10 Free Twitter Tools You Might Not Know About

10 Free Twitter Tools You Might Not Know About

Because this platform is an excellent resource for real-time events, news, and other updates, having the best Twitter tools for your business is critical. With nearly 400 million users, most people either know about or actively use Twitter.

Initially launched on March 21, 2006, with Jack Dorsey sending his first tweet, this San Francisco-based social networking platform is a “go-to” for business and entertainment. Marketers find golden opportunities to inform, engage, and amplify.

With that in mind, I’m discussing the benefits of using Twitter marketing tools and following that with a rundown of ten free Twitter tools you might not know about – and may not have known you needed!

The Benefits of Twitter Marketing Tools

Cutting through the noise to reach your brand’s target audience – before your competition does – takes time, effort, and the right marketing tools in your arsenal. Not only do Twitter marketing tools allow you to put many aspects of your content marketing strategy on auto-pilot, but they also have the following benefits:

Grow Your Audience

Every brand wants to reach as many prospects in their target audience as possible. While it might seem to some like it’s harder to get more social media followers, it isn’t impossible. That’s especially true when using Twitter marketing tools. These tools help you dive deeper into managing mentions, engage with your followers, and add value to help grow your audience.

Save Time

One of the best features of many Twitter tools is that they allow you to schedule tweets. For example, if you feel you don’t have time to manage your Twitter account, that’s no longer an issue. You don’t have to be chained down on your laptop to keep your social media content up-to-date. Instead, spend a couple of hours once or twice monthly drafting and scheduling your tweets.

Boost Engagement

This benefit ties in with the previous because, when you schedule tweets, you can take advantage of the best times your target audience is online. Meaning that if you’re actively posting when they’re using the platform, that helps boost engagement. Use analytics tools to help determine when your audience is active, and then schedule accordingly. Be aware that you still need to be on the platform from time to time to respond to mentions, join other conversations, and participate in other real-time engagements.

Top 10 Free Twitter Tools

The following Twitter tools ensure you’ll receive the best results, improve productivity, and reach your content marketing goals in less time.

1: Twitter Cards

As part of Twitter’s Developer Platform, Twitter Cards help optimize pages so they receive more engagement. These cards contain attention-grabbing imagery, titles, and descriptions – which, in turn, increase clicks, likes, and retweets. You’ll find the following four options when creating your cards:

  • Summary card: Creates a thumbnail image to the left of the URL’s title and description
  • Summary card with large image: Ideal for posts requiring a full-width image with the URL’s title and description beneath
  • App card: Use this card to showcase mobile applications and encourage downloads
  • Player card: These cards are ideal for those who want to feature audio or video clips

2: Twitonomy

The free version of Twitonomy allows you to monitor keywords, lists, and users. Use it to analyze your tweets for frequency, mentions, links, retweets, favorites, and other metrics. This analysis also shows you this same information from your following. You can also see which of your tweets are favorited and retweeted the most. Additional features include:

  • Click on any name in your report to see insights into their profile
  • Download reports, including tweet analytics, followers, following, favorites, retweets, and other data
  • See platforms you and other users tweet from the most often
  • See what time you and other users tweet the most often

3: Mention

While Mention doesn’t offer a 100% free plan, you can access a free 14-day trial. I’m adding this tool because it’s brimming with valuable features, including monitoring online media, analyzing competitors, managing your brand, implementing social listening, and scheduling social strategies, among many others. Additional benefits include:

  • Complete advanced keyword search
  • Precision monitoring
  • Gather social media data and analytics
  • Use one tool to plan and publish

4: Reputology

With consumer demand and expectations increasing, managing your brand’s online reputation is more important now than ever. Hootsuite’s free tool, Reputology, allows you to track and manage your business’s reviews with 24/7 monitoring. Additional features of this marketing tool include:

  • Tracking multiple locations from a single dashboard
  • The ability to respond to customer reviews directly from the tool
  • Forward reviews to relevant team members to ensure prompt responses
  • Manage permissions for various team members

5: Klear

Influencer marketing plays a pivotal role in many content marketing strategies. Despite knowing its importance, you might need help finding influencers. With over 500 million influencer profiles spread across 60,000 categories, Klear is an excellent tool to help you achieve this goal. Among its many features, this marketing tool helps you:

  • Find the best influencers for your brand
  • Discover niche and micro-influencers
  • Identify fake followers or engagements
  • Analyze and measure campaigns

6: Twemex

Twemex is a browser extension that helps you get more insights from your Twitter account. Because it curates the most insightful tweets, this tool eliminates distraction and helps you focus on creating the highest quality content. Divided into four categories – highlights, on this day, our conversations, and recent hits – there’s no shortage of ideas in your sidebar. Additional features include:

  • Shortcut commands help you search anyone’s tweets, including yours
  • Search directly within the sidebar without having to open a new tab
  • See a user’s most popular tweets
  • Repurpose content by seeing tweets from the past

7: Revue

Because Revue is a newsletter-creating platform, it might not pop immediately into your mind as a free Twitter marketing tool. Since being acquired by Twitter, Revue is a free platform anyone can use to create and distribute newsletters – right from their Twitter profile. Valuable features include:

  • Subscriber management
  • Engagement insights
  • Scheduling
  • Browser extensions

8: Followerwonk

Find, analyze, and optimize Twitter searches with Followerwonk. Use this free marketing tool to search for, categorize, and reveal your brand’s most loyal followers. Use this information to study demographics and create the highest quality content to share with your audience. The free plan allows you to:

  • View social authority rankings
  • See followers and their locations
  • Know when followers are active
  • Complete up to 50 Twitter profile searches daily

9: Twitter Lists

Declutter and organize your brand’s Twitter account using Twitter Lists, a free tool available through the platform. Create lists featuring influencers, topics, community events, newsworthy items, and other industry-related topics. After creating your lists, they act as a directory curating tweets most relevant to your brand. Other reasons to check this tool out include:

  • Curating client lists
  • Keeping track of leads, location-specific customers, and other prospects
  • Tracking your industry’s influencers
  • Monitoring company-specific tweets from partners and staff

10: Ritetag

Do you have trouble figuring out which hashtags to use on your posts? RightTag takes the guesswork out for you. This marketing tool offers a free seven-day trial, has affordable pricing ($.13 per day), is easy to use, and is automated. After you upload content to the server, it identifies the best hashtags. Additional features include:

  • Hashtag suggestions for text and images
  • Suggestions based on real-time engagement
  • Eliminates the worry of posting over-used hashtags
  • Works with other social media platforms


Twitter provides incredible opportunities to power up your content marketing strategy. Beyond building a following and boosting engagement, these free Twitter tools also help you dive deeper into customer insights, reviews, and other metrics that help strengthen your content marketing strategy. Do you need help with your brand’s content marketing strategy? Contact our team today to see how we can help.