Writing Compelling Content Creation for a Boring Industry

Content CreationIt can be easy to discuss and write about things that interest us.  For content creation marketers, some companies and industries lend themselves more fluidly to producing content that is fun or simple to create.  Yet, there are plenty of other industries that creating content for may seem like a tall task.  When faced with the arduous assignment of creating something compelling enough to flee the doldrums of a ‘boring’ industry, how does one even get started?

Content Creation is Not a Boring Opportunity

First of all, stop viewing any prospect to develop content as a ‘boring’ opportunity.  While some industries may not seem as attractive or as ‘cool’ as others, remember that, no matter how small a niche, there is always an audience out there (the one you’re largely targeting, in fact) that cares very much about this industry.

When competitors aren’t leveraging content creation to expand their own presence, there is more space available for you to spread your own wings.  By realizing that others may be having trouble developing content for such a topic or industry, understand that this means you’ve been granted an even better opportunity to get out in front of your opponents.  In other words, don’t wait for your slow-to-adopt opposition to make content marketing a necessity for keeping up; implement a plan and strategize to stay ahead of the curve.

Experience the Freedom

Possessing this understanding enables content marketers to feel the freedom to craft informative, thought-out viewpoints on the industry at-large.  Position yourself as an industry expert by flooding different channels with your take on the industry.  Make sure your words carry value.  Report relevant news, offer advice, voice opinions—have a presence in the industry.

Moreover, be unique and compelling.  Tell an interesting tale about product usage or a customer in peril of finding a solution in your service.  Apply emotion and imply opportunity.  If you don’t exude a passion for your products, services, or industry, how can you expect your customers to do so?

Create Engaging Content

Engage your audience by creating content that connects and resonates.  A response from an audience member is more than just a solo interaction when it, too, possesses the ability to influence other audience members.  Eliciting strong responses—a form of user-developed content—can positively impact the overall brand story.

Finally, don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself.  Is your industry or company really that hard for consumers to get behind?  Share a laugh about it; relate it to something else.  It’s okay to be a little self-deprecating.  For example, does the advanced age of your classic product carry such a connotation that you’re having trouble reaching a younger demographic?  Joke about hanging out with dinosaurs and cavemen.  Then, with the shared sentiment on your side, connect age to longevity and embrace your product or company for something it should take great pride in: its legacy.