeting the demands of its diverse and global customer base. Being a global company didn’t mean they wanted to sacrifice agility. The complexity of conveying technical subjects engagingly also posed a challenge. Moreover, there was a need for content creation that resonated on a local level. These issues were just the tip of the iceberg. By partnering with nDash, they were able to solve these challenges.

Challenge 1: Speed of Content Creation

Before partnering with nDash, completing a case study could be a lengthy process, sometimes taking months. The lengthy turnaround was mainly due to the inherent complexities of producing content that could quickly adapt to the dynamic needs of their diverse customer base. This pace hindered Hexagon’s ability to showcase the innovative solutions and successes achieved in collaboration with their clients in a timely manner. Delays impacted their market responsiveness and engagement with potential leads.

Solution: The Advantage of Quick Content Turnaround

Leveraging nDash’s platform and writers allowed Hexagon to reduce the time required to produce case studies significantly. What previously took months was accomplished within one month of the interview call. The partnership enabled a more efficient workflow and faster turnaround times for content production. “We knocked out three case studies in just the last quarter with your team,” Phillip Lewis, Hexagon’s Marketing Manager, states.

nDash’s adaptive and client-centric approach showcases our willingness to tailor services and content direction to meet Hexagon’s evolving needs. Rhianmor Thomas, Hexagon’s Content Specialist, explains, “The flexibility of your team…everyone is always on board to pivot at the last minute.”

Result: Hexagon’s Leap Forward Into Creating Content 4x Faster

Hexagon was able to reduce the content creation process from potentially four months to one month after the interview. Thomas explains, “The production speed was three or four times faster – sometimes more!”

This expedited process allowed Hexagon to produce and distribute content significantly faster. As a result, their ability to engage with their audience promptly was enhanced.

Challenge 2: Technical Capability and Understanding

Hexagon operates in a highly technical field. This complexity makes it crucial for any content creation partner to understand and precisely communicate their offerings’ nuances quickly. Previously, ensuring writers had the technical capability to understand Hexagon’s solutions took a lot of work.

Solution: Bridging Technical Complexities

Hexagon ensured that nDash writers had access to internal subject matter experts. They also provided relevant materials to help the writers understand the technical aspects of their products and services. This collaborative process, including kickoff meetings, ensured writers could accurately and effectively communicate Hexagon’s offerings.

Lewis explains, “Having the interviews with our stakeholders…nDash has done a phenomenal job to break it down for anybody to read and understand.”

Result: Achieving Technical Accuracy with nDash

The content met high standards after engaging nDash writers with direct access to Hexagon’s internal experts and comprehensive background materials. It was technically accurate and aligned with Hexagon’s expertise. This collaboration ensured that complex topics were understandable to a broader audience without sacrificing technical integrity.

Challenge 3: Tone and Engagement of Content

Thomas noted that content created internally at Hexagon often had a very technical tone, which could come across as cold or overly formal. Finding a partner who could humanize their content was a challenge. They needed someone who could make it engaging and relatable to readers while delivering the necessary technical information.

Solution: Humanizing Technical Content Creation With nDash

Working with nDash allowed Hexagon to humanize its content. nDash writers maintained the technical accuracy required. They delivered content in a conversational tone, making it more engaging and relatable to readers. This approach addressed Hexagon’s need for content that resonates better with its audience.

Thomas states, “Your writers find the story…there’s a conversational tone to it that makes, I think, a case study more interesting to read.”

Result: Engagement Amplified

The partnership with nDash resulted in technically accurate, engaging, and relatable content. Thomas reflects, “The content has a very humanized tone…where our customers will still find it interesting and not feel like information is just being regurgitated to them.”

Challenge 4: Local vs. Global Content Creation

Lewis highlighted the difficulty in creating content that speaks directly to regional customer profiles. This challenge arises when a global team with a global perspective manages the content creation process. The result could be content that only partially engages local audiences due to differences in language, spelling, and regional preferences.

Solution: Tailoring Content for Regional with nDash

By partnering with nDash for regional content creation, Hexagon could produce content specifically tailored to local audiences. This approach allowed for local language preferences (e.g., American English vs. UK English) and directly addressed regional customer profiles. Lewis explains, “Localization of our case studies is a major need…the content comes off very well to our audience.”

Result: Enhancing Global Content Creation with Regional Insights

By focusing on regional content creation with nDash, Hexagon achieved more personalized and relevant content for their local audiences. This localization effort resulted in content better received by regional markets. It adhered to local preferences and linguistic nuances, thereby enhancing customer engagement.

Challenge 5: Collaboration and Communication with Writers

Establishing a productive workflow and communication channel with nDash writers was essential. This strategy ensured that the content accurately reflected Hexagon’s messaging and met their standards. That included finding the right balance between direct collaboration with writers and managing communication through nDash’s team.

Solution: Streamlining Communications with nDash

Hexagon and nDash established a collaborative team environment where Hexagon could work directly with the writers and through nDash’s team. Lewis states, “Working as a collaborative team, with the writers…has been the most benefit.” This balance ensures clear communication, feedback can be efficiently incorporated, and the content accurately reflects Hexagon’s messaging.

Result: The Outcome of Seamless Teamwork

The direct collaboration between Hexagon, nDash, and the writers fostered a productive and efficient content-creation process. “The first version drafts are coming off very, very well…which increases the speed to get it out into the market space too,” indicates Lewis. This approach allowed for quick iterations and adjustments, ensuring that the final content accurately represented Hexagon’s messaging and met its quality standards.

Beyond the Global Challenge: Hexagon’s Content Creation Success

Thomas concludes, “Hexagon’s partnership with nDash has been nothing short of transformative, addressing critical challenges in content creation and setting a new standard for efficiency, technical accuracy, and audience engagement.”

By significantly reducing the time required to produce case studies, ensuring technical content was accurate and understandable, and creating content that resonated with regional audiences, Hexagon has enhanced its ability to engage with its audience and positioned itself as a leader in leveraging content marketing to its fullest potential.

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