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PR Vacuums nDash Solves

Public relations (PR) professionals are heroes in their own right. They work from the obscurity of inbox bombardment. And they handle many awkward situations with sometimes hostile clients. They work out hostilities with terminated employees.

There is a vacuum they operate from that makes the job sometimes abysmal, even lonely.

Community support is everything in this role. Constant exposure to the public is sometimes an emotional leech. We’d like to introduce you to nDash. Through this community, you will find the support you need. There’s more to be had in it all.  The community support of talented creatives closes vacuums in PR performance.

Closing gaps 

We will list PR difficulties that nDash solves both currently and in theory. These difficulties appear in no particular order. They reflect many of our members’ experiences. No one levels more with public relations than fellow content creators.

PR and delegation problems

Your company’s content will make it to trending topics. It’s a given. If you swim in a small pool, you’ll start to meet the other fish.

Communication is both game and a crutch here. Juggling so many contacts is an act of extreme balance. The slightest interruption can put the whole balance in upheaval. At the core of this problem is the failure to delegate well. Talent is sometimes like butter. Your known pool spreads too thin over too many existing interests. Then, the PR team is juggling too many projects and too few delegates to handle them.

That’s where a community base comes into play. A prominent talent network is a wonderful relief from PR pressure. With professional friends on the outside,  the PR team can delegate project streams. Trust in delegation opens doorways of dispensable time. This means faster replies to your clients.

In other news, a talent community unties the PR manager’s hands. Now they can be free to do their job, which is making and maintaining connections.

PR and direct communication problems

Our automated age has one profound fault. Content created by bots is generic. Which means it targets a generic audience. Thus it fails to communicate directly. Even name-generating smart bots that avail themselves of personalized data don’t converse. Not in the organic way that human talent does.  There is a certain amount of banter that a human presence of mind alone can pull off.

nDash closes up that vacuum that separates bulk automation from direct engagement. A steady stream of human presence is better than thousands of bots. Ask any customer service consumer. People are irreplaceable assets. With more than one set of eyes on a target, digital communication can step to a real-time’s tempo. Rather than sending a bot to send your message, send a familiar colleague. A community can introduce your favorite writer to your best client. This brings us to our next point.

PR private connections 

Public relations managers often hone in on big-picture goals. Sometimes we forget that it is each person together that makes up our company.

Having a selected talent community is the pathway to an interpersonal connection pool. Empowering ourselves with brand advisors gives us a sense of prominence. We’re doing some serious business here. Our output and, thus, our client base is exclusive. Exclusivity boosts quality.

Scaling PR’s effectiveness

The increased press of a busy itinerary can detract from PR’s performance. A content community can do so much more than cut back on efficiency lags. It can scale PR’s greatest strengths. Current working measures will rise on an incline.

First hand

Content creators have marketing of their own to do. It is an insane hassle for a sole proprietor to send thousands of emails per week. Especially when sometimes only two or three of those emails receive a response.

For creatives, the nDash community acts like a friendly place to pitch. You can create 50-60 pitches in a matter of hours for various companies. As soon as they’re cleared, you can begin working. There’s no long wait for obscure emailing that may only receive a “no” when you do get the coveted response.

Reverse engineering 

The content platform works like a charm for our content creators. We’re certain reverse engineering can help PR teams fast-track pending projects. nDash has an assignment platform that priority assignments post to. Many of our current members use it to turn over tight-deadline material. We’ve seen projects of 10-plus pages rolled through this platform without any hiccups. It’s the power of a steady presence and attention to detail that makes it possible.

Building momentum

Sometimes PR managers feel like they’re chasing their tails. Building viable connections is only half the battle these talents face. The other struggle is maintaining real-time momentum with the connections formed.

A community like nDash can also solve this problem. The platform allows for a meeting place between talent, seeker, and third party. Consider such a platform a directory for your connections. With growing referrals, the community is becoming a directory of business elites. It’s an ease-of-access center that closes the black hole found in PR inboxes.

We value the sense of community distributed by nDash. Still, we still undervalue it. The potential that it has may delete the need for inboxes altogether. What if we could sustain a rolling net of connection bases with this platform?  Business communications could meet right in the content creation hub. A cutting room floor cycle that slices clean to the presentation’s point.

Something we need and something we want

How rarely in the professional world do we talk about the visceral quality of a thing? We all need the support of a network for practical reasons. Yet take a moment to ponder the desirability of a reliable source of contacts.

More than a practical product or eye-catching platform, nDash has opened a door of meaning for each of us who use it. Those of us in content came from all walks of life. We are struggling journalists waiting for a break. We are vets of the trade laid off from our long-term staff job. Some of us predate WiFi. We want our jobs back. We want other humans to work with.

There are excitement and fear that can’t contain behind bots and chat rooms. We need faces, names, firms, and phone numbers. Someone to have lunch with. Someone to ride the brainstorm with us.

Something green that’s still growing

nDash is still green. Green and growing. We already see the vast potential for making connections convenient. Yet we still don’t know the full range we’ve got in store here.

We like to think of nDash as an acorn of collective thought. Each pitch posted by our network has an acorn’s tree-bearing potential.  is born. Get enough crazy talent together, and you have a bushel of “acorns” If each becomes a tree, we’ll have a forest on our hands.

Cultivating these acorns and turning them into networking trees will be up to you. Still, we see a host of future vacuums closing up by this same green experimental stage we’ve annotated. It is the green that offers us all a fresh start. Here we aren’t the old blue blood of some industry club. This isn’t a LinkedIn group from back in the launch days. It’s not a Twitter buzz handle with several social media slip-ups under its belt. nDash is a building block of new possibilities. It’s not shared by a slew of other people yet. There isn’t a means of sharing status updates with pesky unrelated memes integrated.

This is square one.

This is the first square in a series of building blocks. We would like to invite you to join nDash yourself. Feel free to invite your colleagues as well. The power of numbers stands. Even if said numbers are still small. So here’s to square one. Here’s to the stability it brings to the hectic world of PR. Last of all, here’s hoping it only gets bigger and better from here.

Rachel Brooks


Editor’s note: This post is by nDash community member Rachel Brooks.  Rachel writes a variety of business articles and website copy on topics such as technology, computer software, marketing, advertising, and more. To learn more about Rachel or to have her write for your brand, sign up for nDash today!