Hamlet Fort

Meet Writer Hamlet Fort

We’ve had some truly exciting writers join nDash recently, so we’re launching a new feature to introduce them to our audience! Hamlet Fort is a copywriter, marketer, and brand strategist who joined nDash this month and is ready to tackle your projects. He’s experienced in writing about lifestyle and hospitality and is based in North Carolina.

From Hamlet’s nDash profile:

Hello! I’m Hamlet. I’m a copywriter, marketer, and brand strategist. I use dynamic words and craft resonant content in order to build the implicit memory connection between brands and consumers.

When I think about my favorite companies and why I love them, there’s a common theme: purpose-driven storytelling weaving through the open spaces between exciting offerings, art, people, and values.

Good copy and marketing can invoke a moment in time that a willing individual accepts as a positive impact that your brand and team made on their life. I’m always looking to create that moment.

But down to the brass tacks. I help up-and-coming and established brands create content that expands their customer base and drives revenue. I provide clean and on-deadline copy written in any format, style, and voice that you’re looking for.

On top of engaging copywriting, content writing, and editing services, I can help:

  • Hone your inbound marketing techniques
  • Prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) to jump to the top of the page
  • Build a marketing strategy that tells your most authentic story
  • Create a social buzz and word-of-mouth brand awareness that drives more customers to your website, physical location, and product and/or service sales.

What it comes down to: I’m a writer, storyteller, and brand enthusiast. I’m obsessed with the creative and analytical process involved in building and nurturing a brand’s identity and growth strategy. Whatever you need, we can make it happen together.

Read on for a short interview with Hamlet Ford:

Hamlet, what excites you about freelancing?

No question, the chance to work with a wide array of people and brands, all with their unique perspectives on the world. I’m especially inspired by people who are themselves inspired. Whether it’s by the product or service they’re offering, or the team they’ve assembled, or their role in their community. I love passing through peoples’ experiences, like miniature vignettes. Freelancing allows me to do that.

What subject areas are you passionate about?

I’m especially passionate about the lifestyle and hospitality sectors, the areas that let us as people in a society have fun and blow the magic into life. Food and beverage, the outdoors industry, health and wellness, community-driven organizations. I love amazing retail brands that are trying to bring people together with their products and locations. I love companies that double as community centers.

What sets you apart from other writers?

My devotion to the craft, and almost romantic affinity for great writing. I’ve been writing since I was a boy, when I would write short stories about my family’s trip to the zoo and sell them on the street to the neighbors. Like a lemonade stand, but for my “book!”

I don’t tolerate lazy or cheap writing. I pour my heart and soul into every word. There are no shortcuts. Sometimes, my process drives me insane. Because I can’t stand anything less than right. Good writing is like sculpting, in that it sometimes requires a long stare at a giant piece of marble before any carving can be performed. The truest words and feeling lies someone in there, beneath the surface, and it takes patience and care to whittle away the unimportant parts to reveal them.

That’s what I do. That sets me apart.

What’s your favorite weekend activity in your area?

Backpacking segments of the Appalachian Trail near my home in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. Usually with my Boykin Spaniel Mae in tow, and usually followed by a cold beer at a brewery.

Who is your favorite writer to follow on Twitter or LinkedIn?

Shea Serrano is a great follow.

How did you get into freelance writing?

I left the craft beer industry not long ago after a truly great five years. I wore so many hats; I was a marketing and brand manager, a GM, a bartender, events guru, leadership team member, you name it. I had a ton of fun, but I saw that I was slowly drifting away from the core of what I loved the most: writing and telling stories.

So I set out on my own to join the freelance writing community and help clients hone their voice and tell the story buried inside them and their company.

What makes a great client? 

A great client cares. A great client knows what they want or need, but just needs some help to verbalize it or execute that need. A great client collaborates, provides constructive feedback, and works with the writer to understand where the gems are hidden.

Ready to hire Hamlet Fort?

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