Remote Freelancing: 10 Destinations to Consider

Remote Freelancing: 10 Destinations to Consider

This post, Remote Freelancing: 10 Destinations to Consider, was written by nDash community member Chloe Lay

The world of work is changing. With the onset of COVID-19, offices around the world closed their doors, and office workers everywhere started working from home. Many big firms – Twitter, Microsoft, Spotify, and Amazon, to name just a few – have said their pandemic-safe remote working policies will be permanent, and other companies will probably follow suit.

If it looks like you won’t have to return to life in the office, why not take the opportunity to hit the road? If you want to live the life of remote freelancing and see the world while you work, read on to discover ten of the best places for traveling while you work.

What Makes a Good Remote Freelancing Destination?

Before we look at where to go, let’s think about why to go: what makes a place suitable for the remote freelancing lifestyle?

  • Fast internet. It goes without saying that you need to go somewhere with good internet access and a phone signal. Isolated locations with no broadband will make it impossible for you to get anything done, so opt for a destination with high speeds.
  • Co-working spaces. It can be boring working from an apartment every day, so head to cities or towns with coworking spaces – cafés with Wi-Fi and plugs will do just fine.
  • Low cost of living. This one’s simple, really: don’t head somewhere with a higher cost of living than you can afford.
  • Simple visa requirements. Make sure you’ve got the right visa before you set off. In most countries, a tourist visa isn’t enough if you’re earning money. Rules vary, but some countries now offer special remote working visas to encourage digital nomads, so these are good options for longer stays.
  • Things to do. There’s no point in working remotely from abroad if you’re not going to make the most of it, so choose somewhere with plenty to keep you busy on your day off!

Where to Go

With all this in mind, here are ten of the best places you can travel to while you telecommute or work as a digital freelancer.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is an amazing city for remote workers. The cost of living is low, there’s a fast internet connection pretty much everywhere, and there’s lots to do – great nightlife, easy access to beaches, interesting museums, and even an oceanarium with 1 million annual visitors.

Portugal also offers a temporary resident visa, meaning you can stay for a long time and earn money without any problems.

2. Croatia

Croatia is a bit of an up-and-comer when it comes to remote working. It’s not hard to get a residence permit, and the internet speeds in the big cities are good.

Zagreb, the capital, offers good transport links to the rest of the country, so you can spend your weekends visiting the Plitvice Lakes or heading south to coastal Split.

3. Greece

If you want to soak up some sunshine on your days off, head to Greece. The weather is a big draw for many, as are its low living costs. The Greek government is also offering sizeable tax breaks for remote workers, and 5G networks are already available in the biggest cities, so you’ll easily be able to get your work done.

4. Rome, Italy

Rome is another great spot for digital nomads. I myself have spent a few months working remotely from Italy’s capital, and I can vouch for it as a fantastic choice. The cost of living is pretty good, and there’s so much to do and see on your days off that it’s impossible to be bored.

It can be tricky to find working spaces, so I recommend renting an apartment that’s light and spacious enough to work from on a daily basis.

5. Berlin, Germany

We all know Berlin as the coolest spot in Germany, but it’s not just a city for techno lovers dressed in black. Super-fast internet speeds, plenty of English speakers, varied nightlife (if you know where to look), and a visa aimed at freelancers make Berlin a great choice for remote workers.

6. Reykjavík, Iceland

Looking for something a bit different? Reykjavík could be the answer. Home to only 200,000, this small capital city is perfect for people looking for a bit more peace and quiet.

Spend your time off exploring glacial pools, seeing the Northern Lights, and hitting the bars in the Laugavegur district. Iceland offers a six-month remote work visa, and internet speeds in the city are suitable for telecommuters.

7. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City has a low cost of living and a city center that looks like something out of a fairy-tale. Access to quality healthcare is another bonus, and you’ll be in easy reach of a beautiful national park if you’re someone who likes green spaces.

Just don’t forget about the language barrier – brush up on your French before you go.

8. Costa Rica

With year-round sunshine and the amazing Pura Vida lifestyle, Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world. It’s also an excellent place for remote work, as long as you don’t rely too heavily on a fast internet connection.

If slow-paced life, afternoons on the beach, and delicious food are up your street, get yourself a ‘Rentista’ visa and pack your bags.

9. Mexico City, Mexico

Another gem in Central America is Mexico City. Fun, affordable, and sunny, the city also has some of the best-rated bars in the world, delicious food, and unmatched levels of energy.

Good internet speeds, access to coworking spaces, and a temporary residency visa also contribute to the city’s aptness for remote working.

10. Bali

No list of remote working destinations would be complete without Bali, a place that’s become almost synonymous with the digital nomad lifestyle. There have been a few high-profile deportations in the news recently, so it’s essential that you check the visa requirements before you pack your bags.

Once there, though, you’ll be living in a little corner of heaven. It’s got a low cost of living, picture-postcard beaches, and buzzing nightlife in areas like Kuta, and more co-working spaces are appearing all the time. What’s not to love?

Final Thoughts on Remote Freelancing

Whether you’re looking to live an itinerant lifestyle and travel all over the globe, or you’d prefer to head somewhere for a longer stretch, the world has a lot to offer remote workers. If you’re out of the office for the long haul, now is the perfect time to pack your bags and go. Do you have questions about what it’s like freelancing on nDash? Check out how to become part of our freelance marketplace now!

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash