Wednesday Writer Roundup: Experts in Technical Writing, Sustainability, Real Estate, and Wellness

Wednesday Writer Roundup: New Series!

nDash is home to thousands of subject matter experts, and our number grows every day. This week we’re kicking off a new blog feature to introduce a few of our favorite recently joined freelance writers. For our first round of Wednesday Writer Roundup, we have an Emmy winner, an experienced business ghostwriter, a certified nutritionist, and a talented software architect!

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Emmy Winners, Nutritionists, Developers, and Ghostwriters on nDash

Wednesday Writer Roundup -- Meet Chellie Mills: Emmy-Award Winning Reporter & Freelance Writer

Chellie Mills: Emmy-Award Winning Reporter & Freelance Writer

My name is Chellie Mills, and I’m a freelance writer/reporter. I love writing. I have since my senior (high school) English class. My teacher lit a spark in me that has grown into a fire that continues to burn. While I have written about a wide variety of topics, I currently find the most joy in writing about parenting and family-related issues, senior living, home building and design, and living simply (minimalism).

I won an Emmy for a story that was part of an ongoing consumer series called “Saving A Buck.” Through that series, I found a love of helping others find unique ways to save their hard-earned money. I have interviewed presidential candidates, governors, famous musicians, athletes, and many others. While those are exciting opportunities, I find telling the stories of everyday people is the most fulfilling. I’m excited for the opportunity to work through nDash, reach new audiences, and continue to learn and share new things about the world around us.

Lori Baer: Thought Leadership Ghostwriter & Freelance Writer

Lori Baer: Thought Leadership Ghostwriter & Freelance Writer

New to nDash but not to freelance writing, I’m a Pennsylvania-based ghostwriter and editor with more than 15 years of experience. Long-form content and thought leadership articles, blog posts, editorials, and related communications are my expertise. My approach to ghostwriting makes it easy for leaders to share their knowledge and ensures their message gets expressed in a way that authentically represents who they are and what they stand for.

I bring a background in journalism and public relations and the writing and editing skills needed to organize and explain your company’s material clearly and meaningfully. Plus, I work hard to be easy to work with. While subjects surrounding leadership, nutrition, and healthy eating top my list of specialties, a journalist’s curiosity and genuine interest in life invite any story worth amplifying. So, what’s your story? I’d welcome the opportunity to help you tell it.

Jennifer Dutton: Health & Wellness Freelance Writer

Jennifer Dutton: Health & Wellness Freelance Writer

I’m a health and wellness writer with a passion for living well. I have worked with a wide variety of CPG brands (food, beverage, and skincare), creating digital content to grow these companies and help consumers live their best life at the same time. Also, I have a plant-based certification, excelling in more than just standard nutrition. I specialize in SEO and factual content, but more than anything, my desire to grow brands is what drives me. We take care of the content so that you don’t have to.

Darren Broemmer: B2B SEO Tech & Business Writer

Darren Broemmer: B2B SEO Tech & Business Writer

The written word has the power to inspire, inform, and transform lives. Darren Broemmer founded The Broemmer Group in 2020 to deliver world-class content centered around this notion in the business and technology arenas. A software architect and engineer by trade, Darren specializes in making complex concepts easy to understand. His unique perspective builds on his experience working at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for nearly 5 years, leading the launch of new services and features within EC2 and Security.

Communications has always been a focal point, as illustrated by his experience as a Developer Evangelist and full-time panelist on the Ruby Rogues podcast. Darren has featured articles on Medium publications “The Startup” and “Geek Culture,” including “Programming is the Worst Profession … Except for all The Others”, an insightful and humorous look at the craft that many of us love so dearly.  He is also the author of the book “J2EE Best Practices” from Wiley Publishing.

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