Caitlin Lemon Freelance Writer Spotlight

Caitlin Lemon: Freelance Writer Spotlight

nDash’s Managing Editor, Jenn Greenleaf, talks to Caitlin Lemon about her background as a freelance writer, how being an educator influenced her approach to tech writing, and more!

Background: The Highlights

Caitlin Lemon is a freelance writer who possesses a unique talent for transforming lackluster content into engaging copy that leaves audiences eager to take action. Her expertise is particularly valuable to businesses facing the challenging landscape of B2B Tech, SaaS, and e-learning. With a background in education and a transition to the world of copywriting, Caitlin brings a distinctive perspective to her work.

She understands that in today’s highly competitive market, B2B customers demand more than just information. They require compelling narratives that resonate with decision-makers. Caitlin’s commitment to bridging this gap makes her a sought-after asset for brands looking to elevate their content strategy.

nDash’s Discussion with Caitlin Lemon

Jenn: Thank you for your interest in participating in this writer spotlight! Can you tell our readers about your background as a freelance writer?

Caitlin: I stumbled upon freelance writing by chance. Friends and family often approached me to help with their LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, essays, etc. After a while, a career coach named Courtney Kirschbaum suggested I start freelancing and charge for my writing and editing services.

Jenn: What inspired you to embark on a career as a freelance writer, especially in the B2B Tech and SaaS sector?

Caitlin: It started with one assignment. The company had great software, but the copy was too technical and confusing for its target audience. I enjoyed the challenge of translating technical information into reader-friendly copy. After that, I started seeking out more opportunities to work with clients in the tech space.

Jenn: How did nDash become part of your freelance writing journey?

Caitlin: I had an informational interview with a content manager about writing careers. They suggested that I sign up for nDash, and that’s how I got my first paid writing assignment!

The Rest of nDash’s Conversation with Caitlin

Caitlin Lemon

What truly sets Caitlin apart is the praise she receives from her clients. Her dedication to deeply understanding a company’s tone, goals, and solutions allows her to produce targeted copy that resonates with prospects and customers alike. Her unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines speaks volumes about her professionalism and reliability. For businesses seeking to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, Caitlin Lemon’s copywriting services provide the key to unlocking their true potential.

Jenn: How did your experience as an educator influence your approach to copywriting for technical topics?

Caitlin: While it might seem like the two are far apart, I don’t think I could do this work without my teaching background. When I taught, I had to take technical and political science theories and talk about them in an approachable way for students, even if they came from a totally different academic major. I think that helped prepare me for a freelance career writing about SaaS, AI, and broadband.

Jenn: How do you approach SEO keyword research for your freelance clients? Are there any tools or methodologies you swear by?

Caitlin: SEO is constantly changing, and that’s important for new freelance writers to realize. If someone were to read this in a year, the process may be different. If anyone is wondering how to keep up with algorithm changes or SEO best practices, I highly recommend the HubSpot and Semrush blogs.

My priority is always to use ethical SEO tactics, no keyword stuffing where you use the word “cheesecake” 10 times in one paragraph. I use keyword research tools, but I also look at the related searches in Google to uncover other potential opportunities.

Jenn: You’ve written for various platforms, from emails to social media to blogs. How do you adapt your writing style to fit each?

Caitlin: When I first started, I took a lot of content marketing training to learn how to format my writing for different platforms. However, in my experience, the key to success, whether with email or LinkedIn, is to be a strong writer. If you have solid writing skills, understand how each medium works, and understand the client’s brand voice, you can adapt your writing style as needed.

Jenn: As a freelance writer, client feedback is inevitable. How do you handle constructive criticism or revisions?

Caitlin: I work with the client to ensure the piece matches their brand voice and content goals. If there are any tweaks needed, I do them. I try to get their style guide beforehand (or I’ll ask some questions) to ensure I hand in as clean a draft as possible.

Jenn: How do you manage your time and deadlines, especially with the varied demands of freelance work?

Caitlin: I have a routine inside and outside of work, and I stick to it. I write down a list of priorities and use pomo-focus timers for uninterrupted work sessions.

Jenn: Given your success as a freelance writer, what advice would you offer someone looking to break into the B2B Tech and SaaS writing niche?

Caitlin: Just start. It can be scary to pitch that first client or send in that first draft. But you can only be a successful freelancer if you start (even if you feel terrified).

Many tech companies are out there creating innovative products, but a product is only as good as its marketing. A company can have the best SaaS solution in the world, but if there isn’t compelling copy or content marketing to promote it, it doesn’t matter. That’s where you come in.

Jenn: How do you handle periods of high workloads or “feast” times versus slower “famine” periods in the freelance cycle?

Caitlin: To-do lists and pomo timers have been essential for me in managing deadlines for multiple projects.

When I took a training with Carol Tice, she told us to constantly market our services, even during the “feast” times. Nothing in freelancing is permanent. Companies have budget cuts or changes in management. So, even if you’re writing as a side gig to your regular job, marketing yourself and putting your name out there is still vital to networking and landing new clients.

Jenn: Lastly, as a freelance writer, how do you ensure your values and commitment to inclusivity are reflected in your work for clients?

Caitlin: I always strive to constantly be learning and listening to the perspectives and stories of others, especially those that are different from my own. I follow a lot of nonprofits and publications on inclusivity to ensure I’m using inclusive, person-focused language (And staying up to date. As writers, we know language changes). And most importantly, I’m respectful of whoever I’m working with.

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