Introducing Freelance Writer Writer Ber Leary

Introducing Freelance Writer Writer Ber Leary

Ber Leary, a long-form content specialist with hands-on experience in the IT and Finance industry, recently took the time to chat with us about writing and freelancing. Read on for our latest writer spotlight!

nDash: What excites you about freelancing?

Ber Leary: Companies often reach out to freelance content writers like myself when they want to do something exciting. Maybe they’re a brand new start-up, or perhaps they’ve decided to step up their digital marketing game. Whatever the reason, they’re on a growth journey, and I get to be a part of that journey. I love the challenge of finding new ways to help these companies connect with an audience (and, hopefully, develop a healthy pipeline of leads.)

nDash: What subject areas are you passionate about?

BI love taking complicated subjects and explaining them in a straightforward way. Doing this can be really challenging, but it’s so rewarding when you get it right. So, I love writing about technology for a B2B audience, and I actually enjoy talking about topics like compliance.

nDash: What’s your best piece of advice for new freelancers?

Ber: Write as much as you can. Every time you write something, you get a little better. If you can’t find quality clients right now, then try pitching articles to publications. You can also look at publishing regularly on platforms like Medium or Substack.

nDash: What sets you apart from other writers?

Ber: I have a lot of real-world professional experience, including some time as a software developer, plus even more time as an investments analyst. That’s why I focus on B2B content — I know how to talk to a professional audience.

But I don’t like to think of myself as apart from other writers. The content writing community is incredibly kind and supportive, filled with inspirational people. I think of us as one gigantic team, working together to fill the internet with high-quality writing.

nDash: What’s your favorite weekend activity in your area?

Ber: I live in Ireland, so I have lots of opportunities to get out and walk in the countryside or stroll along the beach. Just yesterday, my daughter and I drove to a forest and found a secret waterfall. She’s a teenager, so she was thrilled to have something she could post on Instagram.

nDash: Where do you go to read up on the latest freelancing/writing trends? 

Ber: Semrush and Ahrefs both have great blogs with the latest on SEO trends, while the HubSpot website is an excellent resource on digital marketing trends. But nothing beats social media. I try to curate my Twitter and LinkedIn feed so that I have a good view of the industry.

nDash: Favorite writer to follow on Twitter or LinkedIn? 

Ber: Way too many to mention. That’s not diplomacy — I’m genuinely amazed at how many brilliant writers use social media to share tips and insights each day. The #copywritersunite tag is a good place to find some of these smart people. I also recommend checking out the #ContentClubUK chat on Twitter every Tuesday.

nDash: How did you get into freelance writing? 

Ber: Like a lot of freelancers, I came into the business through low-quality content mills and bidding sites. These sites are not good for writers, and they don’t offer real value to clients. Lucky for me, I soon managed to connect with some great digital marketing agencies, and they gave me a chance to learn about serious content strategy.

nDash: What makes a great client? 

Ber: Someone who is serious about wanting to help their customers. Content marketing is entirely about serving the customer, which you do by informing them, entertaining them, or helping them to solve a problem. When a client is passionate about helping their customers, it usually leads to some exciting conversations about content strategy.

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