ETQ Scales Content Creation with the nDash Platform

ETQ Scales Content Creation with the nDash Platform

How does a lean marketing team scale to consistently deliver high-quality content? Quality management software company ETQ recently worked with nDash to overcome this content creation challenge.

Few Content Resources to Fuel Demand Gen

Like many organizations, ETQ’s marketing team was asked to do a lot with a little. “We’re a lean marketing team with few resources dedicated to producing content,” explained Tammy Sproule, Director of Content at ETQ. “But our company relies heavily on content for top-of-the-funnel demand generation, social media, and thought leadership. We realized that if we wanted to be able to meet our ever-growing content needs, we needed to enlist help.”

Streamlined, High-Quality Content

After meeting with other agencies, the company ultimately selected nDash. “We knew we didn’t want to hire a passel of individual freelancers — we wanted someone who could coordinate the work, who would allow us to talk with one person, and then they’d manage the writer team. nDash made it easy for us to meet our content needs in a streamlined way,” she said. 

In addition to streamlining the content creation process, nDash’s writer quality and strategic approach have been invaluable to fulfilling ETQ’s content needs. “As a writer myself, I have very high-quality standards, and I’ve found the quality of nDash writers to be excellent across the board. They get up to speed quickly with ETQ’s language and our value proposition — they’re able to deliver high-quality content that minimizes the time I need to spend giving direction and editing,” Tammy explained. 

Tammy continued, “nDash serves as a true partner in our content strategy, helping us create a strategic content plan. nDash worked with us to lay out a roadmap for our content needs, showing how each piece fits together and where it works into our larger marketing plan and content journey.”

nDash freelance writers

Tammy also appreciates that nDash is proactive, constantly offering topic ideas. “One of the challenges our marketing team constantly faces is developing relevant, compelling ideas for specific content topics; the nDash team consistently brings good ideas to the table, arming us with compelling, lead-generating content,” she said.

Meeting the Fast Pace of Content

According to ETQ’s CMO, Nina McIntyre, nDash’s flexibility is one of the things she most appreciates about the relationship. “nDash provides us with content strategy, creation, and management. They’re extremely adaptable and very generous — they are willing to be flexible in a way that makes them feel like a true partner in our content creation program,” Nina said. 

“At ETQ, we’re developing content for many different personas and industries — and while there are some general pieces, the vast majority of our content needs to address specialized concerns. The demand gen beast is a ravenous engine!” Nina explained.  “Our content creation pace is fast, so we need to have fresh offers all the time. We’re very lucky we found nDash.”

Nina also values the continuity that nDash provided when ETQ’s content team experienced a personnel change. “From a project management point of view, nDash knew exactly what we needed to keep doing. We were able to keep the pace of content delivery — and that never would’ve happened without the nDash team. nDash also stepped in to help out with the strategy element, allowing our new team member to get up to speed faster,” she said. 

Content Review Time Slashed by 50%; Content Management Time Reduced by 30%

nDash has helped ETQ make gains across the content process, reducing the time spent in content review and management. “Since nDash has been on board, we’ve reduced the time it takes to review content on many of our assets by at least 50% because the content comes out right the first time,” Nina said. “From a management perspective, nDash has helped us create greater efficiency in the content process — they’ve cut the amount of time it takes us to manage content by at least 30%.”

Agility and Scalability Provide Competitive Advantage

In addition, Nina credits nDash with helping ETQ’s content team become more agile, responding to industry trends. “nDash speeds up how quickly we can respond. For example, last year, we discovered a vein of market interest in a specific topic, and nDash worked with us to quickly create multiple types of content on that subject. Because nDash allowed us to scale content on that topic quickly — they cut our content delivery timeframe in half and allowed us to deliver very great new assets  — we gained a significant competitive advantage,” she concluded.