Inriver Scales Content, Saves Time with nDash

Inriver Scales Content and Saves Time

How do you effectively scale to support your organization’s growing content needs without adding management headaches? Product information management (PIM) company inriver recently addressed this issue and scales content and saves time.

Struggling for Content

Before nDash, inriver’s director of global communications, Erika Goldwater, struggled to deliver quality content regularly. “I augmented my team with interns — and anyone else I could ‘beg, borrow, or steal’ from other departments across the company — but I realized it wasn’t a sustainable situation. Oftentimes, I found myself having to spend significant time editing or rewriting content, which slowed down the content creation process once again.”

Erika then turned to freelance writers to help scale inriver’s content production needs but found that approach also had its limitations. “We worked with several great content writers, but it was difficult to manage at scale,” Erika explained. “We not only had to find and retain each writer, but then we had the huge learning curve of getting them up to speed on our content and our style. And when those freelancers were on vacation or had something unexpected come up, we found ourselves at the mercy of their schedules. It was tough to provide a predictable stream of content for our organization.”

nDash Helps inriver Feed the Demand Gen Engine

A trusted colleague in the Boston Content networking group introduced Erika to nDash, and she decided to give the platform a trial run. “I tried it for a couple of months and saw immediate value, so I signed on for a managed account. Our company is growing quickly, and we needed a constant flow of high-quality content to feed the demand gen engine, so I’ve been delighted and relieved to be able to rely on nDash and its team of writers,” Erika said.

For Erika, the biggest benefit of nDash has been her ability to access high-quality writing professionals easily. “nDash makes it easy to find writers who specialize in certain formats — like case studies or blog posts — as well as find writers who have a deep understanding of relevant topics,” said Erika. “nDash’s writers bring different perspectives and concepts, which enriches our content.” 

A Flexible, Streamlined Process Scales Content and Saves Time

Working with nDash has streamlined Erika’s content generation process, allowing her to focus her energies on the numerous other tasks that fill her plate. “I also run public relations and social media for the company, so I can’t spend all of my time doing rewrites and heavy content edits,” Erika shared. “Working with nDash, I always feel confident that the content I receive will be 90-95% there, requiring little to no editing on my part. I’ve realized significant time savings working with nDash — the time I need to dedicate to managing and editing content has been cut in half.”

Additionally, Erika credits nDash’s flexibility with allowing her to scale inriver’s content creation effectively. “When things come up —  whether it’s a new content opportunity or a regular freelancer who is on vacation — nDash has allowed us to scale. Knowing that we can count on nDash to meet our needs and help us address new challenges gives me a lot of confidence,” she concluded.