New Feature: Plagiarism Tool

New Feature: Plagiarism Checker

Your brand’s reputation is vital to your success, so it can be difficult to trust new-to-you freelancers with that reputation. With that in mind, nDash has added a new feature to the platform: our Plagiarism Checker. Use this tool to give your content a thorough edit beyond that of grammar, punctuation, and style.

The next time you are in the Assignment view on nDash, you’ll see the tool on the lower right side. Any in-progress assignment can be checked up to three times for evidence of plagiarism with just a couple of clicks. The tool will search the web for instances of duplicate content, and you’ll have access to a detailed report.

Here’s an example of what our plagiarism checker looks like when you sign in to your account:

plagiarism checker

No one wants to discover duplicate content when editing and publishing a writer’s work. We understand how frustrating that is for everyone on the editorial and marketing team. At nDash, we take steps to thoroughly vet all writers on the platform. That way, brands can trust that they’re working with experts from our content creation community. However, with the addition of this new tool, we hope these steps will give brands peace of mind.

Find more information on the new feature in this help topic.