Beth Chernes Freelance Writer Spotlight

Beth Chernes: Freelance Writer Spotlight

nDash’s Managing Editor, Jenn Greenleaf, talks to Beth Chernes about her background as a freelance writer, SEO, and more!

Background: The Highlights

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Beth Chernes is a seasoned freelance writer, SEO specialist, and digital marketer with over a decade of experience helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Her expertise lies in combining SEO strategies with persuasive copywriting to make websites irresistible to both search engines and potential customers.

With a passion for solving challenging problems and delivering tangible results, Beth has consistently helped her clients achieve impressive milestones in their online presence.

Over the years, Beth has demonstrated her prowess by assisting clients in various ways, from achieving first-page rankings on Google to generating substantial sales through web traffic. She has also successfully integrated organic content with paid ads, resulting in enhanced revenue through qualified leads and converting casual visitors into valuable newsletter subscribers.

Beth’s unique blend of skills as an SEO strategist, digital marketer, and copywriter sets her apart in the industry, making her a go-to expert for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

nDash’s Discussion with Beth Chernes

Jenn: Can you discuss some of the challenges you faced early in your career and how you overcame them?

Beth: Four and a half years ago, I swapped the 9-5 grind for the allure of the freelancer life. I thought having one amazing client was enough (since it replaced my income)—everything seemed to be going strong.  So, I got a great gig with one client, and I thought I hit the jackpot. I loved the flexibility, enjoyed the work, and thought I’d just ride it out beside them for years to come.

Then, the pandemic hit. Wallets tightened. I had 0 clients and no pipeline.

I didn’t panic (beyond the typical government shutdown pandemic panic). Instead, I hunkered down and learned everything I could about freelance writing and launching my own biz. I rolled out a website, glammed up my LinkedIn, and got onto platforms for freelancing (like nDash).

Business picked up. And I picked up a few skills along the way, including focusing on SEO and search engine marketing alongside copywriting.

Today’s snapshot? I’m juggling SEO strategy and copywriting, making more than I had prior to freelancing and clocking in less. I’m able to spend time deep-diving into my client’s needs while also balancing time with my family and our passions.

My lesson has basically been to embrace the dumpster fires as opportunities and think positively. Things usually work out so long as you keep moving forward.

Jenn: How did nDash become part of your journey as a freelance writer?

Beth: nDash was a unique part of my journey into freelance writing. Instead of the usual cold emails and never-ending pitches, I was lucky enough to find eager prospects already waiting in my nDash account.

Through nDash, I’ve connected with some companies that were very clear about their goals and what they needed from a writer. I’m glad to have helped them move forward to meet them. Sometimes, it’s hard to connect with clients that align with what you do, and nDash helps streamline making those relationships.

Jenn: You mention on your LinkedIn profile helping clients rank on the 1st page of Google. Can you share an example of how you achieved this and the impact it had on the client’s business?

Beth: Guiding clients to the 1st page of Google is what I do. Here’s how I’ve achieved this:

The first step is understanding my client, their industry, their services, their target audience, and their needs. Then, I’ll jump into keyword research, zeroing in on terms that align with the search intent of who they want landing on their website or content. These are generally keywords with high traffic and low competition.

From there, I craft quality, well-researched content around the focus keyword. This content is then optimized for search engines, with the keyword seamlessly integrated into pivotal areas: headlines, the initial paragraph, alt-text, meta descriptions, etc.

Now, while there’s an ongoing debate about the ideal word count for SEO, my experience points to a sweet spot of around 600 words. However, depending on the industry’s competitiveness, I’ve seen content as brief as 350 words win a spot on Google’s first page.

The results? My clients enjoy better online visibility, increased traffic, and, inevitably, business growth.

Jenn: You’ve talked about growing newsletter subscribers for your clients. What tactics have you found most effective in achieving this?

Beth: The popular stat is that around 90% of emails are opened. So, it’s a no-brainer for many companies to add a newsletter sign-up form to their website and capture leads.

Now, how to get those leads? Growing newsletter subscribers is all about reaching the right audience. I’ve found that blending a tailored SEO strategy with engaging content writing is key. By optimizing content to rank high on search engines, you naturally drive more traffic to your site. Once they’re there, engaging content entices readers to stay, and a well-placed newsletter sign-up nudges them to subscribe.

And viola—organic visitors turn into loyal subscribers and future customers.

