Creating Stand-Out Real Estate Content

Creating Stand-Out Real Estate Content

In today’s digital world, the content you create to market your real estate business can make or break your success. When done right, content marketing allows you to reach more potential clients. Content can also establish your company as an authority in the space and build brand awareness that helps you stand out from others in the crowd.

Creating stand-out content for your real estate business is dependent upon who you work with to create your content and what type of content you put out.

Types of Content

Blog posts and newsletters are two of the most common types of content that successful real estate companies publish.

Blog posts allow you to share educational information, helpful insights, and market trends with potential clients. Companies that run a blog with well-written, engaging, and relevant content bring in an average of 67% more leads than businesses that don’t.

Monthly newsletters are an excellent way for your real estate company to nurture leads and distribute information about your real estate niche. Newsletters offer you a beneficial opportunity to grow your reach and establish a positive reputation with potential and current clients.

Common Mistakes In Real Estate Content

When creating different types of content for your real estate business, there are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Purposeless Content

Putting out content that doesn’t have a purpose and target audience makes you appear unfocused and untrustworthy and can cause you to lose engagement with potential clients. For example, suppose you put out content about residential properties, but your company deals mostly in commercial sales. In that case, you may lose out on potential clients because the information is not useful to them.

Boring, Redundant Content

Repetitive content and content that lacks unique ideas can push your target audience away. When you focus on the same topic or fail to talk about real estate issues specific to the local market, those who are considering your services may feel you aren’t knowledgeable and go elsewhere.

Inferior Writing

Failing to use the skills of a freelance writer who produces professionally written content, especially one who specializes in real estate, robs you of stand-out content that helps you connect to potential clients and set you up as the go-to real estate company in your market.

3 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out

Make the Content Purposeful

Publishing purposeful content is one of the best ways to stand out in your market. Each piece of content you put out should have a purpose and a target audience in mind. Good content answers a question or speaks to a topic that your target audience is interested in. It connects you with your audience and establishes you as a reliable source for real estate-related information.

Examples in action:

  • With 170,400 visits per month, Raleigh Realty consistently publishes to-the-point blog posts with useful information for buyers, sellers, realtors, and locals.
  • Home Made and Zillow Porchlight are two big-name real estate blogs centered on content for the average homeowner. They are both good examples of offering content on topics specifically designed to meet their target audience’s needs.

Offer Unique Insights

A great way to create stand-out content is to offer unique insights and solutions for your ideal client. Create content that aligns with what your target audience is searching for, but does so with content that gives your distinctive spin on the situation. Discuss issues that are unique to your local market and the real estate services you provide.

Examples in action:

  • Ruby Home, a Los Angeles-based real estate company, provides unique perspectives related to the Los Angeles luxury home market, like in this Insider’s Guide to Living In Burbank.
  • Joe Manausa Real Estate is a Florida real estate company that runs a blog that covers a wide range of topics classified target audience. In posts like Don’t Let These Mortgage Lender Tricks Fool You!, Joe dispenses helpful advice gleaned from working in the industry.

Work With the Right Writer

An experienced freelance writer helps you craft engaging and informed content that connects you with your audience and sets your company up as the go-to resource in your real estate market. The right writer will help you:

  • Create well-organized, well-written content that informs and engages
  • Bring industry experience insights to your content
  • Produce content that is purposeful and tone appropriate
  • Implement SEO basics that help your content rank higher

Look for a writer with experience in the real estate industry, whether through education, career, or written work, to gain the best partner to meet your content creation goals.

Set Your Real Estate Business Apart with Great Content

Maintaining a strong online presence with stand-out content is vitally important to your real estate company’s success. That also includes its ability to grow in today’s digitally-focused world.

Put out purposeful content that is written by a world-class, experienced real estate writer. Then, you can establish a solid digital presence that will help you see exponential growth in your real estate business.

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