Top 6 Free Content Writing Courses

Top 6 Free Content Writing Courses

As businesses and individuals recognize the importance of high-quality writing for their online presence, the demand for skilled content creators is ever-growing. Are you looking to refine your skills or start a new career in content writing? Free courses are an ideal way to get a solid foundation without breaking the bank.

Below is a list of the top free online content writing courses offering a comprehensive education for beginners and experienced writers. These courses focus on various aspects of content writing, from the basics of grammar and style to more advanced techniques like search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies. With these resources, you’ll be well-equipped to produce high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

The Importance of Brushing Up or Leveling Up Your Content Writing Skills

The Importance of Brushing Up or Leveling Up Your Content Writing Skills

If you have pondered becoming a content writer, you may have considered taking an online content writing course to grasp what content writing involves. The good news? There are free online courses specifically for content writing you can start today.

These courses aren’t just for new content writers; most are suitable for experienced content writers.

It never hurts to take refresher courses. It’s always a good idea to “level up” your knowledge and writing skills to stay ahead of the game.

Why should you take an online content writing course? Consider these factors:

  • The world of content writing is constantly changing
  • There are always new techniques to learn to improve your skills
  • New features and tools can be hard to understand
  • The growing demand for content may spread to other forms of technology
  • A writer new to content writing can get a better understanding of just what kind of writing they must provide

Online content writing courses can help you achieve these goals. Such courses can absolutely make a good content writer better. 

Once you understand the realities of content writing, taking an online course can help you navigate your journey. 

A content writing course will help today’s content writers meet tomorrow’s demands and changing landscape.

How Content Writing Differs From Other Writing Formats

How Content Writing Differs From Other Writing Formats 

Content writing is a unique form of writing that caters specifically to the needs of a brand or company. It requires a different skill set than other writing formats like academic writing, fiction, or journalism. Let’s look at the elements that distinguish content writing from other formats.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Incorporating SEO writing into content is crucial for increasing its visibility in search engine results and attracting the readers that brands aim to engage. SEO writing involves strategically using keywords and phrases. The goal is to improve rankings and drive organic traffic to the content, setting content writing apart from other writing formats.

Use of Keywords

Keywords play an essential role in content writing, as they help search engines understand and index content accordingly. Content writers should use short-tail (one or two words) and long-tail (longer phrases) keywords. Long-tail keywords, in particular, boost the chances of the content appearing in search results as they cater to more specific queries and face less competition.

Incorporation of White Space

Effectively using white space also characterizes content writing. To make the text more visually appealing and easier to read, content writers should break their content into short paragraphs and use short sentences. This strategy helps keep readers interested and engaged, increasing the likelihood that they will continue reading and interacting with the brand’s content.

Below we outline six (plus a bonus!) free top online courses to help you begin.

Top Content Writing Courses

Top Content Writing Courses

These courses listed below provide a step up in your writing career. Many free content writing courses for beginners can still provide good information for experienced content writers. 

There are content writing courses with certification that will help you stand out. Get started today and improve your skill as a content writer.

Skill Share Online Content Writing Classes

1. SkillShare: Online Content Writing Classes 

  • Course name: Online Content Writing Classes
  • Modules: Vary by course
  • Duration: Vary by course

SkillShare, after the conclusion of its free trial, becomes a paid online learning platform that requires an annual access fee. While on the site, you can take advantage of their diverse content creation courses, encompassing content writing and marketing disciplines.

These courses delve into various aspects of content creation, such as effectively utilizing links, producing and incorporating appealing videos, and mastering the art of SEO writing to improve your content’s visibility. As a result, you can develop a comprehensive skillset to create engaging and compelling content.

Among the many courses offered, the “Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass” is designed to teach you the essentials of writing captivating content for your website’s homepage. It equips you with the knowledge and techniques to create a strong first impression on your visitors.

If you’re seeking a more in-depth understanding of content writing, the “Hands-On Content Writing” course is highly recommended. This course not only delves deeper into the nuances of content writing but also demonstrates the use of various helpful tools and techniques for generating fresh and innovative ideas. This way, you can consistently produce unique and relevant content for your audience.

It should be noted that the course videos on SkillShare don’t have captioning. However, to accommodate users with different learning preferences and accessibility needs, transcripts are provided alongside the videos. This documentation ensures that all learners benefit from the knowledge shared through these informative and engaging courses.

Essentials of Writing Content

2. Udemy: Essentials of Writing Content 

  • Course name: Essentials of Writing Content
  • Lectures: 5, including the introductory lecture
  • Duration: 1 hour 1 minute

Udemy courses, a popular online learning platform, are predominantly offered as video lectures, providing learners with an engaging and interactive mode of study. To enhance accessibility and user experience, Udemy also presents the option for captioning videos, ensuring that individuals with varying needs can fully benefit from the educational content.

