nDash Enables Jack Pittas Scale His Cybersecurity Writing Business

nDash Enables Jack Pittas to Expand His Cybersecurity Writing Business

From cybersecurity consulting to a successful writing agency – discover how nDash helped Jack Pittas set the foundation for his business and overcome obstacles along the way.

How nDash Helped Jack Pittas Expand His Cybersecurity Writing Business

Jack Pittas is the President and Co-Founder of Pittas-Korich Cyber Solutions Inc, which offers B2B ghostwriting services to businesses in the cybersecurity, SaaS, and IT management sectors. With hundreds of published projects, the company has built a reputation for its expertise in various subjects, including cybersecurity, SaaS products, business software, IT/OT management, infrastructure, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Jack’s hands-on experience in these fields ensures the company delivers a superior final written product.

In a recent discussion with nDash, Jack explained how he came to add content writing to the company’s offerings. Jack’s field expertise meant he could provide high-quality writing services tailored to his client’s specific needs. This decision has helped his business grow and expand into a writing agency that offers a broad range of services.

Overcoming Obstacles: Jack Pittas’ Journey to Expand and Diversify His Cybersecurity Writing Business

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Jack Pittas faced several challenges in evolving his business from a cybersecurity consulting firm to a content writing service. He recalls, “I started as a commercial lines insurance producer, which is basically the sales side of insurance. After selling a lot of cybersecurity and data breach insurance, I developed a huge interest in the cybersecurity world, which led a friend and me to start a cybersecurity consulting firm…After a few months, in addition to maybe needing cybersecurity services, I found that many cybersecurity and tech companies needed writers who knew the topics well enough to write about it.” Thus, he decided to include content writing as part of the company’s offerings.

Jack realized the potential of using platforms like nDash to expand his client base and access projects outside his core expertise. He shares, “One of the biggest benefits I found with nDash was its expanded topic range… it definitely helps with broadening what I can offer and getting experience in those fields.”

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The platform made client collaboration and back-end processes like invoicing and payment collection easier, motivating him to grow his business into a writing agency. He adds, “I think if you’re an aspiring freelancer or aspiring business owner trying to grow an agency, it’s a good place to help give you the baseline clientele you need, and it’s easy to find work.”

Innovative Solutions and Strategic Growth

Jack found several solutions to overcome his business challenges. First, he expanded his services to include content writing. He observed, “I was finding that, in addition to small businesses needing cybersecurity services, there were a lot of cybersecurity and business technology companies needing writers who knew the technical topics well enough to write about it.”

Secondly, he used the nDash platform to broaden his topic range, which helped him to find more work in different fields. As he aimed to convert his business into a full-scale writing agency, Jack shared how nDash provided a jumpstart. By leveraging nDash’s capabilities, Jack has successfully broadened his expertise and expanded his business in a competitive industry.

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Additionally, Jack leveraged nDash’s ease of use for managing payments and backend work, saying, “When you don’t have to create an invoice, send the invoice, follow up on the invoice – it’s easy.”

Thirdly, Jack developed partnerships with SEO companies and marketing agencies that send work his way, supplementing his referral-based business. He emphasized the importance of finding a niche and showcasing expertise: “Narrow down on what you do, which is easier to sell that way and easier to get referral business… make it pretty clear what topics you are good at, what you have experience in, and what specific assets you can do.” He also encouraged proactively sending profile pitches to potential clients: “Don’t be afraid to send pitches.”

Unlocking the Power of nDash: Jack’s Journey to Business Growth and Success

Jack discovered numerous benefits from using nDash for his business. He mentioned that nDash “expanded his topic range,” such as taking on data analysis projects which he hadn’t initially advertised as part of his service specialties.

Apart from expanding his topic range and simplifying backend work, Jack found other benefits in using nDash, such as:

  • Ease of use: Jack appreciated the user-friendly nature of nDash, highlighting that everything can be done through the platform, including collecting payments and managing assignments. This made it easier for him to focus on his work without getting bogged down by administrative tasks.
  • Supplementing his existing client base: Jack mentioned that nDash helped supplement his referral-based business by connecting him with new clients, especially during the early stages of his business. This was crucial for growth and building a solid foundation for his writing agency.
  • Streamlined client communication: Jack noted that most clients on nDash provide detailed briefs, which makes it easier for him to understand their requirements and deliver the desired content. He also suggested that adding more features to the platform, such as in-built SEO requirements and direct links, could further improve communication between clients and freelancers.

Jack’s Insights on Content Creation and Freelance Success

According to Jack, AI tools can be helpful for outlining and planning content but are not yet suitable for drafting quality content, especially for topics that require up-to-date information. He explains, “You can’t be taking information that’s two years old, at a minimum two years old, and trying to put it in your content. It’s just not going to work,” he said, referring to how current popular AI writing tools cannot pull online information dated after 2021.

Regarding pitching to clients, Jack found that sending profile pitches is more effective than sending topic pitches through nDash. He advises other freelancers and writers to “find their niche, focus on their expertise, and not be afraid to send profile pitches to potential clients.” Jack emphasizes that freelancers should showcase their skills and expertise in their profile pitch to increase their chances of getting hired by clients.