The Rest of nDash’s Conversation With Beth

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Beth’s dedication to staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends is evident in her continuous pursuit of the latest industry certifications. Her commitment to ongoing learning ensures that her clients receive the most up-to-date and effective strategies for engaging readers, improving search engine rankings, and showcasing their industry knowledge.

Whether you’re in need of SEO consulting, content strategy development, or website copywriting, Beth Chernes is the professional to partner with to transform your website into a powerful tool for attracting and converting leads into sales.

Jenn: How do you approach creating a content strategy for a new client, and what factors do you consider?

Beth: When onboarding a new client, the first question I ask is always, “What are your goals?” This establishes a baseline of what expectations are and also what’s worked (or not worked) in the past.

Then, I’ll dive into their existing content to get a feel for its current state and effectiveness. Next, I’ll do a competitive analysis to look for gaps and opportunities. Naturally, SEO is woven into this plan of action to keep online visibility top of mind. The end result should be an editorial calendar and content plan tailored to the client’s unique brand.

Jenn: How do you tailor your content strategies to cater to different industries and their unique needs?

Beth: Content strategy is really a collaborative process. While I can perform competitive analysis and research to see what’s performing best in an industry, I’ve found the best strategy is to listen to my clients. They’re the experts in their industry. I’m here to amplify that expertise. So, I use questionnaires and consulting calls to ensure we’re nailing down the content they want to be showcased and offer my own feedback on how we can best do that.

Jenn: Your background as a freelance writer includes extensive experience in SEO. How do you stay updated with the ever-evolving SEO trends and algorithms?

Beth: The SEO and digital marketing community is a chatty place. So, it’s really about connecting with other SEOs and marketing professionals. I have a few friends/colleagues that I regularly talk with about digital marketing news, and we share insights and troubleshoot problems. Also, when looking for the latest updates/trends, you can’t ignore Reddit, podcasts, and authority blogs.

Jenn: How do you balance the demands of being both an SEO strategist and a freelance writer when working on projects?

Beth: It’s not so much a balance as an intertwined role. My clients want content to be ranked and searched to bring them leads. So, it needs to be crafted with search engines in mind. When I’m the SEO strategist on a project, it means I can ensure the content gets in front of the right people.

Jenn: How have your digital marketing certifications enhanced your career as a freelance writer, and which certification do you find most valuable?

Beth: Navigating the digital marketing world as a freelance writer, my certifications have been invaluable.  My training backs up what my results say—I know what I’m doing, and I’m innovative.

Do you absolutely need these” badges” to succeed in digital marketing? Maybe not. But they’ve given me a leg up, especially when diving into the nitty-gritty tech stuff.

If I had to pick, any of the Google trainings (Google Analytics, Google Ads..) and HubSpot have been game-changers for me. They have tons of value, and, if I recall, they’re all free.

Jenn: While working with the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art, you monitored social media analytics. Can you discuss how analytics inform your content and SEO strategies?

Beth: Analytics and performance metrics are basically the guideposts for any future content creation and plans for optimizing existing content. If content doesn’t resonate or drive traffic, it’s a clear sign that the strategy needs revisiting. I’ve jumped into projects where there are countless blog articles centered around ineffective search keywords or, worse, no keywords at all.

The outcome? Valuable content that no one’s reading. No leads. Wasted time and money.

By analyzing these metrics, I’ll pivot the strategy by optimizing and rewriting these articles with more intentional keywords (or better search traffic). Analytics help me make sure content is reaching the right audience and bringing in traffic.

Jenn: You mention that working with you is like having an extra set of hands. Can you elaborate on how you ensure reliability and effectiveness in your services?

Beth: Describing my services as an “extra set of hands” isn’t just a catchy phrase it’s that I literally think of myself as a genuine extension of your team. At the heart of my approach lie four core values:

  1. Collaboration: I believe the best outcomes arise from true partnerships. I’m here to showcase your expertise and drive your goals, and we’ll do it together.
  2. Communication: Open dialogue is key. I maintain transparency in every step, ensuring you’re always in the loop and you’re updated frequently.
  3. Curiosity: Digital marketing is continuously evolving. My curiosity drives me to continually learn, ensuring the strategies we use are both innovative and effective.
  4. Compassion: I deeply care about the success of your projects, ensuring I put my heart and soul into everything I deliver.

I have a streamlined process for all of my services that ensures I give you 101% of my focus, creativity, passion, and expertise. Your success is my goal, and I want you to always understand where we are in the project and what the next steps are. My testimonials speak for themselves.

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