TikTok is Here to Stay

TikTok is Here to Stay

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TikTok is the future. 

There, I said it.

The world as we know it is changing in terms of media consumption, and video marketing is quickly becoming king. TikTok had one billion Monthly Active Users in the past year, and over 167 Million videos were watched in a singular “internet minute.”

So how do you utilize a once short-form video app made for trendy dances and cat videos to grow your advertising reach on the social media landscape? Allow me to walk you through the basics of how to create engaging content and convert viewers to customers.

167 Million TikTok Videos Watched in an Internet Minute

What Content Marketers Need to Know About TikTok

If you were once like me, I brushed TikTok to the side. I genuinely thought it was more of a joke or archive where Gen-Zers went to scroll their lives away. But this application is more than just a glorified Vine. Shockingly, the app generated $4.6 billion in revenue in 2021. So the question lies, should marketers even bother with TikTok? The answer: a resounding YES.

TikTok’s Place in Social Media Marketing

With the ability to create a video between three seconds and three minutes distributed around the globe at zero distribution cost, selling your product is simpler than ever. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

You’ve probably heard of the infamous algorithm (simply put, the way your phone recognizes your interests and feeds you content accordingly).

Brand influencers on TikTok

Basically, your brand has a personal salesman for each potential customer. TikTok itself is a platform for distributing authentic content (52% of internet audiences said they want brands to be authentic). Still, authenticity doesn’t necessarily have to mean unique. Your videos simply need to reflect the values of your business and the interests of your audience.

Once you’ve mastered your audience, the algorithm does its thing. It is quite simple, and the payoff is growing now more than ever. (Online social media users are spending more time on TikTok than Facebook. Therefore providing people who use the world wide web with content on the platform is vital for business marketers.)

So now the question is: where do I begin?

Before anything else, you have to create honest content that lets your audience know you exist on the app. Unlike marketing in the past, this doesn’t require extensive brainstorming or innovation. Start by simply telling your brand’s story (or product) and what value it brings to your customer. A great example of this: @jubileeapparel, premium streetwear and loungewear brand.


How Businesses Benefit From Using TikTok

TikTok for Business

Connecting with customers on social media can often feel tedious. Luckily, TikTok itself is on your side. This app recently introduced a first-party solution to extend brands’ reach and drive users into customers: Lead Generation.

Lead Generation allows users to fill out a basic info form to signal their interest in that particular product or service. Keep your potential customer in the loop about where you’re using their data by displaying your business’s Privacy Notice.

Additionally, TikTok also gives businesses opportunities to send customizable messages to the user after the initial info has been submitted in the Lead Gen form.

If you’d like to integrate your CRM (or do it manually), the users’ information can be downloaded. Easy-peasy!

After creating a customer base, it’s vital to engage with users. It is important to note that engagement is the game for growing your business on TikTok. The app itself thrives off of authentic interaction. In fact, TikTok engagement is 15% stronger than any other social media platform. Why? It’s science. TikTok ads drive greater audience engagement than Television.

Average Detail Memory

There is no specific formula for building your brand’s library. Authenticity and trends should always be more important than the video’s format. Brainstorm an array of videos with your internal and external team of creators. That way, you can stay on trend with what is performing well in terms of audience engagement and virality. (For example, implementing tips such as shooting in high res, keeping video duration between 21 and 34 seconds, and making sure to shoot vertically).

Best Practices for Using TikTok

As mentioned previously, authenticity is key on TikTok. There is no how-to guide on being yourself, but there is one on what performs best regarding advertising on the app.

Simply put:

  • Shoot in 9:16 fullscreen
  • Keep it short (21-34 seconds)
  • Always use sound

These guidelines are helpful for format performance; your business is your business. You know your audience better than TikTok does. But, it is important to let TikTok know who you are aiming to create for. Do you sell pet products?

Make sure to do your homework on other brands already creating on the app and observe their video performance. Who is commenting on their posts? Who is following their page? Chances are, you won’t find dogs perfectly dancing to the latest trending sound, but you will find them utilizing the sound with their products. Stay up to date and browse the TikTok Creative Center often to stick within your niche and build a community that is also on-trend.


How can companies use TikTok?

Companies can use TikTok by creating 21 to 34-second video content relating to their customer and their brand’s story.

How do I generate leads on TikTok?

You can generate leads by engaging with viewers via comments and likes and utilizing TikTok’s Lead Generation.

Why should businesses use TikTok?

To expand potential client reach and connect with collaborative creators (Partnering with creators boosts view-through rates by 193%)

In 2021 TikTok was the most downloaded app, with over 656 million downloads, and grossed over $2.5 billion in consumer spending. According to a 2022 Social Trends Survey, 24% of marketers considered TikTok effective for reaching their business goals. Essentially, marketing on this short-form video application is more vital than ever for the growth of your business.


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