Behind the Scenes: Weekly Content Calls at nDash

Behind the Scenes: Weekly Content Calls at nDash

One of the best parts of being a project manager – and a marketer – is you never know what your day will look like until it starts. That’s also one of the best parts of getting ready for weekly content calls with clients. You get to expect the unexpected. Clients have lots of ideas and insight into what they need. Or what they think they need. And as a Project Manager, you can enhance their ideas by bringing an objective perspective to help them hone their ideas. Below we’re giving you an inside look at how your Project Manager is here to get you ready to crush your content strategy.

Before any content call, your nDash Project Manager will send over an agenda. It outlines what work we sent back to you for review and the status of projects in progress. Whether you’re already working with an nDash Project Manager on one of these content calls or you want to learn more about what’s covered and how they’re conducted, here are some insights into how these content calls support your organization’s marketing efforts.

What Have We Sent Over for Your Review?

At the start of every call, we want to discuss the most recent round of content that’s been sent over to ensure it meets your expectations. We’ll cover questions such as:

  • Are there any edits you’d like us to make?
  • Is there a way to further embody the tone or voice you want to convey?
  • Is there any information that wasn’t included that you’d like us to add?

Our goal is to ensure that every piece of content meets your needs. We also confirm that your nDash writing team is a successful extension of your organization. This includes the tone of the writing you’re receiving. It should embody the voice of your company and connect with your target audience.

What Work is Coming Down the Pipeline?

After discussing the work you’re reviewing, we want to discuss any work that we should have on our radar. That way, we can help you develop your content and have the best writers ready to go.  Some questions we’ll ask include:

  • Would you like us to deliver an outline before the writer begins the piece?
  • What deadlines do you have in mind? Are they hard deadlines, or are they “living deadlines?”
  • Would you like to expand your writing team or test new writers?

Is There Anything Else for Us to Keep in Mind?

As a Project Manager, we want to make sure that we’re maintaining an open dialogue with you and ensuring that we’re assigning the best writers to deliver your content. If you’re happy with a piece, we’d love to know why so we can take that positive feedback and incorporate it into the next round of content. If there’s an area where there’s room for improvement, we want to know what we can do to improve your experience and writing team. Some feedback we’re curious about when we ask about anything else to keep in mind includes:

  • What worked and what didn’t?
  • Are your needs changing? This can include an increase or decrease in volume, budget, tone, or audience.
  • Would you like us to send over some industry or company-specific ideas that our writers have pitched through the platform?

Content check-ins are a great way for your Project Manager to stay up-to-date with any changes in your content needs and make sure that we’re consistently hitting the mark with the content we’re providing. If you’d like to learn more about how a Project Manager can help your company kick off your content marketing strategy, contact our sales team today.