Blog Outlines: Their Use for Outsourced Work

Blog Outlines: Their Use for Outsourced Work

Business owners are constantly seeking ways to maximize their time and money. Outsourcing work is a great way to free up more time, get more done, or just take a break. Technology advancements have made it an important part of any business model to maintain an online image to gain and retain new customers. That means producing a lot of content each week. And that’s where blog outlines gain importance.

With social media gaining popularity, some think blogs are an outdated marketing tactic. However, blogs are still a critical part of content development. Forbes lists eight reasons businesses should still use a blog, pointing out how it helps drive traffic to your website from SEO keywords and ranking on Google. They also build trust with customers, and transitioning a writer for this duty is easier with a blog outline.

Why Are Blog Outlines Important?

Outsourcing work is difficult because you have to trust that the person you hire will deliver content with the same tone and intent as all your other content. That’s why blog outlines are so important. Writing weekly blogs is tough when paired with other responsibilities you handle within your business. Blog outlines organize all the information you want the blog to say and expand on pinpointed details by dividing them into sections.

Should You Provide the Outline or Let the Writer Make One?

Developing a blog outline is ideal because it will allow you to control what the content will contain. Only you know what you want each post to say. Blog outlines guide the way for a successfully written piece. It leaves no guesses to the writer on what to include and allows them to follow your lead instead of creating their own. If you would rather the writer make their own, make sure you see the outline and approve it before they begin writing.

Benefits of Providing A Blog Outline

So, why should outsourced work include an outline? Indeed, it helps save time and money by ensuring the blog post is written the first time correctly. If you have to go back and forth with a writer to get the content the way you want it, that will take unnecessary time and stop traffic from new customers. Avoid this by simply providing the writer with an outline.

Outlines help the writer get the blog post written on time because you have made it easier to get their thoughts organized and get to writing. Most writers will use some form of an outline. Client-provided outlines cut down on research, and the writer can focus on writing in your expected tone.

What To Include in A Blog Outline?

WordPress defines an outline as a general plan encompassing topics’ order, relevance, and relationship. A proper blog outline will include key points to break the blog post down. Generally, outlines should consist of an introduction, two to three subheadings, and two to three points for each subheading.

To get an idea of this, take a look at this example template by WordPress:

WordPress blog post outline sample template

What makes a good outline?

An outline can differ in complexity depending on your business’s industry. A good outline shows a steady flow of ideas broken up into sub-sections. You may need specific points throughout your outline if your content is more complex. Blogs that don’t start with an outline typically have a poor flow, switching back and forth between points instead of staying consistent. Focus on having a strong intro that reiterates the title of the post and strong points to support each subheading.

Final Thoughts About Blog Outlines and Content Development

Blogs are still a hot commodity in the marketing world. No two blog outlines are the same and can be adjusted to align with your content strategy and industry. Use these tips to build your outline, incorporate it into your style, and watch how your outsourced work will improve.

This post is by nDash community member Mary Jones, a journalist and creative writer for hire.