Decoding the Freelance Writing Portfolio: Finding Top-notch Content Creators

June 6, 2023

Learn tips for evaluating a freelance writing portfolio and discover elite content creators who can transform your projects with their range, adaptability, and unique voice. The Role of a Freelance Writing Portfolio in Finding Elite Content Creators With over 73 million Americans working as freelancers and an anticipated 86.5 million in 2027, brands have their […]

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Amy Hooker-Kidd’s Thriving Freelance Journey with nDash

June 1, 2023

Amy Hooker-Kidd founded Maven Communications in 1999. She began her career providing public relations services for small to medium-sized companies, particularly in the tech space, and eventually expanded into marketing consulting. Over the years, Amy discovered her passion for writing and shifted her focus towards creating content such as press releases, articles, web copy, and blog […]

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Advanced AI Copywriting Tools: Connecting The Dots Between Personalizing User Experiences And Driving Conversions

May 30, 2023

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and many believe that AI copywriting tools are a primary driver of this transformation. These innovative technologies are changing how marketers and agencies create content, allowing them to produce personalized, compelling, and high-performing content. Personalization in Marketing: Why it’s Important Personalization in marketing has become increasingly important in today’s competitive business […]

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Linda Pophal Takes Us Inside the Mind of a Marketer

May 25, 2023

We’re back with another marketer interview as part of our Inside the Mind of a Marketer series. This time, nDash’s Managing Editor, Jenn Greenleaf, talks to Strategic Communication’s founder and owner, Linda Pophal, about all things marketing. Jenn: Can you give us some background on your role at Strategic Communications and your journey as a content marketer? […]

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Simona Hostakova: Freelance Writer Spotlight

May 18, 2023

nDash’s Managing Editor, Jenn Greenleaf, talks to Simona Hostakova about her background as a freelance writer, topics she loves, and more! Background: The Highlights Simona Hostakova is an accomplished writer and content creator who has made a significant impact in the online publishing and content marketing industry. Over the past five years, she has gained recognition for […]

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Lilian Muliti: Freelance Writer Spotlight

May 11, 2023

nDash’s Managing Editor, Jenn Greenleaf, talks to Lilian Muliti about her journey toward becoming a freelance writer and more! Background: The Highlights Lilian Muliti is an experienced digital marketer and content creator who specializes in creating various types of digital content, including blog posts, articles, white papers, website copies, and social media posts. She is proficient in […]

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nDash Enables Jack Pittas to Expand His Cybersecurity Writing Business

May 4, 2023

From cybersecurity consulting to a successful writing agency – discover how nDash helped Jack Pittas set the foundation for his business and overcome obstacles along the way. How nDash Helped Jack Pittas Expand His Cybersecurity Writing Business Jack Pittas is the President and Co-Founder of Pittas-Korich Cyber Solutions Inc, which offers B2B ghostwriting services to […]

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Agency Copywriters Go Beyond Human Creativity By Leveraging AI

May 2, 2023

Unlock the power of AI and discover how agency copywriters are revolutionizing the creative writing process to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently. How Agency Copywriters Successfully Integrate AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming how businesses function. It has appeared in almost every industry, and marketing is no exception. The integration of AI in […]

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Michael Belfiore: Freelance Writer Spotlight

April 27, 2023

nDash’s Managing Editor, Jenn Greenleaf, talks to freelance writer Michael Belfiore about his background as a tech writer and author. Background: The Highlights Michael Belfiore began his full-time writing career in Minneapolis in 1995, where he authored software manuals for Target, local utilities, and state and local governments. After relocating to New York City in […]

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Paul Maplesden: Freelance Writer Spotlight

April 20, 2023

As a freelance writer, Paul believes that the best writing builds trust with its audience. He specializes in creating practical and actionable content that tells a story, provides context, and breaks down complex subjects into easy-to-understand steps. His writing covers several areas, including business, technology, finance, customer communications, and supply chain. With over 20 years […]

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