One noteworthy free online course you may find particularly valuable is “Essentials of Writing Content.” This comprehensive course delves into the crucial traits and skills required to become a successful content writer, offering insights into the world of content creation and the importance of mastering the art of writing.

Throughout the “Essentials of Writing Content” course, learners can expect to explore various aspects of content writing, broken down into five short lectures totaling one hour.

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course

3. Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course 

  • Course name: The Content Marketing Toolkit
  • Lectures: 9 videos
  • Duration: 45 minutes

Semrush, a leading digital marketing software company, provides a comprehensive, free online course on content marketing called “The Content Marketing Toolkit.” This course is designed for individuals interested in learning and enhancing their content marketing skills, whether beginners or seasoned professionals. The course covers essential topics such as keyword research, content optimization, and audience targeting.

In addition to the Content Marketing Toolkit course, Semrush offers an extensive library of free resources on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content writing. These materials cater to various skill levels and are available to anyone keen on expanding their knowledge and improving their craft. By exploring these resources, learners can gain insights into best practices for optimizing content, attracting organic traffic, and increasing website visibility on search engines.

One of the standout tools that Semrush provides is the free Topic Research Tool, designed to help users generate unique and relevant ideas for their content marketing campaigns. This tool allows users to discover trending topics, popular questions, and commonly searched keywords within their industry or niche, making it an invaluable asset for content creators and marketers alike.

Entity SEO for Content Writers

4. Udemy: SEO Training 

  • Course name: Entity SEO for Content Writers
  • Lectures: 9, including the introductory lecture
  • Duration: 1 hour

Entity SEO for Content Writers” is an online course on Udemy designed to teach content writers how to optimize their content for search engines with a focus on entities. As defined by Google, entities are distinct and well-defined objects or concepts on the web, including people, places, organizations, and even ideas. Understanding and implementing entity-based SEO helps content writers enhance their content’s visibility in search engine results. This leads to increased organic traffic and improved user engagement.

The course covers topics essential to mastering entity-based SEO, including understanding Google’s Knowledge Graph, identifying and leveraging key entities within content, and implementing structured data markup to provide search engines with better context. Throughout the course, learners will be provided with practical examples and actionable tips to apply these concepts to their own content, ensuring they can develop a strong foundation in SEO techniques and make their content more discoverable.

Moreover, this course allows content writers to gain a competitive advantage in the constantly evolving marketplace. The course suits content writers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest SEO practices. With engaging lectures, interactive quizzes, and valuable resources, this course equips writers with the skills to create high-quality, search engine-friendly content that attracts and retains users.

HubSpot Content Strategy Course

5. HubSpot: Content Creation Courses 

  • Course name: Content Strategy Course: Learn How to Create a Successful Content Strategy
  • Lectures: 6 lessons broken down into 24 videos
  • Duration: 3 hours 57 minutes

HubSpot’s in-depth “Content Writing Strategy” course provides a wealth of knowledge designed to enhance your writing abilities and elevate your content creation game. It covers several topics, ensuring participants thoroughly understand content writing strategies and best practices.

As you progress through the course, each lesson is carefully structured to build upon previous concepts, effectively reinforcing your learning experience. Upon completing a lesson, HubSpot’s intuitive platform will suggest a curated selection of recommended courses that align with your newly acquired skills and knowledge. These supplementary courses are tailored to expand your expertise further, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

The course is designed for aspiring writers and caters to experienced professionals seeking to refine their skills and remain current with industry trends. So, no matter your skills, this course will empower you to create compelling, high-quality content that resonates with your target audience and drives tangible results.

Alison - Free Content Writing Course

6. Alison: Content Writer Certification Courses

  • Course name: Free Online Certificate Courses to Become a Content Writer
  • Modules: Vary by course
  • Duration: Vary by course

Alison’s content writer certification courses provide a comprehensive learning experience for individuals looking to develop or enhance their content writing abilities. These courses cater to a wide range of learners, from beginners seeking an introduction to the field to more advanced students looking to optimize videos for content creation. With various courses available, you can choose the ones that best align with your personal or professional needs.

To help you find the right course, Alison offers a convenient search feature that allows you to locate specific courses to start your learning journey easily. One particularly useful free course they provide is the “Content Writer” course selections, which cover essential skills and techniques for effective content writing.

In addition to text-based courses, Alison also offers some courses in a video format, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience. However, it is important to note that they currently don’t provide captioning or subtitles for their video content. Despite this limitation, Alison has acknowledged the issue in their FAQs and is actively working on adding captions to improve accessibility for all learners.

