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Customer Spotlight: KeyScouts

What does it take to evolve from an SEO shop to a full-blown, HubSpot-certified inbound marketing agency? A dedicated team of passionate, experienced marketing professionals is certainly important. But it also requires an ability to support services ranging from SEO to strategy, social media, PPC, content marketing, and more.

When CEO Tomer Harel founded KeyScouts in 2004, his priority was to deliver superior results for SEO clients. Now, with a 100% remote team, KeyScouts serves clients all over the world with a full suite of inbound marketing services.

Creating sustainable online growth is the key objective of KeyScouts. At the core of this objective is a lead generation engine that thrives on high-quality content. And as KeyScouts evolved into a HubSpot agency partner, finding writers to fill ever-growing content needs was critical.

“We know that inbound marketing is all about creating content that attracts a client’s ideal customers—regardless of where they are in the buyer’s journey,” said Joanna Wayburn, Director of Content Marketing at KeyScouts. “Our clients demand content that will make them stand out from the competition and provide true value for their readers, so finding the best writers with the relevant experience is a huge part of our process.”

The Challenge: Finding Expert Writers for Ever-Changing Demands

keyscouts customer overview

As an efficient remote team, KeyScouts was strategically built to focus on what they know best—B2B strategy, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and PR.

That meant that freelancers would be an integral part of the content creation process for KeyScouts. But finding expert writers for B2B tech clients hasn’t always been easy.

“Our process for finding great freelancers revolved around LinkedIn recruiting, Google searching, and tapping into colleagues for referrals,” said Wayburn. “Every time we got a new client, we had to restart our search for writers and find people with relevant experience and expertise. We always found writers, but the time-consuming process kept us from best serving our clients.”

After evaluating the amount of time spent recruiting freelance writers, the KeyScouts team knew a change was necessary. That’s when they started looking into platforms with access to freelance marketplaces for the first time and found nDash.

The Solution: Scaling Services with a Content Community

Since joining nDash, KeyScouts has created nearly 20 groups under its agency account. Whenever a new client is onboarded, KeyScouts team members can create a new group and start receiving a stream of content ideas from the nDash freelance marketplace.

“We love that nDash helps us scale up and down based on our specific content needs,” said Wayburn. “When we get new clients, we can search through the pool of freelancers and engage with writers to quickly find experts who can fill our content gaps.”

With nDash supporting the creation side of KeyScouts, this inbound marketing agency can build a foundation of content that helps clients attract their ideal customers.

The Results: Exceeding Expectations for B2B Tech Companies

Since joining the nDash platform in early 2017, KeyScouts has received great feedback about its content creation services from clients. According to one client testimonial, “Tomer and his team know their stuff. [They] helped boost our ranking and design SEO-friendly content for competitive keywords, and to boost our new brand.”

keyscouts customer testimonials

KeyScouts always knew that outsourcing content creation was the right approach, allowing in-house marketing experts to focus on more strategic tasks. And now, with nDash, they can make that process more efficient.

“Even though content is just one piece of our inbound marketing services, it can make or break our lead generation strategies,” said Wayburn. “Using nDash gives us the confidence that we’ll be able to scale content demands no matter how large our client base grows.”