Upcoming Marketing Events

Upcoming Marketing Events 2019-2020

We are in the midst of 2019, with many great marketing and content creation conferences and workshops taking place. In case you didn’t read 19 Content Marketing Conferences to Attend In 2019 and missed some of these events, we’ve compiled an updated list of upcoming fall 2019 and early 2020 conferences that you should check out!

These are all over the United States, so if you’re also looking for a quick getaway, one of these might just be the perfect solution!

MarTech — September 16-18 — Boston, MA

The MarTech Conference is for marketers looking to simplify their methods and create organization within their brand. There are over 55 presentations to attend that provide actionable resources to help solve marketing challenges. You have the opportunity to meet marketers at the senior level who use MarTech and learn efficient solutions that achieve ROI.

FinCon — September 4-7 — Washington, D.C.

The FinCon Expo is “where money and media meet.” With over 2,500 financial experts attending, FinCon is for financial influencers to meet up and collaborate within the personal finance community, attend live events, and learn to improve content, get closer to their audience, and make more money.

Some keynote speakers include:

Advertising Week — September 23-26 — New York, NY

Advertising Week is a large-scale convention with over 100,000 expected attendees, over 1,000 speakers, and more than 250 engaging events. There is a broad range of topics from brands, agencies, technology, startups, media, and other creative industries that all converse over ways to drive businesses forward and change the future of advertising.

PubCon Pro — October 7-10 — Las Vegas, NV

PubCon Pro is the only “Full Stack” marketing conference that goes over every major marketing specialty. It will cover everything a marketer needs to know, from in-house team building, online strategies, and tracking conversions through keynotes, main stage speakers, and site clinics. Those who attend have the opportunity to meet some of the best marketers around the world and get in touch with new vendors. There will also be a variety of Master’s training workshops you can sign up for.

Some of the workshops include:

  • Advanced SEO: Organic Traffic Optimization
  • Google Ads / AdWords: Analysis, Creation, and Conversion
  • Pro Link Building
  • Facebook and Social Media Advertising
  • Local Search: Paid and Organic Listings

Incite Brand Marketing Summit — October 21-22 — New York, NY

The Incite Brand Marketing Summit is a CMO-led event held for brand, digital, performance, and content marketing professionals from big brands. The summit is different because it focuses on in-house marketers that offer a platform for over 500 CMOs and SVP/VPs. It discusses how to deliver meaningful interactions to produce a clear brand purpose and narrative.

Some confirmed speakers include:

  • Target
  • Mastercard
  • Budweiser
  • Adidas
  • Qualcomm

Search Marketing Expo East — November 13-14 — New York, NY

Search Marketing Expo East (SMX) is programmed by a team of search marketing experts that brought Search Engine Land. They are trusted to deliver successful brand-safe skills to marketers since 2007. At SMX East, there will be all-you-can-learn SEO and SEM (and more) tips, tactics, and strategies.

Search Marketing Expo West — February 18-29, 2020 — San Jose, CA

Search Marketing Expo West (SMX) is a chance for those out West to gain the same experience, tools, and opportunities as those in the East. Both offer the same motives. But in a newly redesigned program that has a smaller number of attendees than SMX East.

B2B Marketing Exchange — February 24-26, 2020 — Scottsdale, AZ

In response to last year’s event, the B2B Marketing Exchange is the perfect conference for people who want to better understand how resourceful sales, content, and marketing can be used to create better content for any company. It brings marketing and sales experts together to help form solutions and implement better practices for others.

Converge 2020 — February 2020 (TBD) — Atlanta, GA

Converge 2020 is the digital marketing convention for all education-related marketers. This event brings together CMOs, deans, enrollment leaders, recruiters, and digital strategists who are trying to advance the state of higher education marketing and recruiting.