GoTo Increases Content Volume, Streamlines Production & Billing with nDash

GoTo Increases Content Volume & Streamlines Production

How do you streamline content production and freelancer billing processes across a large organization — without negatively impacting content volume? Aaron Lester, a Content Strategist at GoTo (formerly LogMeIn), turned to nDash.

Optimized Process Management 

“Our team of four content marketers use nDash to source freelance writers for all kinds of content — from weekly blog posts to longer-form content like eBooks,” Aaron explained. “nDash has also been helping us develop webinars. These were consistently challenging because they heavily taxed our internal resources — we may have 2-3 subject matter experts and a similar number of marketers working on their creation. Now, nDash handles everything from editorial to design. It’s been a huge win, and having nDash on our team has helped us streamline the webinar process.”

Aaron credits the nDash platform with simplifying both project management and billing. “From a process management standpoint, the nDash platform has had a huge, positive impact. We know how easy it is for editorial workflow to get out of hand with things like email and shared drives. nDash allows us to consolidate all of our communication with writers. We know that anything we need — project communication, content briefs, drafts, etc. — is in the platform,“ said Aaron.

He continued, “Additionally, the nDash platform has streamlined our payment processes. Once we onboarded nDash as a preferred vendor, we were able to quickly start working with freelancers without having to onboard individual writers. Paying freelancers through the platform has been critical in giving my team the flexibility they need to move fast and get things done while meeting the needs of our finance and procurement teams. ” 

Easy Onboarding for New and Existing Freelancers

Aaron and his team appreciate how nDash makes the onboarding process easier for both writers who are new to the brand and the company’s existing freelancer writers.  “nDash helps centralize the content creation process – it streamlines our whole operation from the content side. We build out our company profile, adding foundation and messaging documents about who we are, our approach, and our audience. We only have to build that once, and then every writer we work with can find it. It’s made our process for onboarding writers much easier,” he said.

“Another super valuable way that we use the nDash platform is to bring all of our writers — including those trusted writers we have previous relationships with — into the nDash ecosystem,” Aaron explained. “We ask them to hop on board with nDash and then send them a one-sheet doc that nDash created that walks them through how to make it happen. Our existing freelancers are easily able to onboard to nDash without any need for hand-holding on our part.”

Content Volume Increased by 3X

nDash has helped GoTo achieve cost and time savings while boosting the company’s scalability

“We’ve benefitted from a cost savings point of view; nDash provides us with a significantly higher return on value than our previous content solution,” said Aaron. “We’ve also improved our scalability; we’ve moved from three different teams and three different marketing organizations to one, immediately multiplying our volume times three. nDash allowed us to centralize and standardize that process, resulting in huge time savings.” 

Aaron continued, “Now, scaling is like turning on a spigot — the spigot is there. It’s just a matter of us turning it on and adjusting the flow to meet our needs. We can look forward to GoTo’s growth, confident that our content production won’t slow us down.”

A Customer-Obsessed Company

One of the things that Aaron appreciates most about working with nDash has been the company’s responsiveness. “It feels like personalized, concierge service. nDash is a true customer-first company. I spoke with them about something we thought would be helpful to have. That was the ability to add attachments to assignments in progress — and they listened, responding almost immediately. Their real-time responsiveness to our needs has gone a long way toward developing a deep, long-lasting (and loyal) customer relationship. It not only helps nDash’s platform grow but also helps their customers to grow with it,” Aaron concluded.

What Can You Learn from GoTo

The main takeaway from Aaron’s experience is that nDash’s platform makes it easy for companies to quickly source, onboard, and manage freelance writers. Businesses can significantly increase content volume without increasing management or billing headaches. 

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