From Ideas to Quality Leads: How to Use the Pyramid of Audience Influence to Create Content That Converts

Calling all content marketing managers! Does this issue sound familiar? Do you need help generating content ideas that result in quality leads?

You’ve gone through the editorial process, have your blog posts SEO-ready, and published tons of quality content on your website. And while it’s flourishing with views, that website traffic doesn’t translate into demos or leads. Is your call to action (CTA) not enticing enough?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an in-house content manager or a consultant — your end goal should be conversions. Otherwise, what’s the point? Unfortunately, many fail during one of the earliest steps in content development: Idea generation.

Sure, “How-to” and “What is” listicles and comparison (X vs. Y) guides are great for educating an audience. And they might even produce web traffic numbers you couldn’t imagine were possible (great for brand awareness!) But it’s not the right traffic for leads — the readers who make purchase decisions and inquire about your offerings.

So, if you want to produce content ideas that actually convert, try applying the Pyramid of Audience Influence.

Pyramid of Audience Influence Explained

Developed by Andrew Davis, the Pyramid of Audience Influence is a framework for creating content ideas. In B2B marketing, creating content tailored for influential audiences like C-suite leaders empowers you to address their unique challenges and buying decisions. This allows you to showcase how your solution can directly impact their bottom line, ultimately driving sign-ups for demos. Your audience size shrinks as you go up the pyramid, but the lead quality increases.


Within each layer, different audiences seek specific types of content based on their questions, concerns, goals, and pain points. For instance, while IT support staff (practitioners) might seek out “How to” content to help their day-to-day work, the IT director (executive) will look for “How should we do it?” insights that help the entire company.

So, if you ideate and create content centered around the needs of those at the top of the pyramid, you’ll get better conversions.

Pyramid of Audience Influence in Action (+ Industry Examples)

Let’s dive into some examples. Per the pyramid, your FAQs and high SEO content ideas will best serve the bottom, while demand-gen thought leadership content would be toward the top. Here are some industry examples of content ideas for each influential layer:

Cybersecurity Content Ideas

  • C-Suite → The C-Suite Playbook: How AI Can Transform Enterprise Cybersecurity Challenges Into a Competitive Advantage
  • Executives → The Guide on Zero Trust Security and How It’s Helping Companies Transition Into the Remote-Work Era
  • Managers → 5 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes IT Managers Make During Vulnerability Assessments (+ How to Avoid Them)
  • Practitioners → 6 Essential Security Protocols Every IT Practitioner Should Implement for 2024

IT Management Content Ideas

  • C-Suite → The Future of IT: Integrating AI for Enhanced Network Visibility, System Efficiency, and User Productivity
  • Executives → From Visibility to Victory: A Case Study on an Accounting Firm’s Journey to Streamlining IT Operations at Scale
  • Managers → 5 Key Trends in IT Management Every Manager Should Watch in 2024
  • Practitioners → How to Improve Communication with Your IT Staff in 7 Steps

Automation & Digital Transformation Solutions Content Ideas

  • C-Suite → The Future is Now: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Drive Unprecedented Growth in the Electronics Manufacturing Space.
  • Executives → The Executive Playbook for Implementing Robotic Process Automation in Your Warehouse
  • Managers → 5 Best Practices When Leading Your Team Through a Digital Transformation
  • Practitioners → From Manual Data Entry to Automated Follow-Ups: 5 Workflows a Sales Rep Should Automate So They Can Focus on Relationship Building.

SaaS Content Ideas

  • C-Suite → The Future of Work: How CRM Innovations Are Shaping Remote Sales, RevOps Collaboration, and Productivity
  • Executives → Risk Mitigation in Action: A Case Study on How an Airplane Manufacturer Boosted Compliance and Efficiency with Quality Management Software
  • Managers → 5 Game-Changing CMS Features Every Content Manager Should Know for 2024
  • Practitioners → How to Connect Your Email to Your Marketing Platform in 8 Easy Steps

Data Analytics Tools Content Ideas

  • C-Suite → From Data Silos to Dynamic Risk Dashboards: Revolutionizing Data Accessibility in the Insurance Space
  • Executives → Breakthroughs in Healthcare: How Hospitals Are Using Data Analytics to Enhance Patient Outcomes and Clinician Productivity
  • Managers → Bridging the Gap: How Marketing Managers Can Use Data Analytics to Boost Campaign Performance and Drive Conversions.
  • Practitioners → How to Prepare Your Data Sets for a Software Migration in 7 Steps

Industrial / Manufacturing Content Ideas

  • C-Suite → The Role of Advanced Robotics in Revolutionizing Refrigeration Production Lines for the Next Decade
  • Executives → Unlocking Efficiency: Success Story on Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Implementation in Aerospace
  • Managers → Ensuring Safety and Compliance: A Comprehensive Checklist for Food and Beverage Plant Managers
  • Practitioners → “Did You Find a Product Flaw? What to Do Immediately After a Quality Incident

Finance / Accounting Content Ideas

  • C-Suite → Navigating the Future: Financial Strategies for the Supply Chain in a High-Inflation Economy
  • Executives → Global Finance in the Digital Age: A Case Study on Cross-Border Payment Solutions for Wine Companies
  • Managers → 5 Ways High-Performing GovCons Handle Financial Reporting
  • Practitioners → “Comparing Accrual vs. Cash Accounting for Your Small Business

Get the Right Content in Front of Your Audience

The opportunity to boost content conversions could be right at your fingertips. You just need a little help from the Pyramid of Audience Influence to craft content ideas that resonate.

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