Meet Freelance Writer Emily Dumas

Meet Freelance Writer Emily Dumas

Emily Dumas, an experienced B2B marketer with a passion for product marketing, just joined nDash. She recently took a few moments to answer our questions about freelancing, writing, and the city of Boston.

What excites you about freelancing?

With freelancing, no two assignments are ever the same. I’m constantly working with new clients at different stages of content growth and various stages of business growth across a wide range of industries. It’s fun to mix up the subject matter and dive into new topics! Plus, I’ve met a lot of really great people freelancing, both clients and other freelancers that I’ve crossed paths with.

 What subject areas are you passionate about?

I love writing about marketing and business topics because that’s what I know best. I’ve worked in SaaS for my whole career, so that’s definitely my sweet spot. I also love writing about health and wellness because I love writing about topics that benefit the lives of others.

What’s your best piece of advice for new freelancers?

For new freelancers, I think it’s important that you know your worth. Don’t let clients (or anyone!) take advantage of you or your time.

What sets you apart from other writers?

I have a very unique background. While I am a content writer in my 9-5 job, I also have experience scaling content programs from the ground up. So, I have a unique skill set that helps me write content for businesses at every stage. I also work closely with Product and Product Marketing teams, so I know how to transform technical content into top-of-funnel content for lead generation, which isn’t always an easy feat!

What’s your favorite weekend activity in your area?

Boston is such a fun place to be! I enjoy going to new breweries, exploring open markets, and trying new restaurants across the city. And Boston has the most gorgeous library downtown, which is always fun to explore.

Where do you go to read up on the latest freelancing/writing trends? 

Twitter! That’s where I stay up to date on most marketing and writing trends. I’m also in a few groups across LinkedIn and Facebook, including Some Good Content, a content Patreon by John Bonini.

Favorite writer to follow on Twitter or LinkedIn? 

So many people! I love following Rebecca Reynoso, Allison Grinberg-Funes, Taylor Mead, Olivia Muenter… I know I’m forgetting some of my favorites, but these are a few!

How did you get into freelance writing? 

When I first graduated college, I started a blog, and I began contributing articles to online publications. I loved writing articles on so many different topics that differed from my day-to-day work. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop!

What makes a great client? 

Great clients are organized, strong communicators, and they give substantial feedback. For example, I have one client who provides briefs before every assignment that details goals, word counts, SEO, and more. It’s helpful to have clear guidelines and receive feedback that helps me do even better next time.

Interested in hiring Emily Dumas for her unique background and SaaS expertise? Reach out on her nDash profile.