LinkedIn's Top B2B Content Marketing Influencers to Follow

LinkedIn’s Top B2B Content Marketing Influencers to Follow

With over 900 million users, LinkedIn has evolved from a mundane professional networking tool into the leading platform for B2B lead generation. Today’s content marketing influencers have tapped into this potential, utilizing LinkedIn for lead generation and as a dynamic platform for content distribution and thought leadership. This article introduces you to the top B2B content marketing influencers whose insights will transform your content marketing strategy.

The Role of Influencers in B2B Content Marketing

While TikTok influencers may have a self-induced bad reputation for endorsing problematic products and disastrous music festivals (yes, we’re talking about you, Fyre Festival), B2B content marketing influencers take a different approach. They aim to showcase their expertise by sharing insightful tips and implementing them.

With strategies to help you boost brand awareness, establish authority, cultivate leads, and stay at the forefront of industry trends, these influencers have much more to offer than their endorsement. They are content marketing experts, generously providing industry-leading knowledge to help you maximize your content marketing strategy while successfully practicing what they preach.

Criteria for Selection

To provide a diverse range of expertise and elevate your B2B content marketing strategies, we’ve handpicked a selection of established and rising influencers who actively engage with their audience and consistently deliver insightful content. Remember, it’s not about the number of followers. It’s the quality and impact of their content that truly matters.

Top LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Influencers

Orlando BaezaOrlando Baeza: CMO & CRO at Flock Freight

CMO & CRO of Flock Freight, Orlando’s innovative approach to marketing and advertising has landed him on coveted lists such as Forbes’ 30 under 30, Brand Innovators’ 40 under 40, and Forbes’ 50 Most Entrepreneurial CMOs. His most recent “Define Your Load” campaign revolutionized marketing in a previously stagnant industry. Through a mixture of marketing and advertising content, Orlando shares how owning his uniqueness has contributed to his success, inspiring other marketers to do the same.

Lola BakareLola Bakare: CMO Advisor l Author “Responsible Marketing”

Author, award-winning CMO Advisor, Inclusive Marketing Strategist, Forbes contributor, and LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing, Lola is all about responsible marketing, which she defines as “authentic, inclusive marketing that creates a meaningful social impact.” 
Be sure to check out her article, The Truth on Authentic Inclusive Marketing and How to Make It Happen, where she shines a light on the positive effects of responsible marketing and explains how a shift in perspective can lead to more constructive conversations about inclusivity in marketing. 

Nicole BumpNicole Bump: Fractional Content Director at Bump Inbound

Nicole Bump helps brands become industry leaders through strategic content marketing, without hiring a full-time content professional. She provides comprehensive services, including content strategy, editorial planning, and bespoke writing. It’s all designed to boost audience engagement and drive demand.

Clients who work with Nicole receive clear content goals, a roadmap to achieve them, and a tailored editorial calendar. She also offers consistency and reliability to ensure content is published on time and meets the highest quality standards. Read more about her work in our interview with Nicole: Nicole Bump: Inside the Mind of a Marketer.

Jess CookJess Cook: Co-host of That’s Marketing, Baby

Creative director turned content marketer and strategist, Jess’s list of powerhouse clients includes Eggo, Rice Krispies, Blue Cross, Cottonelle, and McDonald’s — so you know she knows her stuff! 

Through a mixture of written posts and video snippets from her podcast That’s Marketing Baby, Jess shares insights into all things content marketing, including strategic tips, common industry mistakes (and how to fix them), and ways to streamline the writing process. Check out how she was able to boost conversions on The B2B Incubator landing page by 50% in an hour here.

Tim HansonTim Hanson: Founder of fivethreeoh

SEO and Content Marketing consultant and rising influencer, Tim Hanson discovered the significance of market testing and audience feedback during his structural engineering career. He now combines his SEO expertise with content sprints, enabling his clients to achieve the results of a 12-month content marketing strategy in just 12 weeks. Tim shares actionable ways to fast-track your content marketing success, with easy-to-use guides like his On-Page Content Checklist.

Katie MartellKatie Martell: Marketing and Communications Consultant

Katie Martell, a marketing truth-teller, blends marketing and social activism. She speaks at conferences, lectures, and training sessions. And she also collaborates with B2B firms on business evolution and customer experience narratives. Katie’s a top LinkedIn marketing voice and Adweek Pride Star. 

She also hosts events, conducts interviews, writes for Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion. Her roller disco photoshoot embodies her positive and activist philosophy, which resonates with her online following.

Joe PulizziJoe Pulizzi: Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Founder of The Tilt Newsletter, Creator Economy Expo, and Content Marketing Institute, Joe is also the author of several books, including Content Inc. and Epic Content Marketing, which was recognized as a “Must-Read Business Book” by Fortune Magazine. 

A pioneer in content marketing, Joe hosts two weekly podcasts, Content Inc., and This Old Marketing with Robert Rose, where he shares invaluable insights on content marketing, brand voice, and the creator economy. Be sure to check out his latest appearance on the Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast, where he shares his top tips for LinkedIn lead generation. 

How to Leverage Influencer Insights and Create Opportunities for Collaboration

While your LinkedIn feed may be filled with content marketing influencers, realizing tangible results demands proactive steps. Here are some tips to help you harness their insights and uncover collaboration opportunities that can elevate your content strategy.

Engage in Discussions

Whether new to content marketing or a seasoned professional, participating in relevant discussions on LinkedIn is a great way to learn. Share your insights, ask questions, and offer support where possible. Being a part of these discussions can provide the insights and inspiration to take your content strategy to the next level.

Apply Insights

While knowledge is often said to be powerful, applying that knowledge is key. To start, pick some tips you can easily use in your existing content strategy. Track your progress, share your results with your network, and tag the influencer who inspired it all. Remember, even if it doesn’t quite go as planned, there’s always something new to learn, so don’t be afraid to share your losses, too. Your network might even have a solution for you!

Nurture Professional Relationships

Hate to break it to you, but networking is about more than collecting business cards. It’s about cultivating genuine connections, and like any other relationship, this process takes time. Set aside time each week to engage with these influencers thoughtfully on LinkedIn, attend industry events, and offer support for their initiatives.

Collaborate with Purpose

As your professional network expands, so will your opportunities for collaboration. According to content writer and marketer Tabitha Jean Naylor, it can be monumental for your business. “Collaboration equals results. The results equate to better brand awareness, phone calls, and leads. More leads and more phone calls translate into more business. More business turns into more revenue. And more revenue turns into growth.” Clearly, there is value in embracing collaboration as a means to achieve tangible results for your brand, so don’t hesitate to take the initiative.

Stay Updated

By nature, industry trends and best practices constantly evolve. Stay ahead of the curve by following industry leaders and re-evaluating your content strategy with their insights in mind.

Harness Industry Leader Insights for Content Strategy Success

It would take a lifetime to amass the combined wisdom these B2B content marketing influencers freely share on LinkedIn. So, hit that follow button, soak up their insights, and give their tips a spin. Don’t forget to drop them a note about how their advice has shaped your path to success.

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