Do You Want a Good Freelance Writer or a Subject Matter Expert?

December 29, 2016

Content marketing comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Particularly, it comes in varying levels of quality. We’ve all seen posts that could’ve used good proofreading before hitting the Internet. And we’ve read the ones where we learned something new through a well-written narrative. The range of content produced by marketers is impressive. But as […]

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Marketing Q&A with Daniel Devoe @ Legal Hero

December 27, 2016

Here at nDash, we talk to marketing experts all the time about all sorts of interesting topics. It seemed like a crime to keep these conversations to ourselves, so as part of our new series, we’ll be publishing interviews with various thought-leaders from the industry. Our first guest is Daniel Devoe, who knows a thing […]

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5 Roadblocks to Consistent Content Creation

December 22, 2016

Before we chat about content creation roadblocks (primarily the lack of content creation ideas, but also financial concerns, procrastination, what-have-you), let’s first make sure we all agree that as business owners with an online presence, we absolutely need consistent content creation and delivery methods. As a freelance writer, it’s in my best interest to promote […]

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The Art of Selling Emotion in Content Creation Marketing

December 20, 2016

In all walks of marketing, reaching your audience is often about playing to their emotions.  There’s plenty to be said about simply offering product information accompanied by rational advice, but becoming a trusted advisor doesn’t happen without first establishing a connection.  Particularly in content creation, your audience will be much more likely to trust you […]

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Content Creation Marketing and the Brand Experience

December 15, 2016

Content creation and marketing, like all forms of marketing communications, is about reaching your target audience.  This isn’t about firing off a few publications or emails that your consumers will receive; it’s about really reaching them.  In order to deliver a meaningful brand experience, content marketers must incite the minds of their readers. The overarching […]

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How to Make Your Content Stand Out

December 13, 2016

Do you plan on increasing your content creation goals? Have you seen a decrease in the success of your content? You aren’t alone on either front. A recent study by TrackMaven found that while the output of content per brand increased by 35% per channel across 2015, content engagement decreased by 17%. Content creation overload […]

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Inspire Audiences to Drive Deeper Engagement in Content Creation

December 8, 2016

“Content creation can be a challenging endeavor in many respects,” remarks Jodi Harris in a recent post for the Content Marketing Institute. “With so many techniques, formats, and channels for your content efforts, it’s easy to become paralyzed by indecision when it comes to executing your carefully constructed content marketing strategies.” However you’ve mapped out […]

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How We Use Blogging Tactics Storytelling to Build Our Brand

December 6, 2016

When you break down the steps of the standard inbound methodology, everything sounds so simple. Implementing blogging tactics simplifies it even more. Your ideal buyer finds a link to your blog on Facebook that answers a specific question he has. he reads the blog and clicks on the call-to-action at the bottom to download your […]

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The 80/20 Rule of Content Creation within Marketing

December 1, 2016

Content creation within marketing is narcissistic and self-serving. At least, that was the opinion expressed by ZDNet writer Tom Foremski last week, who likely ruffled a few feathers with that commentary. But in a way, he’s right. Certain forms of content creation are indeed self-serving (as all marketing is), but he’s neglecting a very important […]

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The 8 Content Creation Tools We Use for Content Marketing

November 29, 2016

When it comes to supporting your marketing, there are a lot of content creation tools to choose from. The image on the left has 1,876 vendors represented across 43 categories (check out the high-res image here). With that many options, how can you determine the perfect technology stack for your organization? The fact is, every […]

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