Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers: Melissa Stevens

March 19, 2017

When it comes to questions about account-based marketing, KPIs, the sales-marketing gap, and fake enthusiasm for standing desks, few people are as qualified to answer them as Melissa Stevens, the director of digital strategy at BitSight Technologies. Lucky for you, she’s the latest guest in our ongoing series, Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers. Enjoy! Stephanie: Marketers are constantly […]

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Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers: Daniel Glickman

March 12, 2017

Daniel Glickman Takes You Into the Mind of a Marketer Another week, another list of dumb questions for brilliant marketers. This week’s guest is none other than Daniel Glickman. At the time of this original interview (March 12, 2017), Daniel was the Chief Marketing Officer at Roojoom. Today, he’s the VP of marketing for Sequel, […]

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Dumb Questions for Brilliant Marketers: Amahl Williams

March 4, 2017

New Series: Amahl Williams Takes Us Inside the Mind of a Marketer Over the last several years at nDash, we’ve met, conversed, and collaborated with some of the brightest minds in marketing. It recently dawned on us that, although these interactions have been a goldmine of knowledge for us personally, they did nothing for our […]

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