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Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Our Newest Experts

nDash is home to thousands of subject matter experts, and our number grows every day. Today we’re introducing a few of our favorite recently joined freelance writers in a continuation of our Wednesday Writer Roundup.

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Experts in Food & Travel, SEO, Mechanical Engineering, and SaaS!

Wednesday Writer Roundup - Meet Kameron Sanzo: Mechanical Engineer

Kameron Sanzo: Mechanical Engineer

My name is Dr. Kameron Sanzo, and I am a Pittsburgh, PA-based writer with a Ph.D. in English and a background in Mechanical Engineering. I am an expert in Victorian literature and the birth of energy physics, and I am passionate about health, wellness, and social justice. My own lived experience with autoimmune disease and chronic pain has guided my post-Ph.D. research into the domain of chronic, invisible illness, disability studies, and labor equity.

I am interested in the chronically ill body as a political figure of quiet, necessary disruption amid the din of flow and productivity that govern work culture. Along those lines, I am tracing some of these threads through histories of the Victorian invalid and assumptions of “sensitive” and “feminized” chronically ill bodies in the nineteenth century. My personal website,, glosses some stories of the Victorian history of science. You can also follow me on Twitter @kameronsanzo.

Wednesday Writer Roundup - Alexandra Steffgen: Freelance Writer & SEO Copywriter

Alexandra Steffgen: Freelance Writer & SEO Copywriter

Hi, I’m Zanny, a freelance writer with eight years of experience within the travel, lifestyle, and food & beverage industries. My unconventional path through life has allowed me to build a solid foundation of nuanced understanding beneath each piece of writing I create. For example, how living as an expat in Cambodia informed my travel writing. Or how managing a restaurant where I served as a sommelier gave me an interesting perspective when writing about food and wine.

I particularly love to focus on SEO blogs that contain actionable advice. Or magazine articles that prompt reflection or encourage human connection. To see some of the highlights from my extensive portfolio, visit my website.

Boma Wokoma: Marketing Specialist & Copywriter

Boma Wokoma: Marketing Specialist & Copywriter

It could be an article brimming with technical speak for a tech firm or an inspirational blog for a non-profit. An informational piece breaking down complex finance topics for customers or a health & wellness e-book that rejuvenates its readers. You name it, I’ve written it – technology, business, health & wellness, finance, and education are all areas I’m experienced writing in. But, as a creative and a marketer, I love bringing the art of storytelling and selling to make each project a unique success.

Carson Winter: Copy, Content & Digital Marketing

Carson Winter: Copy, Content & Digital Marketing

Hello! My name is Carson, and I’m a professional marketer, copywriter, and author. I have a B.S. in Business-Admin, Marketing from Western Governors University, and I’m a lifelong creative. I’m just getting started on nDash. But am looking forward to working with interesting people with big visions for their brands. You can find me tweeting about fiction @CarsonWinter3.

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