Wednesday Writer Roundup: SaaS, finance, cryptocurrency, real estate, lifestyle, and fitness experts!

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet 4 Experts

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Wednesday Writer Roundup: SaaS, finance, cryptocurrency, real estate, lifestyle, and fitness experts!

Jonathan Pressman: Finance & Fitness Content Writer

Jonathan Pressman: Finance & Fitness Content Writer

Great writing is like great food; it should be unique, interesting, and digestible. Using my formal education (master’s degree in writing) and hands-on industry experience, I will consistently educate and engage your audience using an approachable writing style. My work in financial services, insurance, real estate, and venture capital is invaluable in helping me bridge the gap between industry experts, novices, and everyone in between.

I have 10 years of professional writing experience, including articles published in The Miami Herald, Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, and more.

Charlie Rhomberg: Finance & Sustainability Freelance Writer

Charlie Rhomberg: Finance & Sustainability Freelance Writer

I’ve worked in corporate finance for several years and have strong knowledge of various financial topics—macroeconomics, personal finance, and investing. I’m good at breaking these topics down into easily understandable, fun-to-read articles/blog posts.

The intersection between economics and sustainability is where my true passion lies. Building a circular economy that benefits the planet and its inhabitants is something I love to write about and help make happen. Topics like eco-tourism, sustainable manufacturing, and recycling strategies are particular interests of mine.

I have many interests outside of these topics, too—outer space, mindfulness, and basketball come to mind. Just a generally curious person that loves to share what I’ve learned!

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Stephanie LeDonne

Stephanie LeDonne: Writer & Marketing Strategist

Stephanie LeDone is Owner, Writer, and Marketing Strategist for Superb Scribe LLC, a company she founded a month before graduating from college with a B.A. in Graduate Bound English in December 2021. She writes so business owners and brands can feel more relaxed about their digital marketing. Stephanie is a lover of music, the arts & humanities, and natural & holistic living. Her ultimate goal is to create a company that focuses on the voice of businesses so that their profound message may be heard and recognized. You can see more of her on all social media @supebscribe and her website

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Samuel Dixon

Samuel Dixon: SaaS Writer

I’m a SaaS writer with a passion for productivity.

My expertise lies in conveying big ideas in plain language. I take software-speak and distill it down for the reader to create content that’s hard-hitting yet easy to digest. To add weight to my words, I pull relevant research and statistics from high-authority sources to provide real insights and cement the article in a real-world context.

I mostly work with project management tools, breaking down features into clear, concise benefits for the reader. In the past year, I’ve written long-form guides for Wrike, blog posts for, and everything in between.

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