Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert B2B SaaS Writers for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert B2B SaaS Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we’re featuring top B2B SaaS writers for any content marketing budget.

Aimee Pearcy freelance writer spotlight

Aimee Pearcy: Freelance Writer and Tech Journalist

Aimee is a tech journalist and B2B SaaS freelance writer. She’s worked with several brands, including Atlassian, Meta, Amazon, and The Drum. Her degree in computer science gives her an edge in highly technical topics.

Head to Aimee’s writer profile or read her spotlight to learn how she can help with your B2B, SaaS, and FinTech copywriting needs.

Rachel Burger freelance writer spotlight

Rachel Burger: B2B SaaS Content Writer

Rachel Burger is a B2B content marketing expert who thrives on tackling unique challenges. With a background in IT, project management, cyber security, cloud migration, databases, and SaaS software, she excels at creating compelling content for niche products.

Rachel understands the intricacies of attracting and engaging online audiences while avoiding overt promotion. Her passion lies in choosing strategic blog topics, conducting quality research, crafting exceptional writing, optimizing for SEO, and targeting long-tail keywords to achieve success in B2B content marketing. Check out her freelance writer portfolio to learn more.

Amber Erickson spotlight

Amber Erickson: B2B Content Strategist and Writer

Amber Erickson is a content marketing leader known for her commitment to delivering valuable and memorable content. With over a decade of experience in B2B marketing, she excels in content strategy, editorial calendar management, and building revenue-driving content programs.

Amber’s writing expertise spans original research, thought leadership pieces, expert-driven articles, and educational content, including SEO blogs and courses. Her versatility in creating engaging content is a testament to her prowess in the field. Check out her profile or marketer spotlight to learn more.

Rachel Swearingen spotlight

Rachel Swearingen: B2B SaaS Content Writer

Rachel Swearingen is a seasoned content marketing manager with more than ten years of expertise in the field of marketing. Her extensive career has encompassed diverse industries, including higher education, lawn care, personal injury law, B2B SaaS, and various other client sectors.

Additionally, Rachel specializes in formulating content strategies for clients and crafting compelling social media posts and advertising campaigns to drive engagement and results. Check out her freelance writing portfolio to learn more.

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