Wednesday Writer Roundup: experts in home improvement, finance, customer testimonials, and education

Wednesday Writer Roundup: More Top Experts

nDash is home to thousands of subject matter experts, and our number grows every day. For this Wednesday Writer Roundup, we have a former litigation attorney; a B2B tech & healthcare writer; a human rights filmmaker & journalist; and a technology & civil rights expert.

Wednesday Writer Roundup: legal, healthcare, technology, and human rights experts!

Writer Wednesday: Liz Daniels

Liz Daniels: Legal & Content Writer

I’m a former litigation attorney with a curious mind and a passion for writing. I know the audience that law firms are trying to reach. My background includes engaging, compelling, and informative content to help law firms tell clients what sets them apart and how their firm can help.

I have a versatile skill set, and I write blogs, landing pages, practice area pages, and attorney bios. I also write more in-depth pieces on trending legal topics or recent court decisions.

In addition to practicing law, I gained legal research and writing experience while clerking for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Before attending law school, I had a career in higher education administration. I have a strong work ethic and a knack for making complex subject matter easy to understand.

Meet Celita Summers

Celita Summa: Freelance Content Writer

Hi! I’m Celita, a seasoned freelance writer specializing in B2B technology, marketing, and healthcare content. I love drawing connections between these industries and adjacent fields, from blockchain to diversity to insurance. I have a B.A. in English, 5+ years of experience writing for the web, and a passion for research that fuels everything I do. Whether you need blog articles, case studies, or thought leadership content, I can help you boost engagement and drive sales. You can find me on LinkedIn or on my website.

Meet Shanthy Milne

Shanthy Milne: Freelance Writer & Journalist

I am a London & Amsterdam-based writer, journalist, and passionate human rights campaigner with ten years of experience making films for the BBC and Channel 4. Both my writing and television work have covered an array of topics, with a particular focus on issues affecting marginalized communities.

My research and investigative skills have been developed across academic, media, and legal environments, making me a versatile and resourceful writer, skilled in sourcing information, identifying and presenting stories, and building and nurturing relationships with sources and contributors.

I specialize in social justice, literature, and cultural history. Still, I am also adept at applying my research and storytelling skills across a wide range of subjects – particularly in the fields of travel, food, and parenting.

Meet Tony Guise

Tony Guise: Technology, Civil Rights & Solutions Writer

Tony is an expert content and copywriter on technology issues, especially in the civil society space.  He believes passionately in the power of technology to transform lives for the better.  In 2015 he founded and developed a cloud-based platform for the management of mediation, arbitration, and other ADR services to enable the growth of that sector.  The challenges of building that platform in an industry that was not necessarily keen to change taught (and continue to teach!) lessons that constantly inform his writing.

Tony writes three monthly columns for specialist journals and is published by other publications too.  He has written for many years on the subjects of technology, ADR, and civil justice reform. This experience is in both England and Wales (his home country) and overseas, in particular, in the USA, Greece, Italy, and Nigeria, where great changes are happening in this field.

He has frequently written for legal services providers focusing on the need to keep ahead of the competition by adapting to near and medium-term changes in the social and economic environment.

Tony’s background enables him to write content that engages readers, clients, and potential clients. He does so with vivid displays of in-depth knowledge delivered to brief and on time.  He has written for larger and smaller organizations providing bespoke content that raises profile, attracts attention, and supports growth.

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