Bump Inbound Scales Business to Better Serve Clients with Freelancers

Bump Inbound Scales Business with Freelancers

How do you create compelling, highly relevant content for niche B2B brands in a scalable and cost-effective way?  Nicole Bump, a fractional content director serving B2B brands, is leaning on a network of specialized freelancers.

You can also watch this video where Nicole explains our platform from a customer’s perspective:

A Plethora of Experienced Freelancers

Nicole started her business Bump Inbound as a freelance writer. Still, she quickly realized many B2B brands need more than writing—they also need strategic direction for their content and help with editorial planning. With a strong content strategy in place, brands are better positioned to drive results through their content writing.

Nicole, therefore, shifted her business to focus on content strategy. However, this meant she needed to build out a network of writers to help produce her clients’ content.

“While I’m able to write much of the content that my clients need, I found I couldn’t do it all. Other content platforms seemed to value a low price over quality work. I didn’t feel good about putting my name on that quality. nDash offered a strong combination of experienced yet affordable freelancers that I could lean on for support.”

Scalability with Flexibility and Support from Freelancers

nDash made it possible for Nicole to support her content production. Therefore, she could scale her business without losing flexibility — or tying her to the skillset of a single writer or freelancer. 

“I work with my clients on content strategy and editorial planning, and the result is we have a ton of content to create. When I need extra bandwidth or specific topical expertise, I can easily find and vet writers via nDash,” Nicole said.

For example, Nicole has called on nDash writers to help augment content for a global payroll company client. “I work with my client to create the blog post outline; then I assign an nDash writer to do the research and first draft. After my nDash writer completes a draft, I edit—particularly for brand voice and style—and share it with the client. My client and I have both been happy with the speed and quality of the work produced.”

“Outstanding ROI”

Nicole says she reduced how much time she needs to spend writing and editing drastically — sometimes, up to 75% or more. “nDash provides me with outstanding ROI. I save countless hours in writing and editing, thanks to their talented freelance writers. As I grow my business, I know I can outsource the writing through nDash. Then, I can focus on bringing on other skills, like project/account management, research, reporting, etc.” 

Nicole also likes nDash’s self-serve platform, as it makes her day-to-day business run more smoothly. “I’ve worked with and managed individual freelancers over the years. As a result, really appreciate having a platform that keeps everything centralized. nDash gives me one place to send and manage writing assignments, give feedback, and handle payments. I don’t even have to worry about taxes or other accounting details.”

Experiment for the Best Fit

Nicole has advice for other small agencies considering turning to nDash to boost their clients’ content output. “When I’m looking for a new writer within a particular niche or for a particular channel — writers with SEO or social media experience. For example, I do a quick search on nDash, then browse through the resulting writer profiles. When I find a few writers who meet my specs, I try them out on an assignment or two. In some cases, I may try multiple writers out on the same assignment to figure out who may be the best fit.”

What Can You Learn from Bump Inbound?

The main takeaway from Nicole’s experience is that nDash’s unparalleled freelancer community makes it easy for agencies to scale to meet their client’s changing needs. Businesses can consistently deliver high-quality, timely content while streamlining the process of managing freelancers. 

About Bump Inbound

Bump Inbound provides fractional content director services for marketers who are ready to stop spinning their wheels and make a real impact through content.