Hire a Real Estate Writer: 6 Experts for Any Content Marketing Budget 

Hire a Real Estate Writer: 6 Experts

Are you speaking to a homeowner? A real estate agent? Banks who are looking to help customers refinance their homes? Then you’re in the right place to find the best real estate writer.

Real estate is no walk in the park, which is why we’ve pulled together a list of writers who get it and understand the space. These freelancers have experience with real estate investing, have their brokers or real estate licenses, and have spent serious amounts of time writing about this space. 

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James Zito – Real Estate Investing Expertise 

James is the Founder and CEO of Q2 Investing, a real estate investment company focused on buying and holding rental properties. His primary mission is to create high-quality housing for the communities that he invests in and to improve those communities by developing distressed real estate. His secondary mission is to uplift the financial state of the communities he invests in through financial education and one-on-one mentorship, with a focus on young adults ages 18 to 35.

Area of expertise:

  • Real estate investing 
  • Founder

Hire James. 

Lisa Bigelow – Writer & Editor 

“Award-winning writer and digital strategist with 10+ years of experience working with publishers in the real estate, personal finance, technology advisory, and information security sectors. In addition to creating bylined content and working as a contributing editor, I offer ghostwriting services to individuals in senior leadership roles.”

Area of expertise: 

  • Mortgage and student loans 
  • Banking 
  • Commercial & private real estate 

Hire Lisa. 

Alexandra Johnson – Content Strategist & Real Estate Writer 

“Alexandra Johnson is a full-time freelance writer specializing in digital marketing, in particular content creation. She is a real estate guru who has been published on Move IQ and Prime Location and in Country Life magazine, where she is a contributing features writer. 

She loves to help new homeowners overcome buying and selling issues, including move-in and redecorating anxiety. Her work has been praised by readers and editors for her fun and casual yet serious business approach to all real-estate-related topics. 

Alexandra has been writing real estate content for years. Her articles and blog posts can turn even the most complex problems into accessible, understandable, and easily implementable solutions. Her ability to transform complex language into layman’s speak has led companies such as Property Solvers and Move IQ to trust her with their content needs.

Area of expertise: 

  • Commercial real estate
  • Buying, selling, and renting property 
  • Mortgages 

Hire Alexandra. 

Anita Cooper – B2B Real Estate Writer 

“My first ‘real’ job out of school was for a mortgage company in the Midwest. I was an assistant to the quality control coordinator, and one of my favorite things to do was read the surveys that were in the closed files that we pulled for review. 

From that point on, every job I had was in the title insurance industry…I couldn’t seem to make myself leave it, so when I made a career switch to copywriting, there was no question that I’d write about the very thing that has been such a huge part of my life.    

If you’re offering a product or a service to individuals in the real estate industry (or you’re in real estate) and need a partner who understands your target market and knows how to hit their ‘soft spots, ‘ then let’s connect and start a conversation!

Area of expertise:

  • Real estate investing 
  • Property descriptions 
  • Real estate market research 
  • Buying & selling real estate 

Hire Anita. 

Mark Fairlie – Financial Forecasts & Real Estate Writer

“I am a commercially driven and highly creative advertising and marketing professional specializing in content production and delivery.

What does that actually mean, though? I write great things for and about you and your company that your target audience will understand and trust. All that I’m interested in is providing you with attention-grabbing content that delivers a significant & measurable return on your investment, and you’ll see that in the quality of work I do for you.

The biggest challenge for any business in today’s economic environment is selling credibility to its target client base. My content quickly builds trust in your brand and expertise so that, by the time a potential client is ready to engage with you, standard sales obstacles are removed, and decision-making cycles are shortened to your benefit.

Area of expertise: 

  • Commercial real estate 
  • Property investment 
  • Property development 
  • Home improvement 
  • Loans 

Hire Mark. 

Craig Donofrio – Expertise in Financial & Real Estate Industries 

Craig spent close to four years writing over 150 articles for realtor.com on topics covering everything from mortgages and buying or selling your home to refinancing the property.

Additionally, he has written for Make Change and Granite Media, where he covers topics such as business, tech, finance, and real estate. 

Craig spent nearly two years as an Editor for Patch.com, a local newspaper. With a background in journalism, he is great at interviewing subject matter experts and writing compelling material. 

Area of expertise:

  • Credit loans 
  • Mortgages
  • Buying & selling 
  • Refinancing homes 

Hire Craig. 

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