With Alison’s content writer certification courses, you can confidently dive into content writing, learning valuable skills and techniques to help you succeed in this in-demand field. Whether you’re just starting or seeking to expand your existing skillset, Alison’s diverse course offerings are designed to meet your needs and help you grow as a content writer.

Promote Your Business With Content

BONUS: Google Digital Unlocked: Promote with Content

  • Course name: Promote a business with content
  • Modules: 4
  • Duration: 3

The “Promote a business with content” course from Google Digital Unlocked teaches individuals and small business owners how to effectively use content writing and marketing to drive growth and customer engagement. The course covers content types, like blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media updates, and equips learners with the skills to create, manage, and optimize their content marketing efforts.

Learners will discover how to identify their target audience, craft compelling content, and optimize it for search engines. The course also covers using calls-to-action, developing a content calendar, and measuring campaign success with analytics tools. This knowledge enables participants to implement a tailored content marketing strategy to increase website traffic, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Suitable for beginners and those with some digital marketing experience, this course offers valuable insights and practical tips to create compelling content that resonates with the target audience and supports specific business goals.

Long-term Benefits of Taking Free Content Writing Courses

Long-term Benefits of Taking Free Content Writing Courses

After completing one or several free online content writing courses, you can significantly enhance your skills as a content writer. This experience sets you apart from the average content writer who may believe they are proficient in their craft without formal training. By investing time in learning, you can present yourself as the kind of writer who:

  • Takes your work seriously: By participating in content writing courses, you demonstrate dedication and professionalism, essential qualities for a successful writer. You show that you are willing to invest time and effort into honing your skills, and potential clients will appreciate this commitment.
  • Prioritizes improving your skills: Continually seeking growth opportunities is crucial in any industry, and content writing is no exception. By taking courses, you show that you value self-improvement and are eager to learn new techniques and strategies to enhance your writing abilities.
  • Produces better work than the average, untrained content writer: With the knowledge gained from content writing courses, you can craft more engaging, informative, and well-structured content. Your writing will likely be more polished, coherent, and compelling than an untrained writer’s, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Whether you’re a seasoned content writer or just starting in the field, taking online content writing courses and receiving certification positions you as a competent and credible writer. This effort boosts your confidence and helps you attract more clients and opportunities, ultimately leading to greater success in your content writing career.

FAQs About Content Writing Courses

FAQs About Content Writing Courses 

How can I learn content writing for free?

There are numerous resources available online to learn content writing for free. You can start by exploring websites like HubSpot Academy and Coursera, which offer free content writing, marketing, and digital communications courses.

Additionally, there are many articles, blogs, and tutorials that provide valuable insights and practical tips on improving your writing skills. Remember to practice consistently and seek feedback to refine your craft further.

Another excellent way to learn content writing for free is by joining online writing communities and forums. These platforms allow you to connect with other writers, share your work, and receive constructive criticism. Moreover, you can also learn from experienced writers by reading their work. Be sure to pay attention to their style, tone, and choice of words.

Moreover, consider following industry influencers and subscribing to their newsletters. Doing so can provide you with valuable insights, trends, and best practices in content writing. 

Which certification is best for content writing?

Determining the best content writing certification depends on your specific goals, interests, and level of expertise you wish to achieve. HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification is a popular choice among content writers, as it covers essential aspects of content marketing, including strategy, storytelling, and promotion techniques. 

Another reputable certification is the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) Copywriting Certification. This program focuses on persuasive writing, direct response marketing, and copywriting techniques. That makes it an excellent choice for writers looking to excel in sales-driven content. The certification is well-recognized within the industry and can help boost your credibility as a content writer. Ultimately, the best certification depends on your career goals and the specific skills you want to develop.

How do I become a content writer without experience? 

One way for a writer with no experience to get started in content writing is to create your own blog. With practice in writing blog posts, you can learn how to write effectively and SEO basics. From there, you can move on to writing content for E-zines, newsletters, and online articles. Consider offering guest posts on other blogs or posting work on Medium. 

As you gather clips, create your writing portfolio, showing your best work to prospective clients. Consider joining a content creation platform like nDash. As a result, this allows you to gain experience in content creation and improve your writing skills.

Mastering the Art of Content Writing: Discover the Power of nDash to Showcase Your Talent and Attract Top Brands

The nDash content creation platform offers content writers the opportunity to showcase the skill and talents they have learned. Put your knowledge to the test and see just how it can help your work stand out.

Your work through nDash shows how knowledgeable you are about content writing, thanks to the courses you’ve taken. This lets brands know you’re the kind of content writer that’ll meet their needs.

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